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Tai got a cat! His name was Craig, and that had me rofl bc who tf names a cat Craig??? I changed it to Romee, bc I’m lame af and thought it was kinda cute. I also finished her house, and I had so much inspo for this damn place!! And thank you to all the awesome cc creators for all this nice ass stuff.

YS Uniform Retexture Pack #2 (converted to V2)

I finished converting my second uniform retextures.  ^^  From left to right: Yuno’s uniform from Future Diary, the Sukeban uniform from YS, the Love Live Sunshine uniform, Rena’s uniform from Higurashi, and the Titan uniform from YS.


You need the mesh, otherwise they won’t work: (here)

Credit: cas-fulleditmode for converting the uniform, YandereDev, Unity/Aoi Character Pack

I’m actually pretty touched. I thought for sure we’d get a weird fandom name that didn’t really make sense, but NCTzen is so cute! Took me a bit to figure out, but thank you SM and NCT! It really proves that we are a literal community, NCity [the word play is really amazing, bless], and that we are all citizens living in harmony [music pun]. I hope we can be a tight community and get to know our neighbors well and do good by NCT, really so blessed for them and this fandom, thank you all!!!

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San Myshuno at night.

I’m thinking of posting game play shots of Garret & Dustin and their quest for love in the big city, but possibly in comic style. Writing a lot of text right now hurts my brain. lol Work is so flat out at the moment that I’m totally exhausted once I get home and I’m really struggling to find the creativity from within.