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isn’t it amazing how we’ve reached the point where people are completely forgetting every aspect of biology and sociology - everything that’s taken years and years to prove and research - and claiming that ‘gender is inherent and biological, sex is a social construct’?

 and saying others are violent bigots for disproving and disagreeing with this?

and letting this ideology leak out of the internet into health systems and universities - i.e where the truth actually needs to be told and discussed?

and teaching this ideology to little children, thereby giving them medical treatments with huge health risks involved and changing their lives forever?

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 i cant believe i made it to 1k! guys this is crazy, i never even thought i would make it past one follower (s/o to @phanofsterek, my first follower)!! to make it to one t h o u s an d ??? thats incredible. ive done one of these before, but this one’s gonna be a bit more organized ahaha

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baekhyun’s happiness = my happiness… he’s m’sun and moon and stars…… sweet cherry pie apple of my eye……. when he smiles it’s my birthday and when he laughs it’s christmas……… i would lay down my whole entire life for him w/out hesitation………… i want him to always be happy and healthy and munching on his favorite snacks……… im gonna build a sausage factory for him so i can always supply his snacking habits as he games…. im gonna invent video games for him to play……… the internet??? im gonna buy it and give it to him!! i would lasso the moon and stars and give it to him if he asked!!!! im gonna buy myongryong lots of dog treats and get them matching outfits!!!!!!!! i’m gonna love him forever with my whole entire life i wanna d*e but i gotta live for baekhyun

High Tech Urban Legends to Like And Share

-If you fail to confirm your password, it becomes a captcha, unable to move on until someone retypes it correctly.
-If you follow the reblogs on some Tumblr posts long enough, you come back to where you started from. There is no original source. They were never written, only shared. If you find one, live your life by its advice.
-Though never seen, somewhere on the internet is the yettp://, which eats food blogs and excretes shitposts.
-Somewhere, hidden far from the decadence of society, is the one person who really just cares about Ray Bans and sharing the knowledge of Ray Bans with others. If you are chosen to meet them, you will receive a free car. It will take you to them. You will admire their shades, then go home, forever changed.
-Every science fact on social media is true, but not all of them are true of our universe. Other universes choose what is most strange or beautiful about their world to share with ours. Wish them well.

2016 IS ENDING !!!

It’s finally the end of 2016!! It’s been a very rough one for all of us, but I’ve made so many new friends and have made enough happy memories to battle the bad ones! This is gonna start with the people who have impacted me the most and then after that its everyone who I can’t live without seeing on my dash~

FOR KPOP BLOGS (i am also @kissmybt-ass and will also be making another separate ff for more recognition ayyy~)

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the raven king countdown day two

favorite character
ronan lynch 

Just lie, I told myself. Say anyone but Ronan. They’re all going to expect you to say Ronan. You want to be predictable? Craft an elegant lie! 

But I couldn’t. 

My real favorite in this series is the dynamic — the spaces between all of the characters — but if I have to choose, it’s Ronan. I’m sure the internet believes that he’s my favorite because he is the most like me (which, yes, fine, everyone likes stories about themselves), or because he is the “coolest” (I’m so pleased that a sullen gay boy who loves small animals and wants to live on a rural farm forever is the current cultural standard for cool). But really, he would have always been my favorite because he is the oldest. Not age-wise — he’s the second youngest, actually, of the group — but storywise. 

When I began writing these books as a teen, the story was Ronan’s story alone. There was no Gansey, no Adam, no Blue. No Welsh kings. There was the farm, the dreaming father, the dreamed mother, the dreaming son. What was the world to you if you were an impossible thing? What did you do with society if society didn’t know what to do with you? It was only after multiple scrambling iterations over nearly a decade that the rest of the Raven Cycle’s sprawling appeared, subsuming Ronan’s plotline. 

But even now — he’s still the heart. Ronan’s magic is still the oldest and most unchanging. During the writing of the current version of the Raven Cycle, every piece of magic in the series still turned its face to the rules of his magic for its marching orders. It will be weird to say goodbye to him at the end of this. 

(Lover tells me, “oh, please, I still have to live with Ronan everyday.”)

BTS Reaction: Sister, Sister~

BTS Reaction: How he acts with his sister(you)~

A/N: for @jimeme-ho I hope you like it~


“Welcome, everyone, to EatJin! Yay!” Jin says as he waves his hands, the camera showing the living room of their home. “We’re having a special episode today, while BTS is currently on vacation. I’m filming this episode in my home! And my guest today is my sister Y/N!”

