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Music Shuffle Tag

Thanks for the tag @dystopiansushi ♥ I apparently have a lot of OSTs.

RULES: put your music in shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutuals.

  1. recollect (Shapeshifters) - Hands Like Houses
  2. Journey to Skyhold - Trevor Morris (Dragon Age: Inquisition OST)
  3. Intro - The XX
  4. Licht und Schatten - Yamada Yutaka (Tokyo Ghoul OST)
  5. You Only Live Once (Everlasting) - Yuri!!! on ICE feat. w.hatano
  6. The Axis of Love - Ivan Torrent
  7. Psychomachia - I the Mighty
  8. Day You Laugh - Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s VA singing!)
  9. Tell Me What to Do - SHINee
  10. Kaze ga Fuku Machi - LUCK LIFE (Bungou Stray Dogs OST)

Side note: Do these lyrics not remind you of Viktor and Yuuri? 。゚( ´♡` )゚。 The whole song fits, but I’ll be good and just post two sections:

To know your every detail is a lifetime, a story to tell with a touch
Every move is a reaction, every kiss is a reason, a rush
You’re my muse, and you’re my masterpiece, my canvas and my chemistry
You’re magic and you’re mystery, my haven, you’re my heaven
You’re my heart. We will be unbreakable.

That sounds just like a love-struck Viktor to me.

From up this close, I can’t see a thing aside from you in front of me
I can’t recall a night this clear, a better light to lead us here
No brighter diamond in the sky than those embedded in your eyes

And this. This. This reminds me of Viktor as he’s walking with Yuuri in the Christmas market (ep 10), though it could be from either of their perspectives.

Before I forget, hmm. I’ll tag @psychotic-vanguard @sonshine-go @forovnix @actualyuuri @thehobbem @v-k-niliforv @pushpullds @ebenroot @victuurificthings @shinyzephyr If you’re busy or don’t want to do it, that’s fine!

Billy & Teddy: A Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, today is a day about love and that’s why I want to share the story of this two heroes in love. Enjoy! (This could be long)

They met when they were like fifteen or sixteen and they fell crazy in love with each other.

They starting to be superheroes.

Their parents found out (kind of..) 

But not everything was good, sometimes life is just cruel.

But you keep going.

There’s also been awkward moments (c’mon they newly (kind of) boyfriends)

Moments of caring

Some flirting.

Some Lover letters.

A proposal.

And a (perfect) kiss.

And yeah, even if it hurts, a break up.

But, love unite. (And apparently can also save the universe or multiuniverse)

And their story continue.

They grown up (more), keep being superheroes (with a new team) and not even some evil future can’t torn them apart.

And with all the grown up thing came the changes, like a place for both of them (finally)

Because their future=happy+married+and+family (and Sorcerer Supreme)

But life goes and goes and the time flies, but true love never dies (just get older) 

A life together… with your best friend, your partner, your lover.

A life with all the good and bad.

A love story that still has a lot to tell and show.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Whatever you have, it’ll work.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)

You Only Live Once [piano remix]
W. Hatano
You Only Live Once [piano remix]

There aren’t enough covers for this song. The ED is so good, and it motivates you to hold onto something and not let it go. Because we only live once. So if something or someone makes you truly happy, cherish every moment like it’s your last. I’ve been in a really good mood all day. Can’t you tell~?

On another note, my electric piano works! Yay! I just had to change the batteries. The more you know.