live the basement

my mom lives in a basement and the internet there is absolutely awful so i’m sitting outside alone in pitch black with two hoodies and a blanket, eating grapes and getting bit by mosquitoes,,, this livestream better be worth it

So I was listening to the Hiveswap soundtrack and I realized the song that plays in the basement is called “Bedroom for an Annoying Dog” which is actually clever as hell.

For everyone who doesn’t get it: Toby Fox (who did the music for Hiveswap and is creator of Undertale) lived in Andrew Hussie’s basement for a while. Also from Undertale Wiki:

Music in Fallout

Music in Fallout is a big part of the games, everyone has a favorite radio station, a favorite song, a memory they associate with the songs. But the 50s tunes are more than just background noise.

Fallout’s music is reflective of the game it appears in in many ways. For example, Fallout New Vegas is set in the American West, so the radio stations play mainly country. Not only is this appropriate for the theme, but it also fits the idea of what Pre-War Americans living in the Nevada area would have listened to. Fallout 3 & 4’s music is very jazz heavy, which also fits the idea of what a Pre War American in New England may have liked.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the country music has heavy themes of love, money, or moving on to something new. The songs all represent these themes in different ways, some songs are about falling in love (Mad About the Boy), leaving a trail of lovers behind you (Jingle, Jangle, Jingle), or missing a lover you had long ago (Johnny Guitar). It’s important that even though there are common themes within the radio songs, they are all very different. The themes of love, money, or moving on are also representative of what many people in the Mojave Wasteland want.

In Fallout 3 and 4, the music has mostly songs of either love, death, or radiation. Even the some of the songs about love have radiation incorporated (Crawl Out Through the Fallout & Rocket 69). The radio playing in the post nuclear apocalypse are almost all about the thing that demised the world. I believe it boils down to something simple that I’ve seen discussed many times.

The East Coast can’t move on from the nuclear war. Even 200 years after the war, people in the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth are living in dilapidated shacks and have ghouls living in their basement. The ‘successful’ towns are glorified shantytowns of thrown together metal, nestled inside pre war locations (Megaton, Rivet City, Diamond City). The music represents the people of Fallout 3 and 4; they can’t move on.

Fallout: New Vegas, on the other hand, has little to no music relating to death or radiation. The people in New Vegas have towns all over the map, have electricity and the NCR was working on building a railroad all the way around the Mojave. They have simply moved on from the war that happened over 200 years ago.

New Vegas has messages of letting go (Dead Money) and the theme of ‘Old World Blues’, meaning people are clinging onto the pre war past instead of moving on and rebuilding society. The people of the Mojave Wasteland have moved on and rose up, while the people of the East have Old World Blues


1.  “Ableist feminism is making reproductive rights activism all about birth control, abortion, and the right to *not* have children if you don’t want to, while writing off the fact that so many disabled people have to fight for the right to have kids, as if that’s not a reproductive rights issue, too.”

2.  "Ableist feminism is centering all their body positivity on "being healthy!!” when my body cannot be and will never be “"healthy”“ and i will always be ill.”

3.  “Ableist feminism is accusing people of being "bad/fake feminists” for not going to/participating in rallies, protests, and other events and ignoring how inaccessible these events can be.“ 

4. "Ableist feminism is criticizing people for not speaking up about misogyny and disregarding reasons why ND people may not be able to do so (such as lack of spoons, not being able to handle conflict/confrontation, difficulty with communication, etc).”

5.  “Ableist feminism is being outraged at the women who were sent to abusive asylums for being outspoken and such, because they "didn’t belong there,” while completely ignoring the institutional abuse of actual ND people.“

6. “Ableist feminism acts like autistic men are inherently more misogynistic than allistic men.”

7. "Ableist feminism is arguing that women’s concerns are valid because they’re not "crazy”

8.  “Ableist feminism is mocking people for "living in their parent’s basement”

9.  “Ableist feminism is no or poor accommodations for the disabled at feminist events.”

10.  “Ableist feminism is calling bigots ableist slurs.”

