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  • What she says: Star is jealous of Marco and Jackie's relationship
  • What she means: Star is so overtaken by jealousy and negative emotions to the point where they affect the way her spells are cast. They become much more powerful and destructive as seen when she sends one flying towards the Love Sentence sign and DEMOLISHES it effortlessly. She was bottling up that kind of frustration as she talked to Marco and assured him that everything was alright, which was an amazing cover-up of how she really felt. And it's no surprise that she feels like this if you really think about it: Marco is her BEST FRIEND. They live together, ride the bus to school together, walk home together, fight monsters together, and have developed a friendship that works amazingly well. They're earnest with each other, support each other, and they work out their problems in a very healthy way. But Jackie throws an unintentional wrench into their dynamic by dating Marco, because Marco has someone else to do all those things with now. Jackie is the girl of Marco's dreams, and a girl who he is getting to REALLY know after admiring her from afar for so long. He finally has a chance to become someone important to her, and to cherish her like he always wanted to and their relationship will pave the way to doing all the things that Marco was able to do with Star and MORE. While that does not mean friendships are worth less than romantic relationships, it does mean that Marco will inevitably feel more attached to Jackie and carry that obligation to treat her the way a girlfriend should be treated. This obviously interferes with Marco's attention to Star, because he will spend less time with her and more with someone else who he deems a significant other. Now Star has to pretend that everything is okay since she doesn't want to admit that she's upset while her best friend is happy with another girl. It's something she can't help but feel, but because she feels too ashamed to tell that to her best friend of all people, she continues to put on a fake smile in front of him and vents in other unhealthy ways.

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At some point, Jack became aware of his daughter crying, and he blearily dragged himself out of bed before Bitty woke up too. There was no sense for them to be both up.

Annie didn’t let up when Jack leaned over her crib to pick her up. He checked her diaper and tried to feed her, but she still continued to wail. He bounced her around and took a few turns around the nursery, but her cries only escalated until Bitty finally came in. 

“Should we?” Bitty asked, still rubbing the sleep out of his yes.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “I’ll go. You go back to bed.”

Bitty shook his head. “No, I’ll come too.”

It was a familiar routine by now as they put on their jackets and pulled pants over their boxers. They efficiently buckled Annie into her car seat who howled through the whole thing even though they’d already done this twice this week.

Once the car started moving though, Annie finally stopped screaming at the top of lungs. She sniffled wetly a few times, but otherwise, she predictably quieted down.

“Wake me up in ten minutes and I can drive.” Bitty yawned. He’d wedged one of Annie’s blankets against the window as a makeshift pillow, and was snoring lightly before Jack even got out of the driveway.

Jack drove halfway around the block before the silence was too stifling, despite the quiet hum of the engine. He turned on the radio. He kept the volume low, mindful of the occupants in the vehicle, and settled on a channel that was playing something soft and slow.

After a couple of times of the neighbourhood, Jack pulled out onto the main streets. He was awake now, and he might as well keep driving for a little while longer.

He passed the garish, neon signs of stores that were lit even at this hour. The places that were so familiar during the day seemed intimidating in the dark of night. There was a surreal quality to it that Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Jack glanced over at Bitty just as they passed under a street lamp, and for moment, Bitty was illuminated by the golden light in a way that had Jack desperately itching for his camera. He briefly entertained the idea of reaching over to grab hold of Bitty’s hand, but even asleep, Bitty looked exhausted. Jack didn’t want to wake him up.

It was a little after 3 am when Jack finally pulled back into the driveway and shifted the gear into park. He hesitated before finally nudging Bitty awake. If slept any longer in that position, he was going to screw up his neck.

“Is it my turn?” Bitty mumbled.

“No, Jack said as he carded his fingers through Bitty’s hair before smoothing it down. “We’re home.”

Bitty frowned, but didn’t argue as Jack got out the car and carefully unbuckled Annie.

After putting her back into her crib, Bitty hovered for a few minutes, just to make sure she really was asleep. He turned and kissed Jack lightly on the cheek. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you, too,” Jack replied fondly. “Come on. Let’s try and get some sleep before the sun comes up.”


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

  • Me, after reading fanfiction of old ships I thought I had forgotten at 3 57 am: kiss kiss fall in feels, motherfucker.

Jimin stuffing 15 candies into Jin’s mouth.