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When I get too wrapped up in theories and the anxiety of moving the plot forward, I take a deep breath and the Sherlock Gang appears to me in a big shining ball of gay light and they say, “BE A PART OF MAKING HISTORY!” and, “IT’S TELEVISION HISTORY!” and “INSANE WISH FUFILLMENT!” and, “GROUNDBREAKING!” and “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” and I emerge powerful and confident and even gayer than before.

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Imagine Dan doing he’s live show and doing this just because he knows how much him biting his lip turns you on.

“Dan we need to have a little talk in my bedroom” You say in a slightly stern voice Dan raises an eyebrow. “Well than I guess we will.” He gets up placing his hand on the small of your back guiding you to your bedroom. “You know I saw what you were doing on the live show.” Dan bites his lip again. “Ummm really what was that.” Acting innocent. You pull Dan closer by the collar of his shirt. “Fucking kiss me already you little spork.” Quickly and tenderly Dan’s lips press into yours. You back finds the wall behind you and your fingers are wrap around his back, slightly digging your nails in.Soflty you whisper"Fuck"

From yesterday’s live show! When I saw the thumbnail I just knew I had to draw them

Also, traditional draws like this take me less time than a digital one x’D so maybe I’ll be uploading more of these. I’m currently finishing an animated short for college (my final project actually) and I’m to busy to even breath, so sorry for the endless hiatus T-T

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One show:

  1. Mozart in the Jungle. It’s a comedy about the New York Symphony with a great cast–Gael García Bernal/Bernadette Peters/Malcolm McDowell–three seasons on Amazon! Go check it out if you haven’t!

Two performers:

  1. Steve Aoki - since he was the last person I saw live and it was a phenomenal show
  2. Lady Gaga - I’m excited to see what she comes up with for the Super Bowl halftime show!

Three songs:

  1. Only Just A Call Away by The Struts
  2. We Don’t Have to Dance by Andy Black
  3. White Flag by Joseph

Four operas/books/plays:

  1. The next actual published book I’ll read is "Ella Minnow Pea” by Mark Dunn
  2. One of my favorites is “Franny & Zooey” by JD Salinger
  3. I could re-read “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” by Shirley Jackson every 6 months and be happy
  4. a fic I got my grubby hands on yesterday that I just started to help beta. It’s killing me in the very best way and I can’t wait to properly scream about it here.  

Five foods:

  1. Everything bagel, toasted, with cream cheese and bacon
  2. Bananas & Blueberries
  3. the Thai Chix Quinoa Bowl I had for lunch
  4. Sushi
  5. Brown rice with salsa

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19 years ago today was my first live wrestling show. I saw Owen Hart punch Shawn Michaels off a cage straight into either a Tombstone or a chokeslam from The Undertaker, and it was the absolute best day of my then 10 year old life. 

(shuffle&write) - 02 - DiaMari

02 •• Meteor shower, Owl City

Pairing → DiaMari
Plot → Mari left during their first year, and it’d secretly destroyed Dia. Takes place right after episode 3.

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She came back.

Dia thought she was dreaming when she stepped in the principal’s office, ready to greet the new headmaster and introduce herself as the current Student Council President. She froze right away, not because the three annoying second years led by Takami Chika were here, but because she heard a voice she hadn’t heard for almost two years.

Her voice.

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C’mon guys. Do better.

Look, I have been a huge fan of SNL since I was in sixth grade. I’ve rarely missed live shows since then, and I even saw it live with Bill Hader in 2014. I have bought numerous books about it and the players that come from it. One of my all-time favorite books is Darrell Hammond’s memoir. I used to say SNL was my form of church because I religiously watched it every Saturday, and I meditated on it after each episode. What was good? What was bad? What timing was off? Which jokes could I repeat to my family and they would laugh? I loved every minute of it. 2008 was a big year for SNL, and I was there to watch it all. They even had Thursday episodes because the election was so important. Their viewership skyrocketed, and suddenly, I could talk to everyone about it. 

My high praise and love for the show started decreasing when Donald Trump hosted in 2015. This was before the Hollywood Access tapes were found, but this was still during his Islamophobic remarks, his overt racism of Mexicans, and the sexual assault of his ex-wife. There were many things wrong with Donald Trump at this point, but NBC loved him. Their viewership was up again! Everyone wanted to watch the celebrity monkey attempt the presidency. Hillary was gonna win, no question, so why not have the Orangutang up on stage? Maybe because he’s a terrible human being that hurt million of people with his words? Maybe because we shouldn’t have normalized hate speech and racism and discrimination and ableism? Why give him the platform? He did not run a single ad campaign. He didn’t have to. NBC gave him the time. Now, of course, SNL cannot predict the future and did not know what was to come. But maybe they shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.

I did not watch that episode. That was one of the only episodes I chose to ignore entirely and not watch any clips or listen to any sound bites the next day. I did not know what to do next. Should I continue watching my beloved show? Comedy was such an important part of my life, and I could not leave it behind. Should I forgive Lorne and everyone for allowing this racist sexist homophobic lying pig to host my favorite, beloved show? 

Because I’m white and privileged, I had the advantage of being able to look past this episode. Because of my tradition and loyalty to the show, I knew I couldn’t give it up cold turkey.

