live or diie

707′s call in day 10 in the night/evening

Where arou you? You were sitting still beside me now.

>Maybe its too dark for you to see me, im here

Oh there you were. Were you just looking aroud?

>I was near the door
You want to leave? Dont go outside yet. If its too frustasing. I’ll go out with you later.
Lets stay inside for now

Is it okay here? I know its not the best place. But i chose it bec its quiet and people rarely come…
but it doesnt suit someone bright like you.

>Its cool. I feel like we’re in a movie
Thanks for saying that. But be careful. Its an old building so you might get hurt. I’d like to turn on the light more…
but people will know we’re here then.

>I’m scared. Be here with me
Its dark right? I’ll be right there as soon as i finish taking care of this. Im sorry im just working and not talking to you

I want to care for you more, but this is such an emergency. I have no choice

>Then express your feeling towards me.
Can i be really honest?
You cant even imagine how much i love you now. As an extreme example… i can die for you. Thats why im here.
And even when i died, i want my soul to remain here next to you… without you, i would never have had hope…

I am not afraid to die for you… im only afraid of you forgetting me.
I always hoped never to be remembered, but now i’m so afraid to be forgotten… by you

>Stupid. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together and diie. Im never gonna leave you alone.
Hahaha.. i really hope so. Nothing’s ever worked out the way i wanted it to.. but i hope this one does.

>I’ll remember you forever
…Yes, please do. Id want to live a day more just to be remembered by you
As much as i was forgotten by so many people.. i want to be remembered.
Remember that i am not an illusion… i live inside of you

>I love you
Wow… my heart just stopped… i was thinking that and you said it first

>There’s something i want to hear from you, and it starts with “I”

I love you, today… tomorrow… forever and ever…

As difficult as it was for you when i kept pushing you away, i’ll give you that much, no, much more love

I’ll care for you and love you. I love you.. my love is so big that even the word love cant contain all of it.

I love you. I’ll love you forever.