“Yay!” You cheer as you sit down on the floor next to him, smiling and waving your hands like Jin to the V app audience. You were a bit nervous to be appearing on EatJin, as he and BTS had so many fans, so this video would be watched by hundreds of thousands of people and preserved forever on the Internet, but he’d asked. And any time you get to spend with your super busy older brother was hard-won and well-spent. 

You mess with your hair a bit, looking at the camera nervously. “Oppa, is my hair okay?” you ask under your breath, pretending to fix the small grill sitting on the table. You’re having Korean barbecue with your mom’s homemade sauce and several bowls of vegetables and kimchi. 

“You look adorable,” he says and pats you on the head. “Don’t worry. A.R.M.Y. will love you.”

You side-eye him so hard–you’re in university, not middle school–but you say nothing about it, turning away to hide the smile curling your lips. You let him get away with it because…well, you’ve missed him like crazy. You couldn’t be happier with how successful he’s been, that he’s achieved his dream of singing as a career, and he’s traveling all over the world…but he’s still your older brother, and he was that before he was Jin of BTS. 

“Now, my sister is currently in university, studying so she can be a doctor. We’re all very proud of her and wish her good luck on her exams next week,” he says as he claps again, picking up his chopsticks and laying a few pieces of meat on the grill. 

Embarrassed, you nudge him in the side. “Jin-oppa, jeez…”

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He chokes and nearly drops the mic in the middle of his rap when he spots you in the crowd, front row seats, dressed in all black with a sign that ironically screamed “LOVE YOU, OPPA” in hideous highlighter yellow and pink, glitter thrown haphazardly onto the frame. You’ve always been shit at arts and crafts. 

He recovers as fast as he can, but the other members notice the brief blip in his usually perfect rap performance on stage. He looks you dead in the eye as he motions to the back of the stage, covering the gesture with his usual hand motions during his solo, but you still get the message. You only grin at him from under your baseball cap, making a heart with your arms.

Later, once the show is over and the band has retreated backstage, you head over to the side and show your I.D. to the guards, who Yoongi had told to let you through. You set your sign on the ground by the door, knocking and cracking the door to shout, “Are you guys decent?”

The door is pulled open by Jimin, who beams at you, his eye-smile in full flow, still happy and hyper from the concert. “Y/N-shi! She’s here!” 

“Let her in then, idiot,” you heard Yoongi say before Jimin is shoved out of the way, and your older brother stands in front of you. “Yah, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you were coming? I would’ve had you come backstage.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” you says as you wrinkle your nose. “You’re still covered in sweat, gross.” 

He pulls off the the bulky jacket and throws it at you, smirking when you struggle to hold it.

“Jeez, this weighs a ton,” you grumble, letting it slide off your arms into the nearest seat. 

“Y/N, isn’t it a bit late for you to be out by yourself?” Jin asks as he walks by, wiping his face with a towel. 

“Yeah, I’m surprised Mom let you come without telling me first,” Yoongi mutters from his dressing station.

“I am eighteen now, thanks,” you gripe, sitting down into Jungkook’s seat. He always avoids you when you come hang out with your brother, however rare those occasions might be. At least a seat was always free.

“You are?” Taehyung asks from a chair nearby before he looks at the other side of the room, where Jungkook is being fussed over by several stylists. A balled-up shirt suddenly hits Taehyung in the chest. He turns around to find the culprit, before his expression goes carefully blank.

You follow his gaze to see your brother staring him down. “She’s still my little sister, ass.”

You raise your eyebrows at him, before getting up and standing next to him at his mirror. He continues using cleansing wipes to pull the shit ton of stage make-up off his now scowling face, pretending you’re not there. “What’s that about?”

“Nothing. Kook’s trying to get his ass beat, apparently.”

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Rap Monster 

“Oppa, come over here for a bit.”

Slouched at the kitchen table, Namjoon looks up from the Twitter feed on his phone to see you standing at the counter, holding a knife and smiling. He stands up immediately. “What do you need?”

“I’m going to teach you how to slice an onion until you never embarrass yourself on national TV again.”

He rolls his eyes, scoffing. “Seriously, Y/N?”

“Yes. Mom asked me too,” you say with a grin, setting the onion down on the cutting board. “She also said to tell you that Jin-oppa should not be the only one cooking in the dorm and that as the leader you should set an example by learning to cook more than a packet of ramyeon.” 

He groans but grabs the apron hanging by the doorway, shrugging it on with a scowl. “Hyung doesn’t cook everything.”

