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For One Saudi Woman, ‘Daring To Drive’ Was An Act Of Civil Disobedience

Manal al-Sharif’s path to activism began simply enough: In 2011, the Saudi woman filmed herself driving a car, then uploaded the video to YouTube. Ordinarily such a video might not get much notice, but because it’s not socially acceptable for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, where there is a de facto ban, Sharif’s video went viral.

Sharif describes driving as an act of civil disobedience: “For me, driving — or the right to drive — is not only about moving from A to B; it’s a way to emancipate women,” she says. “It gives them so much liberty. It makes them independent.”

Initially arrested for driving, Sharif was released when her story elicited outrage from around the world. She now lives in Sydney, Australia, with her second husband and son.

Though she is no longer in Saudi Arabia, Sharif remains outspoken about women’s rights: “When I see something wrong, I speak up,” she says of her advocacy of Saudi women. “It should be the norm, not the exception.” Her new memoir is Daring to Drive.


                                Dan Howell just broke the internet.
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Name: Chloe
Age: 21 (22 in April)
Country: England

Hi! I’m from England but I also lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 years. I’ve recently graduated uni (English Language and Linguistics) and am trying to figure life out. I’m a huge Superwholock fan and also love Hannibal and The Walking Dead.

I love finding new films and music and love getting suggestions from people. I love all types of music including indie, pop and classic rock - I’m steadily building up an eclectic vinyl collection. Some of my favourite bands/artists are Warpaint, Imagine Dragons, The Runaways, Gin Wigmore, Bob Marley and so many more.

I also enjoy photography, art, philosophy and am a big crafter. I adore old books and have been collecting them for years - some of my favourites are H G Wells, W H Hudson, Plato and Greek mythology. I have a major case of wanderlust too and want to explore everywhere!

Preferences: Girls and guys of all ages welcome! I love learning about different cultures and ways of life so would like to meet people from all over the world who are open minded and fun people who share some common interests. I’d like to talk through snail mail, I think it’s a wonderful but dying art.

New Studyblr!

Hello! I’m Morgan and i’ve decided to create a studyblr!

about me:

- I live in Sydney, Australia

- I am 14, I turn 15 later this year :)

- I’m in year 9, of which is the third year of high school in Aus

- I love green tea sm

- My dream is to have a career in nutrition and food sciences

- I like to take pretty notes and bullet journal!!

- I love dancing. I take: tap, modern, contemporary, jazz, funk, performance class

the subjects I take (in order of how much i like them):

- Science

- Math

- History

- Visual Arts

- English

- Geography

- Child Studies

- Pdhpe

-Food Technology

some of the studyblrs I love 

@studyquill @studyign @ambitiousandcaffeinated @nerdinaomi @bookmrk @izzystudies @coffeeforcollege @hogwartsstudyclub @desiretolearn @elkstudies @uglystudies @emmastudies @aescademic @eintsein @focusign

need some help

hey guys im a closeted trans guy living within Sydney australia and would like someone who I could talk to thats fully transitioned?? especially if they’re in my area! or at least live within australia

i would really like someone who i could talk to since i dont really live in a safe space to come out, and with that I dont even know if fully transitioning is really possible with the envornment i am in, so with someone to talk to i have someone who can ease my worries just a little? please send me an ask or just send a chat to me on this tumblr if you’re willing!