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hi there im tino and this makes me very sad but i can no longer take care of my cat Jack. i love him very much but my mental health isnt good and i am in no place to be taking care of another living thing.

if you live in or near Miami FL and want a cat, i am giving him away to a kind and responsible owner for free, along with his cage and litter box.

-i dont have his medical records but i havent had any trouble with his health

-hes a very sweet tempered and loving boy

-i dont have a car so you will have to pick him up from my building

if you are interested in him you can call me at (954) 865 3153 for details

can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that JHO was played at the Oscars, Steve played it at Ultra Music Festival in different cities (Miami with live performance from Louis + Singapore - if i’m not mistaken) and Tomorrowland (+180k people). NOW Digital Farm Animals played BTY at Tomorrowland too and holY S*#T !

Anyway, keep streaming and buying BACK TO YOU

A 2 Live Crew biopic is coming!

“Lionsgate is reportedly working on a biopic based on Miami hip hop group, 2 Live Crew, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The production company is reportedly teaming up with Temple Hill to adapt writer Craig Williams’ memoir, Book of Luke: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and Liberty City.”
Sergio Ramos Top 10

This is a compilation of the TEN (10) most iconic fuck ups by our captain, enjoy!

10. Ghost goal

“Spain 4 -1 Ireland | Yes, sir!”

This game ended 4-0, please pay more attention to what you’re watching next time Sergio.

9. Ferrer and Federer, it’s the same right?

“’Grande’ Nadal for his 8th Roland Garros and courage to David Federer and his great tournament”

I… think you ment David Ferrer, Sergio.

8. The Euroleague final has an away match

“Calm down, we will surely make a comeback against the greeks and the Euroleague will be ours. #Aporlanovena”

It’s a one-match final Sergio, and we lost…

7. He congratulates the waterpolo women’s team…. a month too late

“Time to rest after watching the women’s national waterpolo team win. Congrats girls..!”

The final was on the 3rd of August….Sergio.

6. Basket and Baloncesto are different sports

“Some of my friends liked Baloncesto, others preferred Basket”

Just because they’re different languages doesn’t mean they aren’t the same sport, Serge.

5. Miami Heat vs San Francisco Spurs 

“What a game..!! The final Miami Heat against San Francisco. It’s clear which team I’m supporting..!! I leave you a pic”

Sergio, I can’t believe you just watched an entire game live and didn’t realize Miami Heat was playing against… San Antonio Spurs.

4. Out of this world

Next time please try to shoot a bit lower, Sergio.

3. Morry Crisma… an hapi niu yeah

Our captain’s unsuccesful attempt of speaking English. Next time don’t speak in English just because the club tells you to, Sergio.

2. We tied but we still lost the three points…. during UCL knock-outs

“We leave disappointed, after a positive result on the first-leg losing the three points today was bittersweet to us”

Real Madrid tied against Olympique de Lyon that day, so we did not lose three points, or two, because we were on KNOCKOUTS which, if I’m right, aren’t point-based… Sergio.

And the most iconic one goes to:

1. Watch those hands

Next time please be more careful, or better… stay away from the trophy, SERGIO.