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It was to teach all of you a lesson because I see everything. And I saw two people with two broken hearts. Love was the lesson. Love is about letting yourself be saved.. it’s not just about saving other people - even if you are superheroes

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Socially Awkward Black Girl

If you know anything about being socially awkward is that it sets you apart from others. Especially when people think you are rude/anti-social.

Now I love going to new places and meeting new faces but it has to be in the comfort of people I already know. The reason why I come off as uncomfortable or awkward is because I over think just about everything I do in a new/rare situation. I just got a new job at an ice cream shop and I have realized I only speak to coworkers when spoken to or when I need to ask a question. Most of the time I’m really quiet. My friends, of course, do not think I’m quiet but outside of my friends, it takes me some time to warm up to things. Usually, I gain friends by who gives me a comfortable feeling and seems like they want to become friends with me too.

My family moved around a lot during my elementary years so I didn’t really grow up with anyone until middle school. When I got to middle school it took me a week to really gain a friend (who is still a very good friend today) who would let me sit with them at lunch. My friends today boast about how they can make so many friends or how they are very known but they don’t know the people who know of them. For me it is neither. I try to choose very wisely who I let in my circle. I like small groups of friends. I am reserved to outside people and outside people are reserved to me.

Sometimes I feel very far away from people but my friends do not exactly understand why. I also feel sometimes that I am not a significant factor for my friends to introduce their friends to. This is another factor that makes me a bit nervous to meet new people because I have a vexing fear that people will think I am annoying.

As for my stereotype, people automatically assume I am loud and when they find out I am the exact opposite, people tend to veer away from me (in my perspective) thinking I am rude or uninterested. I do not say anything because I have nothing to say. When I try to make conversation, I sometimes feel rejected or that they simply are annoyed at me for trying to make conversation. Social awkwardness can definitely put me in weird and uncomfortable silences.

I am working on it everyday. So here’s a tip for awkward people:

1. Take a deep breath because they are not as agitated as you think.

2. Acknowledge the awkwardness- just so  that the pressure is taken off and there is something to giggle about

3. Whats trending: SHOWS. Best conversation starter in my opinion. Just about every living human being owns a netflix account or at least watches tv. If you watch the same shows, TALK ABOUT IT (let your inner fanatic come out). If you don’t, recommend shows and ask them to do the same thing.

4. School is also a great convo starter. TRUST!

5. DON’T RUN! It’s only as awkward as you make it. And they’ll forgive you, if it is.

Let me know if you guys can relate! I still need tips too so don’t be scared to add some.