And then last month Casey Affleck hosted. Again, I did not watch any clips (except for Kate McKinnon’s Love Actually as Hillary sketch because that went viral and I had to watch because I’m weak). I ignored the episode. Casey Affleck should not be normalized. The women he sexually harassed (if not assaulted) lost their jobs for speaking out, but the man who committed these crimes is going to be Oscar nominated. I was so tired of the blatant hypocrisy and sexism that run our daily lives that I started getting mad. I was mad at SNL for not holding these people accountable. In any other job title, these men would have lost their jobs (probably not because of how sexist and ridiculous society is as a whole but their actions would hold more weight in their fields). Hollywood always turns a blind eye towards sexual assault. SNL can pretend it’s avant-garde and edgy but it’s Hollywood just the same. You can make a thousand jokes about the Catholic Church covering up sexual assault of minors and child molestation, but you’re literally doing the same thing. 

And then tonight, we have the beloved Aziz Ansari give a wonderful monologue about the current state of the US with some clever lines and tidbits. But then he equates Donald Trump and Chris Brown. And he’s absolutely right. People looked the other way for various reasons. For Brown it was because he was once a talented artist. He was welcomed back to award shows later and he sold albums for years after he committed a heinous crime. Donald Trump is accused of sexual assault over a dozen times, and is on tape admitting to it, and he becomes the President of the United States. So yeah, a lot of people looked away.

But then in this same episode where Ansari makes this great analogy, you have Big Sean performing. There’s no mention of his 2011 legal battle where he and another man held a 17-year-old girl against her will and sexually assaulted her. Sure, the charges were lessened when he pleaded guilty to “unlawful imprisonment.” That’s still a really big deal. And we’re all just going to forget about that? We’re all just going to let him take the stage at SNL and pretend it didn’t happen? How could you have this analogy in the monologue and then allow this man to take the stage? 

But then the question becomes: where do we draw the line? How many hosts in the past have been accused of sexual assault? Domestic violence? Racism? Homophobia? Sexism? 

When Andrew Dice Clay hosted in 1990, Nora Dunn told the press she was boycotting the show. Now there were some complications with this, but the female cast was hounded by calls from the public of how on earth they could support this man and stay with the show? Now, I have an affinity toward Lorne Michaels because I think he’s a comedic genius and just a genius overall, but this was all on him. He’s a show runner. He’s THE show runner. He should have taken over and had Steve or Tom come in and host that week. This was not about the women of the show taking a stand because they have contracts and this is their dream job. This is all Lorne. This is where he should have protected the cast.

He should have done that with Cheeto. 

But there’s more to viewership than there is to moral conduct.

My sister is really good at cutting TV shows off when they promote something she does not like. She stopped watching Ellen (WHO CANNOT LOVE ELLEN DEGENERES?) after she had Kobe Bryant on. I agree with her boycott completely because there should have been no normalization of Kobe Bryant, especially by someone like Ellen. So my sister stopped watching her show. A devout viewer who would watch clips online and watch it every day at the gym, stopped cold turkey.

I do not have that ability. SNL has become a part of my personality. I have memorized sketches and characters’ catchphrases. Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Nasim Pedrad and Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and Bill Hader and Kenan Thompson and Colin Jost and Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon and Darrell Hammond and Rachel Dratch and Bobby Moynihan and Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikas and Will Forte and Gilda Radner and Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi and Eddie Murphy and Sasheer Zamata and Aidy Bryant and Andy Samberg and Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon and David Spade and Taran Killam and Tracy Morgan and Phil Hartman are all home to me. SNL is a comfort to me. But this week I was disappointed, again. 

I think it might be because I hold SNL to such a high standard. I hold it like a religion. But it’s not perfect. It has its flaws. Tonight, they had an extended joke about the FriendZone, which is literally a joke from like 2013 that has come back to haunt us, and I sat there thinking, “This is it? During one of the most tumultuous presidencies in modern times, this is what we are offering? Another sexist point of view where the ‘nice guy’ loses?” It’s tiring. It’s tiring to grow and change and not have your favorite show change with you. I sometimes think SNL and I are connected in some way, but that’s pretty big of me to claim because the show literally could survive without me. I do not contribute much to it. 

Should I just continue to call them out every time they have a host like Casey Affleck or Cheeto of America? Should I stop watching entirely? Should I stop expecting so much from a weekly variety show based on a network that I’ve devoted probably a sixteenth of my life to? 

An essay like this is supposed to end in some gigantic flourish where I write off stunningly and everyone is impressed with all the points I made. 

But that’s not how this one will end. 

Should I stop watching this show?

I don't know. 

15 February 2015

Any fans of The Thrilling Adventure Hour out there? Late last year Ben Acker asked me to do a poster that they could sell at the live shows. I went down and saw the show last night with my wife and some friends and my poster is officially up for sale. So it’s finally time to share this thing. I think that you can still get one if you are going to be going to any of the last remaining live shows.

I saw wicked yesterday.

This was the first Broadway show I ever heard of, so I found it appropriate that Wicked should be the first show I ever saw live. And it was worth every FUCKING PENNY AND MORE.


Okay now that that’s done, the show in general was just absolutely stunning. I had seen clips of this show and other shows but it is NOTHING compared to live. I got chills when it started, I got chills especially during Defying Gravity. It was absolutely majestic. I was absolutely blown away. One thing I noticed is tha in a theatre setting, you can feel the energy of every single person in that room. The thrill and emotion is insane.

One thing I want to add is the fact that it’s not easy to make me cry. This show made me cry.

And I had to bring up the tight white pants. And Fiyero in general. Fucking Great

taylor mama sweetie 2016 was the first year i haven’t seen you in some form of live show since the first time i saw you in 2009 so like i’m kinda dying here i miss you mother