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I got tagged by @doofergirl and @littleraindropme, thank you fellow doofy soldiers :D

rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people.

1. Alice in Chains - Voices (current favourite)

2. The Doors - Break On Through

3. Opeth - Demon Of The Fall (the Roundhouse Tapes live version though)

4. RHCP - Nobody Weird Like Me/ Coffee Shop/ Higher Ground

5. Pearl Jam - Brain Of J

6. Soundgarden - Been Away Too Long

7. Garbage - Supervixen

8. Audioslave - Doesn’t Remind Me

9. Johnny Fajanta & Joshy Memehoffer - Communique

10. Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl

Bonus: Elliott Smith - Twilight

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Submitted by @ ronyyaya

Humans are absurdly overengineered generalists

Humans are proportionally weak compared to arthropods, they’re slow compared to horses/wolves, they’re dumb compared to Artificial Intelligence, they’re fragile compared to megafauna like elephants, their socialization is nonexistant compared to true eusocial/pack species, and they’re clumsy compared to octopodes.  They’re not bad at anything, however, and they can repurpose a skill for anything (e.g. they can socialize with strangers, they can reuse domain specific knowledge for other stuff, they can use one type of movement for a lot of tasks, etc) which is not super common.  Most importantly, though, humans can continue functioning after almost any injury.

leg bones? There are 2, so breaking one is no more than an inconvenience in the short term until the endorphins wear off.

lungs? Again, theyre redundant.  Function can be temporarily restored with TAPE!

Tendons/ligaments?  Those are redundant too!


IDK what aliens would think of us, between “what kind of idiot would design that?” and “thats so cool, what excuse/purpose can we find for one as a crewmember?”


week ten!! thankfully the workload starts to decrease gradually as the week goes by, and soon our one week holiday[though let’s be real, we have a test the moment we come back] will begin~
also i watched the first episode of 见字如面, which is the chinese version of Letters Live, and clearly it has made an impact on this week’s spread
thank you for the pictures @poacherspride / @migosp and whatever your studyblr is — i will add it later when i find it!!