live on my knees

tumblr posts i think abt too much while listening to hamilton:

  • “you have my eyes, give back my fucking eyes”
  • “rise up, when you’re living on your knees you rise up, train an army of bees and rise up”
  • “somebody tells me YOU DONE MESSED UP AY AY RON”
  • “i think your pants look hot, laurens i like you a lot, how bout when i get back we all strip down to our socks”
  • “take the bullets out yo gun” vs “take the bullets out yo son”
  • “ooh who is this kid, whats he gonna do?” “THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET” 

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”  Mexican revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata, whose Zapatista peasant army fought a long guerrilla campaign south of Mexico City.  This picture was taken in Mexico City in 1914, after the revolutionaries captured the capital.  However, the victors soon fell out, and Zapata allied with Pancho Villa against the liberal Constitutionalist faction.  He did die, assassinated in 1919, but still has an iconic legacy in Mexico today.

  • Auston Matthews: *wears casual clothes*
  • Me: he's such a fuckin Arizona boy

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Leonardo x Reader


Prompt: Leo’s s/o just had their babies and he was going to meet his daughter and son for the first time, what would happen?


Leo sat in the living room, knees bouncing, heart racing. He couldn’t wait. You had just given birth to his children, a boy and a girl, and now Donnie was running tests on them. He wasn’t sure how this would work. A human woman giving birth to a turtle’s children. He was sure something would go wrong, but so far everything seemed okay. Their vitals were strong, their organs were all functioning. Everything was fine.

You were so hopped up on pain meds you barely knew what day it was, but you were coming around.

“How are they, Donnie?” You asked.

“They…they’re perfect. Basically.” Donnie swaddled your daughter in her blanket. “I’ll go get Leo.”

“Okay,” you nodded. Leo basically sprinted into the lab at the sight of Donnie.

“Woah, watch it Leo!” Donnie rushed inside after him. He motioned for Leo to go over and stand next to you. His sparkling blue eyes landed on your very tired form. He took your face in his hands and pressed a long kiss to your forehead.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m all right.” You smiled tiredly. “Just tired.”

“Yeah,” he kissed your cheek. “Hopefully not too tired to pick out names.”

“I think I can manage.”

Donnie came over with the matching bundles and handed one to you and the other to Leo. He looked down at his precious baby daughter with all of the love in the world. Her sparkling blue eyes opened and closed as she let out a huge yawn and curled further into her father’s chest. Tears streamed down Leo’s cheeks and his knees gave out. This perfect little creature had his eyes and your smile. Half him and half you. He glanced over at his son. The little boy seemed to have your eyes and Leo’s shell, where his sister lacked one.

“Thought of a name yet?” You asked.

“Sapphire?” Leo asked. You nodded. “What about you?”


“Sky.” He nodded. Each of them named after shades of blue. “Sapphire and Sky.”

“Dudes, can Raph and I meet our niece and nephew, or are you gonna hog them all day?” Mikey walked through the door, Raph’s large figure trailing him. They smiled at their oldest brother.

“Congrats, bro.”

“Thanks guys.”

“Dude, you’re a dad now!” Mikey patted him on the shell. Leo smiled down at Sapphire.

“That I am.”

“So guys, Leo and I were talking.”


“And we had to pick god-parents.”

“And?” Raph raised an eyebrow.

“Raph, Mikey, this is your god-daughter Sapphire.” Leo motioned for Raph and Mikey to come closer. Raph took a knee, looking down on his tiny niece. She was so small. He tried to stop his eyes from fogging up, but there was no stopping the tears that flooded his eyes. The biggest smile you had ever seen on your brother-in-law tugged at his lips. Leo gently placed the bundle in his arms. He chuckled softly at your daughter’s smile. One of her tiny green hands reached up and found a resting place on her uncle’s cheek.

“Donnie, you and April are-”

“What did I miss?” April took off her jacket as she walked into the lab. “Oh my Gosh!”

“Donnie and April, meet your god-son Sky.” April took the blue bundle from your arms and Donnie stood behind her, looking over the tiny addition to the family. The last to come into the lair was Splinter, who very much wanted to meet the grandchildren he never expected to have. They took an immediate liking to the old rat and greeted him with happy laughs and giant smiles.