Let’s talk about ableism in mainstream feminism - submit your examples of ableist feminsim here.

The Zodiac Signs as Places of a House

Aries: Kitchen

Taurus: Garden

Gemini: Library

Cancer: Closet

Leo: Front yard

Virgo: Office

Libra: Entrance

Scorpio: Bedroom

Sagittarius: Living Room

Capricorn: Basement

Aquarius: Attic

Pisces: Bathroom

Me: baby wanna sexy role play
My bf: yes god., what are we role playing
Me: You’re living in a damp basement warehouse somewhere in Silicon Valley getting siphoned money from Russia to develop new intelligence technologies and I’m you’re ai you built in your image causing you a moral crisis about having developed a deep attachment to and lay awake in bed wondering if something inside you programmed me to love you because you are so lonely and misunderstood by other tech people because you like talking heads. I don’t have body or a voice yet. I’m a mass of code and binary. And you’re about to fuck me.

Everyone had an evil doppelgänger, and I kept mine locked up in the basement of my family home, and fed her with noting but cheesy nachos. At the end of the dream, it was revealed that I was the actual doppelgänger, and the person trapped in the basement was my original, but everyone thought it was the other way around and no one knew the truth except for the two of us. Ominous music could be heard in the background while the dream faded away and I woke up mildly terrified and feeling that I should go and check the basement. Then I remembered none of the places I ever lived at had a basement.

Bifrost Apartments, the guy tells you. He overheard you saying you needed a new place. You’ve never heard of it but you turn where he says and walk where he says and there it is. Right by your office. 

Odin is landlord, he doesn’t say much but he does have a unit available. You take it without question. He’s obviously ex-military, but you’re afraid to ask exactly in what capacity. 

Frigga is your day-to-day anyway, she told you where the closest laundromat was and which grocery store had the best prices. There had been a casserole pan in your fridge when you moved in, and a quilt on the couch. 

Thor lives above you, and he terrifies you until he asks if you need help carrying stuff. Thankfully, he’s a harmless dude-bro, and you ask him where he works out, you need a new gym. He is, of course, a trainer and assures you he will help you get  those ‘gainz’.

Sif, his cheerful, spry, yoga-instructor wife, whose hair hangs down to her butt even when braided, is also incredibly kind. She invites you to the vegan cafe down the street.

Idunn owns the vegan cafe, her avocado-quinoa muffins are addictive. Her husband, Bragi, is super talented but she had to ban him from open-mic night. He was a total mic hog and sometimes got a little…experimental. 

Freyja and Freyr are so gorgeous you blush in their presence. Freyja invites you to the begginers self-defense class she teaches. Once she asks you to watch her cats while she’s away. You think there are 3 or maybe 5? Freyr, it’s rumored, is the best lay in the whole building, and you try not to think about it while he tells you about how his window boxes are doing. 

Loki lives in the basement, though he comes and goes at the oddest hours. He seemed to look a little different every time you saw him, what with the piercings, tattoos, and hair color, and you sort of wanted to borrow the bright pink sundress he was fond of wearing. His wife, Sigyn, was so normal by comparison you would have thought she had just been plucked from a field in Nebraska. 

You like it here, it’s comfortable and safe. Everyone seems to get along(well, mostly anyway) and before you know it, you’ve been living there a year, then two, then five. 

Once you see Thor lift an entire fridge and toss it over his shoulder like it was Styrofoam. 

Odin finds you one night, crying in the hallway, and before you know it you’re in his apartment, drinking whiskey that even smells expensive, and he listens to you blubber before finally giving you the best, most important advice of your entire life, though you can’t now entirely remember what it was about. 

Freyr insists on giving you some plants, just a few herbs, something to brighten up the space. Despite the fact you’ve killed every houseplant you’ve come in contact with, they thrive. 

Loki is always smoking, but you never see him lift a lighter. 

After a while, Idunn offers to make you an off-menu smoothie, apple-chia-date. It’s…strangely rejuvenating.