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Worn Bodyline’s New Dress yesterday, so here’s a review~ <3

Minako’s Measurements

Bust: 34

Waist: 30 cm

Height: 176 ½ cm

For those who wanted to see what Bodyline’s new dress looked like worn.
I have to admit, although some minor flaws, this dress in my opinion is one of their best made dresses for Lolita.
The fabric is very pleasant, and could be worn during both hot and cool months depending on how one may coordinate it. The only complaint I have is that it runs very small and would probably fit someone with little to no chest (if you know what I mean), due to no darts sewn to accommodate individuals with a larger bust size. This dress also has shirring, but its not very forgiving.
Due to its sizing, I’d recommend going up a couple of sizes for a comfortable fit and enjoyable wearing experience.

As for customer service, like everyone else has stated, I do agree that Bodyline has horrible customer service. When contacting Mr. Yan regarding my package that was stuck in ISC New York (customs), he has failed to address me at all, and has only sent me a link to a “Shopping Guide,” page in which didn’t exist (or not visable) when I purchased my item (on July 4th). 

three out of five star rating for pathetic customer service/ dress is great quality