“Uh-huh. Just come on,” you laugh, setting him up with a cutting board, a knife, and an onion of his own. “Now watch, you cut the onion in half first, and then lie one of the halves on the flat side. Oppa, watch your fingers!”

After several repeats, Namjoon finally manages to get the cutting right and seems to remember how to do it on his own. It’s a good thing that your mom had invited the family over for dinner tonight, as the amount of onions you and your brother had just chopped was frankly ridiculous. 

“Want to do some more? Mom’s making all of your favorites tonight,” you say with a grin, laughing outright when he gives you a no-nonsense look. You lean against the side of his arm, your eyes getting a bit teary. The onion’s fault, of course. “I’m glad you’re home, Oppa.”

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The studio is a lot smaller than you were expecting. It seems like it should be a lot bigger, considering seven guys and a small crew work on choreography in here. Your shoes make quiet squeaking sounds when you take a few steps in, the familiar sound brining a smile to your face. You watch yourself in the mirror, rolling your arm and spinning your body around like you do in the dance studio at the gym at your university.

“What do you think?” Hoseok asks as he follows you in, pulling his rain jacket off and tossing it in the corner. “Pretty nice, right?”

“It’s amazing, Oppa,” you reassure him, picking up his jacket, folding it, and putting it into a locker along with your umbrella. “So this is your home away from home?”

“Yes,” he sighs, looking around proudly. He crosses to the mirror where a tripod stands and puts his camera on the mount. “I’ve probably spent more time in here than at the dorm, really.”

“Cool,” you say, walking over to the monitor on the far wall and looking at the music files there. “Are we going to dance to one of your songs?”

He hums thoughtfully. “Do you want to? For Hope on the Street, I usually pick something else. What have you been dancing to recently?”

“Ah, well,” you pause, reluctant. “The girls really like dancing to BTS songs, so it’s a bit…I don’t know. Not that I don’t like dancing to your songs!” You say quickly, your hands raised. “I just…it’s a bit embarrassing to show you the choreography for that.”

“Did you make it?”

You nod sheepishly.

Well, now I have to see it,” Hoseok insists, grinning from ear to ear. “Which one? Cypher pt. 3? Baepsae? Fire?”

“Ugh, Oppa,” you whine, pulling your beanie further down your forehead to hide your face. “I’ll show it to you, but not on Hope on the Street. Can’t we just do Beyonce or Jay Park for the show?”

He narrows his eyes at you. “Y/N, this is the BTS studio. What better place to show off your dance cover than in the actual studio? No, you’re doing one of ours. I’ll choose for you.”

“But none of the other girls are here! It’ll look off,” you argue, looking at the camera with fear.

“Want me to call Kookie or Jiminie?” He teases, knowing full well that you would freak out.

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They’ve just descended from the airplane, and Taehyung feels exhausted. The international tour is finally over. All he wants to do now is get back to the dorm and fall into bed after he sends you a text to let you and the family know he’s home. He’d called you several times while he was away–the homesickness and anxiety had been particularly rough on this tour, and he’d found it hard to keep a happy face for the fans. Even Hobi had trouble smiling during the last concert, and his hyung was as reliable and strong as they come.

Jungkook is leaning heavily on Jimin, who loves him too much to shove him off despite how bone-tired he is as well, so Taehyung grabs Kookie’s suitcase from his other hand to lighten the load. Jimin smiles at him gratefully–a hyung’s work is never done.

They’ve passed through the gates and are headed for the car port. The crew will take care of their other luggage for them. It’s so late in the night that there were barely any fans to welcome them home, and he’s so grateful for that that there’s no room for guilt.


His head shoots up, and he looks around. He knows that voice. Y/N.

There’s a figure standing by the managers, a sign that read “Welcome home, BTS!” waving in their arms. You’re wearing a baggy, soft sweater that he just knows Mom made, and there are bags under your eyes, but you look so happy to see him that he wants to cry. He tries to sprint toward you with both suitcases before he just abandons them and runs to you, wrapping you in a hug and trying to hold back tears. You smell just like home, like the laundry detergent Mom uses, the strong tea Dad drinks every morning.

“Welcome home, oppa,” you whisper against his shoulder, but he’s not ready to let go just yet.

“Who’s that?” Jungkook asks sleepily, squinting with red, swollen eyes from a few feet away. He’d pulled both suitcases to the waiting managers after Tae had left them.

“That’s Y/N, Tae’s sister,” Jimin answers with a tired smile, watching the two of you a bit enviously. He’s hoping to see his family soon too.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?” Tae asks, his arms loosening just a tad around your shoulders.

