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Please, Touch Me (Love Live HonoMaki adult relationship fluffy smut doujin!)

It’s strange how well these two fit adult life.

Life’s going well for the young couple, but when Honoka doesn’t kiss Maki for an entire week, the doctor starts worrying about what’s gotten into her touchy-feely girlfriend. Will Maki get the affection she craves? And why would Honoka, of all people, not be in the mood for makeouts?! 

[Shobocon (Kitamuratooru)] Please Touch Me (Love Live!)

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Thanks again to @carpetigris for commissioning us! Now time to hunt down all the new Shobocon books… (they did. a goddamn. ChikaDia Arabian Nights AU one. i screamed.)

It’s Marshmallow Night, And The Feeling’s Right (Love Live! Kotori x Honoka comedy fluffy smut doujin!)

more hongy hongy honk.

Kotori’s suffering from insecurities and blues, but does Honoka know how to cure what ails her?! Maybe Nozomi’s got some monchy cronchy advice for the awkward couple…

[Shobocon (Kitamuratooru)] It’s Marshmallow Night, And The Feeling’s Right (Love Live!)

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Thank you once again to the generous and lovely @carpetigris for another Kitamuratooru commission! There should be another one coming out soon - a HonoMaki - so look out for that, too!

just-a-story-42  asked:

Hi! BSD is the only manga I can keep up with regularly because it's 100% the best translated one out there. I'm not exaggerating, between the flawless English and the hilarious T/Ns I live for your scanlations, I don't know how to thank you guys <3

Aaaahhh you’re so kind :’) Thank you for enjoying our scans!! ♥