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“We’d done this little low budget film. They’d even flown us economy to our location in London to save money, and we lived off a per diem that came nowhere near the vincinity of luxurious. We’d done a cool little off-the-radar movie directed by a bearded guy from Modesto. A thing like that wasn’t going to make people want to play with a doll of you, was it? It was one movie.” – Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist

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Im so sorry for bugging you I know your super busy but you give the best advice so..I'm a senior in high school and my mother doesn't has a lot of money and there are just a lot of family problems happening right now so iv decided to not Pursue my dream of majoring in animation since I was in elementary school and I'm Going to go to trade school instead, It feels like a piece of me has been ripped out yanno? And I was wondering how do I not think about what "could have been" and move on?

First of all, I wanna say that that’s a very responsible choice for you to make! Living off any kind of creative work can be very difficult to achieve and I think it’s very mature of you to put your own dreams aside for the time being in order to pursue something more stable.

However, I would strongly advice against giving up on your dream completely. I don’t think you should move on - rather, I think you should consider this “pausing” your dream rather than giving up on it.

While going to school to learn animation may be a good way to learn and make connections, it isn’t at all the only way to become an animator. Tons of professionals in the industry are self-taught. And hell, even if you still regret never going to school for it in ten years, you might be able to use the money you’ve earned doing a different job to go back to school and major in animation as well.

Life is rarely a linear path from A to B. Sometimes you gotta take a detour, either out of your own choice or because life takes you other places than where you originally intended to go.

Two years ago, I was rejected by a school teaching sequential art/comics. I got to the audition part, but never made it in. Even though I’m confident I could probably get in today, I’m not going to retry - because during those two years, I’ve found new friends that I want to live close to and a new home that I can’t bring myself to abandon. Through a detour that was forced on me, I found something that means even more to me than the education I’d been dreaming of getting into for as long as I can remember.

And yet I’m still drawing! I’m still doing comics, I’m still having fun with the craft I love. And yes, I still dream of living off my art in the future. I’m completely certain that if I keep on practicing and getting better, I’ll be able to become a professional artist yet, school or no school.

My two cents would be - don’t give up on your dream. Definitely do the responsible thing and get a more stable career first - but don’t stop drawing. If you can find the time, keep teaching yourself more about animation and keep using the resources available to you online.

Maybe someday, you’ll have the money to go to animation school. Maybe someday, you won’t need it at all and you’ve become a brilliant animator all on your own! Or maybe you’ll find something that means more to you than art and it will stay a hobby while you pursue your new dream.

It’s all about making your own way in the world. You gotta do what you gotta do, but you never have to give up on your dreams. The future is unpredictable for both good and for bad. Things might turn out in your favor after all, and there’s no point in spending the time until that day feeling hopeless and defeated, y’know?

I hope things turn out okay for you. The sacrifice you’re making is a hard one, but it doesn’t have to be final. Either way, I hope you’ll be happy. <3

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Do you know any marriage law fics where the couples get like rooms assigned together? At Hogwarts by the way. I've looked trough the tags but idk which fic to read.

Hello! For all those that haven’t looked yet we have a Marriage Law tag! Just head here to check out our selection. Don’t forget we’re always posting stories from our queue!

tags>I-M>Marriage Law

Here are some recommendations where the Marriage Law has been enacted and the couples have to stay at Hogwarts in their own wing or set of rooms.

Or in the case of this first story a separate building on the Hogwarts grounds that all the couples live at.

Can We Make It by JenJenSon- M, 24 chapters, complete

The trio is going back to Hogwarts to complete their 7th year after the final battle. Unfortunately the Ministry have decided to employ a Marriage Law and their lives are thrown off course again… 1st fic so give it a chance. Lemons/EWE/VERY OOC,NO DRAMA

Alright these take place at Hogwarts with the couples living together in a combined dormitory.

The Marriage Law by fanofdenial- T+, 23 chapters, complete

The ministry enacts a marriage law to repopulate after the war. Hermione Granger gets paired with Draco Malfoy. Will this ever be a love, not hate-filled relationship? Dramione!

House Unity by PhoenixSpirit10500- T, 35 chapters, complete

What on earth does the Ministry of Magic think it’s doing… coupling everyone in the 6th and 7th years to, what? ‘Unite the houses’ I’ve never heard of anything more ridiculous. Draco/Hermione. Marriage Law Fic with a twist. Complete.

Unity by PalmettoBlue- M, 22 chapters, complete

Follows our favorites in the 8th year & Marriage law. “Don’t you get it, Granger? We will belong to each other.” EWE. Disclaimer: I don’t own anything related to the HP universe. (AU/OOC/EWE)

This one is a little different. Draco petitions for Hermione to be his bride rather than Hermione be matched. They don’t live together at Hogwarts yet. This story is a little look into the first few days after their binding ceremony. Hermione is coming to terms with well everything. I thought I’d include it because it’s a nice little story.

Some Kind of Wonderful by Dazzlious- Explicit, 6 chapters, complete

Already being in a Pure-blood relationship doesn’t stop Hermione from falling foul of the new marriage law introduced to combat the twin problems of Pure-blood inbreeding and the greater integration of Muggle-borns.

- Wynken

not to be funny (and please read the whole and don’t reblog) but yes I do hope to make money off of Oni

No thats not my main goal. The goal is exactly what I was expressed: to nurture coc (creativity of color). However, I want to do this full time and I’m poor and I can’t live off of appreciation

ALSO more importantly I want to pay people. like it hurts my heart to ask for pitches and not be able to pay that bothers me so much

But yes I am hoping to make money off of Oni

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hey so you mentioned something about a backstory for troy that you thought of, and i was wondering if you were willing to share?

i could talk about troy burrows every day for the rest of my goddamn life, my dear

but actually i wasn’t referring to a headcanon! andrew gray actually told us bits of troy’s backstory in an interview (which i would link but i’m on mobile but it’s on youtube somewhere) and they filmed scenes about it but those ended up on the cutting room floor

basically troy has a military dad who got stationed somewhere else and so he dropped troy off to live with his uncle in episode 1 and they filmed a scene where troy and his dad were arguing because he didn’t wanna move to a new city and live with his uncle but his dad had to go and left him there and that’s why troy was late to class that first day

i guess they refilmed it with the bus scene because you know how tzachor feels about filming original content lol

still it was pretty cool even if it didn’t make it to canon that troy is a military brat which explains a LOT about why he’s so stoic and was chosen to be the leader and already knew martial arts from the beginning and really adds a lot of depth to his character that wouldn’t have been there if i hadn’t known from the interview what kind of character he was supposed to be

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There's nothing wrong with supporting conservative politics, just because YOU don't agree with it doesn't make it wrong. You're the fucking worst. Like I want to vomit on you.



Actually, there’s everything wrong with supporting politicians who willfully ruin lives for profit. Fuck off.

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friendship terminated

okay listen here dudes

i live in scotland and my dad’s from a village of about eight houses in the shetland islands, which still considers pizza to be like ‘weird exotic foreign food’

and they lived off fish and my parents loooooove fish and bros i do not like fish in any way and its a source of tension in our household lemme tell u 

now i’ve never tried vegetable sushi before, so therefore can’t pass judgement, but fish in all forms is a no-go

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unpopular opinion: capitalism is a failing system

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

depends what u mean by “failing” i guess like u could argue that its doing pretty well at some things, like accumulating capital and producing endless amounts of junk, because its not really “supposed” to do anything bc its a mode of production, but equally its in a perpetual state of decay and is incapable of stopping its ultimate collapse, whether by killing the ecosystem it lives off or its overthrown for communism