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Nessa joined Shaniya, Jaime and myself for Coachella this weekend, so she could have some fun and let loose. Hopefully grandpa Darius can keep up with her. But if I hear another comment from her about her ridiculous love for Steph Curry and the Warriors, I might have an aneurysm.

NY puts the decoration out for Earth Day!

My #EARTHDAY is without a green and blue sphere, because of what I see of the earth is mostly fairly limited. Right now, I’m living in NY and this is what I see every day. Plastic bags in their natural habitat, where they’re decorating trees, have a swim in the river or frolicing around in the parks and on streets.I’m as sad as this bag about this.

"Our concert is like a film, taking you on a journey.”

Yoshiki has held many roles, from musician to radio DJ to collaborator with Hello Kitty. But he remains most famous as the drummer, pianist, and leader of X Japan, a legendary heavy metal band that helped found the popular visual kei genre. On October 11, X Japan will perform at Madison Square Garden.

On October 11, X Japan will perform at Madison Square Garden, four years after the band first performed in NYC. What kind of show should audiences expect?
The Roseland Ballroom show in 2010 was very organic. We had laser lighting but otherwise pretty much a plain stage. But this time we are bringing the full production from Japan: drum riser, drums moving, and pyrotechnics.

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[Fancam] 140413 B.A.P - "With You" @ Live on Earth NY (Youngjae focused)
[Fancam] 140413 B.A.P - "Spy" @ Live on Earth NY

another clear fancam

Body & Soul - LOE NY

[Fancam] 140413 B.A.P - "Body & Soul" @ Live on Earth NY