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nova jeans reduxed.

a few weeks ago i made my og nova jeans. but i wasn’t really satisfied with them because I couldn’t tuck them into boots. So i decided to make a new version of them which are higher on the ankle and have some nice fringe at the ends. You can tuck your bodysuits and etc into them. unfortunately I couldn’t make these base game compatible so you need to have city living

  • there’s 18 swatches. A few come with patches and are from @citrontart‘s neutrals palette. And the rest are from jade @cupidjuice‘s dream pop palette.
  • should have its own thumbnail
  • for females teen-elder; disabled for random
  • u need city living
  • please let me know if you have an issue with them in your game!


Eggspressive Tee by cactuscreeks

what the spice festival shirt should’ve looked like!!!

  • an eggcellent name by the amazing @soleilsim
  • teen-elder male & female found it t shirt 
  • i think it requires city living??? idk srry
  • 14 swatches for female 13 for male (all have the same colours)
  • dont reupload or claim as your own ill fite u
  • plz recolour!!!! i accidentally deleted the psd im sorry!!
  • let me see your cute sims wearing it by tagging me!!!

Download - Simfileshare (no adfly)

[skssims] City Living Pants

these pants are from the romper outfit that came with city living just separated! :)

  • 15 swatches (i accidentally put 18 and didnt realize ;-;)
  • EA mesh edit
  • BGC
  • Female and Male (? forgot to check male again)
  • teen-elder

TOU|Download: SFS

if you have any problems feel free to shoot me message or ask and i will try my best to resolve the problem! :)

Dont forget to use the hashtag “skssims” or tag me when you use the pants so i can see your pic :D


Zoya Tina swatched by AllieEvette


Zoya Lois

via sloppy swatches

anonymous asked:

What are some good make up youtube channels?? Thank you!

ima omit the #chattygalpals cuz you already know. this is, like everything i am, completely unorganized:

  • emilynoel83 / beautybroadcastexpress - everything you need to know about the drugstore
  • fabjennie - fave atm. good approach, simple straightforward, FOUNDATION REVIEWS, she has like these earlier videos documenting the beginnings of her makeup experimentation, she’s learning With You
  • lisalisad1 - my southern mother of luxury goods and cosmetics!!! 
  • uppiesbeads59 - internet-friends with the above, glamorous hair, french cosmetiques, she’s wild
  • destinygodley - beautiful! production value! glowing highlighted skin which make her a fave!
  • meganjones - horrible video quality but she’s smart and has concise, well done reviews on like everything
  • lisasz09 - ya’ll are gonna be like you like such bland people but yeah! loves this blanda. nicely done, simple reviews.
  • thebeautyprofessor - high end niche brands, sometimes improperly used gigantic vocabulary words that are amazing
  • kimgreene - insight into tv & film makeuping 
  • chrissstttiiine - totally that vibe, mostly outfit of the days, entirely lifestyle
  • raeview - professional. luxury. asian beauty exclusives.
  • lisafreemontstreet - vintage/retro hair and makeup mostly hair
  • ivypowell - ok she’s like all hair too but screw you! watch her
  • zwinnieyap - anime makeup tutorials it’s like just her eye but its legit
  • allurabeauty - live swatches! if you’re like me and you hate that nobody swatches on screen, this one’s for you
  • shiseidousa - dick page makeup tutorials on sui he okay
  • jenniferwan - ok she’s not the most like entertaining but shes chill and cool and i want her face! 
  • karimamckimmie - i’m newish to her but i like her approach
  • katiehughesbeauty - she doesn’t update anymore but like her videos have some legit tips

lmfao suggest me more!

alt fashion is like such a big part of my life that its just so strange and foreign to me when i hear people talk about like “evening” makeup, “unwearable” lipstick, summer/winter/whatever colors.

like… i don’t get this mentality! at all!

wear that sequined cocktail dress at 10 in the morning!! put on neons even when the temperature drops! you’re waiting for an “occassion” to wear those shoes? fuck it!!!!! life is an occasion!!! weekdays are worth celebrating and life is short and you are fucking gorgeous so who cares!

why would anyone limit themselves like this?!

This is a post about making the most of your products!

I believe products are multifunctional and should be used as such. Do not shy away from using your products and brushes for more then what they are ‘meant’ to be used for.

In this picture I am wearing cream blusher and eyeshadow as lipstick. I didn’t have the lip colour that I wanted so I made it! I used a flat eye shadow brush to apply it all.

Remember you spend X amount of money on your makeup it’s only right that you get the absolute most you can get out of it! Also it gives you a chance to experiment and become creative with your makeup, it allows you the chance to think out side of the box!

I urge you to have a look at your makeup collection and change the way you look at it! Change the way you apporach it.

And in other news I have started a instagram for this blog so there should be mini videos/tutorials/live swatches floating around soon when I finally get the time to do some.