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The Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

Coming in hot with their San Fransiscain attitude - the combintaion of loving what do but at the same time not giving a single fuck - Ty Segall and his band were the fuel that set a raging crowd of sweater moshers alight. Having already sold out two shows in Melbourne on the bands nation wide Manipulator tour, the heat was turnt all the way up to maxium for their third and final performance.
The crowd who knew the lyrics to every single track, headbanged like it wasn’t an issue if their necks snapped in half. For once everyone just let the music completely take over, creating an atmosphere that unbeliveably intense.
Ty, being the mad man that he is, was perfectly in-tune with the crowd. He knew exacltly what everyone wanted and gave them more than they asked for. Although he only half played his classics he redeemed himself by setting his guitar string’s on fire and preaching the lyrics to paranoid by Black Sabbath - diving head first into the crowd, loosing his microphone and leaving the stage because none of his shit worked anymore, the real measure of a good performance. So that was it - Ty Segall, the man and the legend at the Corner Hotel on Monday December 15th 2014. 

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