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On this day music history: February 21, 1981 - Prince makes his first appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live performing “Party Up”. Hosted that week by actress Charlene Tilton (“Dallas”), Prince is booked on the show on the recommendation of Eddie Murphy who becomes the breakout star of the show’s new cast. The episode becomes infamous because the expletive “f***” is said twice in the program during the live broadcast. Once by Prince during his performance, and by comedian Charles Rocket in a sketch. Rocket is fired for his infraction, while Prince’s goes largely unnoticed on the original broadcast and subsequent re-broadcasts of the program in syndication.

Why are people such cynics? I’m talking about the Live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, ofcourse. Why is it important to tear down everything with even the slightest beauty? And then barr others from enjoying that thing? It looks like a beautiful movie, with a lot of talent and hardwork put into it. I do not understand the hate. Its not wrong to have an opinion, but constant trivial nitpickings take the joy out of the essence of the very thing. The world cannot be molded around your nostagia. It has to grow and change, for better or for worse. Lets just…sit back and enjoy it, can we?


TAD (live) - Bloom, Mezzago, Italy (encore w/ Kurt Cobain)

November 26th, 1989

Holy Hell!!! I haven’t seen this one in so good quality either. This is awesome!


Ed Sheeran - Touch (Little Mix Cover)

Ed Sheeran covers Little Mix’s Touch in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


Warning: Violence, potential spoilers, potential seizure trigger

Title: Yona Of The Dawn [AMV] - I Lived

Editor: Wild Spirit Star

Song: I Lived

Artist: One Republic

Anime: Akatsuki no Yona

Category: Drama