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hello friends, emma here. as some of you may know, i reached 1,000 and, as promised, i am doing my first ever follow forever. thank you to everyone who sat through my terrible jokes and poorly made edits, i really appreciate every last one of you. i have made amazing friends and i have met amazing people, so yeah. thank you. also, sorry if i forgot anyone!!

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We play the game to feel the rush of adrenaline through our skin.

We endure the pain of the game so we can feel alive when we score the winning goal.

We face our fears of failure every time we step up against our rivals.

We celebrate our victory when we fight through it all.

We play for that one moment where it makes the rest of the season all worth it.

We play to feel, we play to hurt, we play to fear, we play to win, we play to live. 


                                      Kriegerssmile’s Follow Forever
         (Because I hit my next thousand and it seemed like the thing to do.)

Anyway here it goes!
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Thank you guys for making my blog worth the time! Some of you I’ve been following for so long I can’t imagine my blog without you all! Sincerely hope I didn’t forget anyone. 

Much love, xoxo Beck

hello!! this blog is literally trash but for some reason 1000+ of you decided to follow it so thank you!!! ive had this blog for almost 2 years (???) now and i hate this website sometimes, but im making this to give a s/o to the people that make it amazing and bearable!! 

mutuals that you all should definitely go follow!!!! (faves bolded): 

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so thank you all again for tolerating me and all of my bullshit, i hope youre all doing great!!!