“Mom and Dad are here too, in Seoul, I mean,” you say, leaning back and wiping your eyes on your sleeve. “They’re looking after the boys. It was too late to bring them to the airport, but I had to come see you.”

The smile on his face is so relieved and grateful and happy that you hug him again, for good measure.

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“Oppa, this room is a complete mess,” you laugh, hesitating to step inside. The floor of his room is covered in dirty clothes and sheets of paper. “Oh my god, it smells too. How many of you are living in here again?”

“Me, Hobi-hyung, and Taetae,” he answers. He’s putting a pair of sunglasses and a snapback on to disguise his face. 

You’re heading out to do a bit of shopping and to see a movie while you’re visiting him in Seoul. You’re in town visiting the university, where you recently were accepted to, and your family gave you extra money for your birthday to be able to stay a few days longer and visit with your brother. You’ve already taken several pictures of the dorm and will take several wherever you go to show them when you return home. You all miss Jimin so much.

“I guess this is a reasonable amount of mess for three boys,” you concede, picking up another of his snapbacks and trying it on. It falls over your ears. “Oooh, is that the head of the colossal titan? Did Jungkook-oppa finally get you into Attack on Titan?”

“Aish, don’t call him that,” he says, turning around and ruffling your hair. 


“He likes it too much, and I’m your oppa.” He ushers you out of the room, before having you stop. “Hold on.”

He peaks into the living room and hears Jin-hyung in the kitchen, before he motions you forward. “Okay, it’s safe to go, but hurry.”

“Embarrassed to be hanging out with your sister?” You’d only visited a few times, but he always did this. You hadn’t even been introduced to Suga or J-Hope yet.

“No, of course not,” he denies, turning to you in surprise. “Why would you say that?”

“You never let me talk to any of your friends,” you say, trying to stifle the hurt at the implication.

“No, no, that’s not-” 

“Oh my god.”

You both look up. J-Hope is standing in the middle of the hallway, an empty laundry basket held in his arms. He’s staring at you with intense joy, beaming so fiercely that you’re actually afraid. Then he looks at your brother, slowly opening his mouth.

“Oh, no,” Jimin whispers.


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“On your left, 10 o'clock,” you mutter, thumbs swiveling and pressing rapidly. 

You’re sitting on the couch in the BTS dorm playing video games with Jungkook, after riding a bus for hours to Seoul to come see him. Your mom had packed a crap ton of snacks and little household necessities into a box for you to deliver to him with the command to share them with his hyungs, but you doubt he would share the snacks. The household items, new soap, laundry detergent, cleaning wipes for the counters, would go straight to Jin-oppa, you know. 

“Got it,” he responds, his figure on the screen swiftly turning and shooting the monster in the chest several times. “Go first in the base, Y/N.”

Your eye twitches, and you wish you could reach over and hit him. “What? Why, so I can be your human shield?”

“You have more ammo than I do,” he snarks back. “And yes.”

“Ugh,” you grunt, but you head into the base first, because that’s what sisters do. Monsters start pouring out of the doorways inside the dilapidated base, and you just lay into them with the plasma machine gun, snickering. You spot Jungkook searching the corners for hidden treasures, and amused irritation wells up inside of you. 

The door to the apartment suddenly opens, and Namjoon’s voice, aka Rap Monster, aka sexy dimpled rapper currently with blond hair, comes through the hallway. “I’m home. Damn, that TV is way too loud, guys.”

You pause the game and drop the remote, pulling your phone out of your bag to check your reflecting in the glass. Jungkook gives you a disgusted look from the other side of the couch, picking up your controller and throwing at you. “Seriously?” 

“Shut up, Kookie, or I’ll tell mom about that tattoo you keep eyeing in your Internet history.”

He glares at you and grabs the TV remote, lowering the volume when his hyung comes into the room. 

“Oh, Y/N, hey,” Namjoon greets you, and you smile brightly in response. He’s wearing those huge, super thick glasses today, and he looks so fucking hot.

“Hey, hyung,” Jungkook answers, rolling his eyes at you.

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OKAY. SO! Me and @neptune went to game grumps live in Houston tonight (which was their christmas present to me while we’re here) AND I’D GENUINELY GONE IN HOPES OF JUST. GETTING TO GIVE THEM THE ABOVE DRAWING AND INSTEAD GOT PULLED UP ON STAGE TO MEET THEM BOTH?? It was incredible I still haven’t stopped shaking.

Also, there’s a video of me screaming at Arin’s ass forever on the internet now and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Sketch and Lineart were done by me, colours and bg were done by Ness and touched up by me I’M SORRY THIS DESC IS ALL OVER THE PLACE BUT WOW. I’M SO THANKFUL. THANKS GRUMPS !!!


