live sydney australia

Katy Perry performing live in Sydney, Australia 2013. I love this outfit so much! Each individual piece looks so amazing and when it’s combined it’s just amazing! The white, lace up ankle boots, the white mini with a jungle print panel and the white crop.The gold chain is included through her outfit with a gold ponytail clip and earrings. This look is on point!
Image sourced from Celeb Buzz.

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hey frens!!!

my name is dahlia (duh-lee-ah or dal-ya, or whichever is easier for you tbh) and this month I will be 20! I am named after a flower (fun fact yay) and I live in Sydney, Australia but I am a proud Lebanese and muslim girl ✌🏽 I’m currently at uni studying health sciences with a second major in hearing and speech! Also I am a lame nerd who likes to play top songs on ukulele (i suck though) and I love cats

also I love u all and I’m gonna hug all of u and I’m very grateful to be a part of this net!! floral ghost tyler always makes me laugh!! I can’t wait to talk frens pls have a good day 💛✨


I love the sensation of having my preconceptions dismantled, the feeling of bewilderment that is married to surprise. It is no wonder then, that I should be so utterly smitten with the city of Amsterdam. 

Almost two years have passed since we left our lives behind in Sydney, Australia. From the moment we waved goodbye to friends and family, we have recklessly and relentlessly pursued travel, and the promise of a new adventure with every virgin destination. 

As I write this, I float (quite literally) above the clouds, in a plane bound for Spain (having just departed from Greece), the 25th-ish country that I have been privileged enough to survey within the previous 24 months. I divulge this not to boast (in comparison to many of my fellow voyagers, this number is a paltry sum), but rather to say: Prior to our most recent European jaunt (which we are still undertaking) I had begun to adapt a nonchalant “seen it all” variety of attitude - a symptom to which I like to refer as ‘travelers fatigue’.

Amsterdam was the catalyst for the dissipation of the aforementioned malady, and it did so with a defiant middle finger held high. Turns out I hadn’t, and still haven’t seen it all. 

With beautiful canals teaming with boats (and the jovial folk who pilot them), an abundance of quirky bars, restaurants, and cafes, a street art scene that leaves most cities for dead, and an electric atmosphere that will have you investigating rental prices before you leave. What more could you ask for? 

Simply put, this city has more vibe than you can deal with.