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Muse stages vs Happy party train stage
Basically where the fuck are Aqours at the moment

I’d say most if not all PCOS support discourse I have heard has been advice on how PCOS people can reach traditional femininity. All I’ve found is how to loose weight, hide excess hair, and get rid of acne. I wish I could find some PCOS discourse that embraces queer and feminist theories by examining what traditional femininity is and how PCOS can resist it. I understand ladies with PCOS may feel less feminine bc god knows I do sometimes but I think it would be more powerful if we talked about how we can embrace ourselves as we are instead of constantly trying to attain traditional beauty. We should be promoting healthy living and loving ourselves not jumping through ridiculous hoops to attain a misogynistic and racist set of beauty ideals. 

Aozora Jumping Heart
Aozora Jumping Heart

Aozora Jumping Heart | Aqours

I want to start my story
(Right now,) the blue sky is waiting for us,
It’s a jumping heart that embraces our dreams,
a youth that advances straight to tomorrow,
It’s our time to start our
(sunshine story), that’s important to me,
so let’s go and catch our dreams!
Let’s look forward happily and see what happens!


[HD] 161207 Hey! Say! Jump - Give Me Love | Itadaki High Jump 

Their voices! its live! Yamada’s high note!! and his emotions when he is singing. My heart can’t take this, this is so amazing. Hey! Say! Jump is such an amazing group. I uploaded this for everyone it’s in HD! I can’t wait to see more performances! of this wonderful song!