Weirdmageddon Designs: there’s actually quite a few more but tumblr only allows 10 spots and I wanted to show off the process.

First I know you tad strange fans are going to think you influenced the design of the compass/ruler. I designed him back in may 2014 (animation takes forever to get to audience). So I’m making it clear, I’m not influenced by the internet, I’m only influenced by artist who lived in the 40′s.

When I started on Gravity, Alex came by my desk and started flipping through my sketchbook. He kept saying “this is great, we can use this”, he then pitched me weirdmageddon and basically told me his plan to have me design everything crazy I could think of. So I actively started to squirrel aside ideas for it earlier in the season.

When I started on this Alex and Alonzo had ideas about what they liked and I tried to follow their notes and ideas. When asked to come up with my own stuff I thought demons. Pyronica was my idea of what Bill’s blue flame would personify. The Demon baby was something that had been floating around in my imagination for years and was a good fit for this. I remember having the most trouble with 8-ball. Alex just didn’t seem to gel on any ideas I came up with, but it came together through several back-and-forth design sessions. Alex will famously declare he doesn’t draw well, but he’s a huge liar and I think collaborating with him is pretty fun.

I’ll try to post some more soon.

Big Decisions.

Pairings: Damon x reader

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: None.

Word count: 753

Hey Guys!

Once again sorry for the lack of uploads lately, I‘ve had a lot going on, and I didn’t have internet last week, but I’m back now.

Emily xx

Leaning back against the counter top, you sighed deeply. Normally you didn’t have a problem when it came to loving Damon. You’d love him unconditionally, until the day you’d die. But that was the problem. What would happen when you die? Would Damon live on forever without you? Would he move on a week later, and love someone else? Lately these had been the only questions that were running through your brain and they were slowly beginning to worry you more and more. 

During your moment of silent thinking, you had failed to notice Damon entering the kitchen and progressing towards you, a glass of bourbon in his hand. 

“Y/N? Hey, you okay?” blinking furiously, you batted Damon’s hand away from your face as it waved in front of your eyes. 

“Err… yeah. Sorry. Blanked out.” you muttered, brushing past Damon and walking through the doorway into the parlour.  

“You’ve been blanking out a lot lately. Is everything okay?” Damon asked sipping from his glass, concern edging in his voice. 

Damon Salvatore was known for not caring. For being a ‘badass’ all the time. And he was known by the Mystic Falls gang as being a killer. But with you Damon was different. He cared. And he openly worried about you from time to time. Stefan was the only person who really saw the change in Damon after he met you. He was the only one who really saw how much his brother cared for you. But you didn’t care what the other people thought, in the end he was yours and only yours. 

“Err… yeah… I mean I’ve had a few things on my mind.” Damon nodded, but kept his eyes trained on you as you moved to sit on the couch. 

“Really? Anything you want to share with the class?” for a moment your contemplated the idea of not telling him, and seeing what he would do as you got closer to death. But deciding against it, you stood, moving to stand by Damon and pouring yourself a glass of his bourbon.

“Damon. I’ve been thinking. What are you- what will happen when-” he looked at you in the eyes. “When I die? I mean I’m getting older. And to be quite honest, I don’t want to get any older. I mean I’m twenty-two. But if you don’t want to do anything then I don’t mind. I’d just rather not die, you know? And I’d rather not be older than you, because that just wouldn’t be right.” Damon’s eyes squinted as his eyebrows furrowed. 

“You want me to turn you? I thought you’d be against the idea. I mean, you were really upset when Elena was changed.” he inquired, but you shook your head. 

“I’m not saying I want you to change me right now, but I’d like to think you would if I asked. I’d like to think that you’d want to spend the rest of your life with me. But if you don’t then that’s okay.”

Damon turned so his body was facing you onwards, his hand reaching up to rest on your cheek. His ring on show. 

“Y/N, I would love to spend eternity with you by my side. I was going to ask if you’d considered it. But Saint Stefan told me that you wouldn’t like the idea and I thought it might upset you.” a small smile graced your lips, as your eyes prickled with joyous tears. “What’s wrong?” the concern returned for a moment as he searched your face for an answer. 

“Nothing. I’m great. I’ve been panicking for nearly a month over this, and now I know the answer.”

“I won’t change you until you’re ready. All you have to do is let me know, and I’ll change you. I love you.” he gently pecked your lips, and pulled you to his chest, hugging you tightly, as you sat in the parlour a lot happier than an hour before.