It didn’t take long for the cribs to be built, nor for the baby buckets to be assembled or Leo’s baby carriers to be sized. He came up to you a few days later with Sky strapped to his chest.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s cuter than a turtle with a baby?” he smiled. Since you were still on the road to recovery, you were seated on the couch, watching movies.

“What?” Leo turned around, revealing Sapphire strapped to his back.

“A turtle with two babies.” You laughed.

“You’re loving every minute of this, aren’t you?” You smiled and took your daughter off of your husband’s back.

“When I was growing up,” he turned around a sat down, taking your free hand in his own. “It was hard for me to ever imagine someone falling in love with me, let alone agreeing to marry me and then becoming my wife and giving birth to my babies.” He sighed and kissed your forehead, long and meaningful. “They are everything I could have asked for and more. They’re perfect. And so are you. I love you.”

“I love you too.” It was needless to say that both of you were more than ready to be parents.
When You’re Living On Your Knees, You Rise Up - prettybirdy979 - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Here’s the thing about hope - it’s really easy to spread and tends to be one of the hardest things to kill. And a whisper of hope can do so many things; from making a good piece of art, to saving a life.

Hope can bring down an empire, if there’s enough of it in the right places.

Right now though, Sam Holt isn’t looking to bring down an empire. He just wants to live through this, with Matt by his side. But he has a whisper of hope, this ‘Voltron’ and maybe if he applies it in the right places…

Well they might not have enough to take down an empire but a prison colony seems within reach.

The epic Sam and Matt fic I’ve been writing forever is finally done.

It’s not canon compliment anymore but at this point I don’t give a damn. It’s done.


shelter | listen here

I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you’re everything I think I need here on the ground. But you’re neither friend nor foe, though I can’t seem to let you go. The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down. [ a season 2 kabby playlist ]

i bet finn isn’t quite sure what flirting consists of so he’s really blatant about it like “you’re really nice looking, you know that? like REALLY nice looking…. yeah.” all while smiling like nothing is out of the ordinary and meanwhile poe is red up to his ears and speechless

there’s words in my 
fingertips but i am 
so scared.
there’s ghosts living 
in my wrists, 
in my elbows and knees, 
in my heart. 
there’s ghosts living inside
of me and i’ve become a 
graveyard to the things
i cannot say aloud.
i believe in being brave because
what’s the point in living, 
if you’re not living fully?
if you’re not living bravely?
but i am frightened, because
to say these words out loud, 
means that maybe i'll 
hear responses that'll 
break my heart, and these 
ghosts and i, 
will be alone again.
—  and it’s ever so lonely, being frightened.
Aurelia and Pax Meet Again

It’s a quiet morning. Relaxing music drifts through my living room as I sip my water. I’m feeling pretty good today. Serene, awake. Contented.

Maybe that should have been my first clue.

I’m sitting at my dining table with my tablet, reading through my latest information when it happens.


I’m so startled by the loud sound that I drop my cup. The water splashes all over the table, headed toward my tablet. 

I don’t bother to pick it up though, because of what I see in front of me.

I rush over to my oldest friend, who has apparently just come crashing through my living room window. She’s doubled over, on her knees, gasping for air.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that I’ve seen blood streaming down my friend’s face, but it’s a rare enough event that I know this is serious.

Pax is clutching her side and I try to move her hand to assess her injuries, but she clutches mine with one gloved hand.

Pax struggles to give me a nod before gasping from pain. Instinctively, I shove her hands out of the way and search for her wound to try and heal her. 

But even while I do that, my mind is desperately trying to grasp what’s happening, what she means.

Atlantis… The word alone makes a heavy, foreboding feeling settles over me. It suddenly feels difficult to breathe.

An “adventure” of ours gone wrong. One of our gravest mistakes…Is it possible…that the past has followed us even here?

I look at Pax as I heal her wounds and I know there’s no point in questioning what she said. She wouldn’t joke about something like this and there’s only one thing she could possibly mean.

All those years ago, back in the Atlantean ruins, we unleashed something terrible.

And now it’s come for us…and maybe for the entire world.