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bromanceshmomance replied to your post “How do we know that they shared a milkshake?? Are there any receipts?”

i believe that the woman who served them at the window told her daughter (who was a fan) that louis had ordered the milkshake or at least took it from her and drank out of it and then passed it over to harry.


Honestly what is better than Ed Sheeran covering Little Mix?


If you haven’t heard this, you need to.

If you have heart this, it’s time for another listen.

🎉 radio show february 1, 2016 🎉

read on google drive with links

songs (playlist ver.)

one direction - history

zayn - pillow talk

LION BABE - where do we go

kanye west - real friends

kanye west - no more parties in la ft. kendrick lamar

jack garratt - 7 days/senorita (live lounge)

mura masa - love for that

survivor - eye of the tiger

sum 41 - in too deep

troye sivan - youth

-2 terrible things: they are in charge of the music and conversation

-dan almost cried at the history music video

-dan has had a full body tattoo of one direction


-dan Crowned phil then the crown fell off less than a second later

-dan thinks the vocals are overproduced on pillow talk

-but otherwise Good Song

-dan’s ill

-he has a cold

-dan knocked over his microphone


-he ate a giant pizza

-he mum sent him cookies and they had paper on the bottom and phil ate the paper without noticing

-hashtag is #BirthdayFails


kanye’s twitter meltdown

maggot eating spider

top careers for psychopaths


-phil get off dan’s brand with the black

-wow the tension between those guys

-kanye time

-phil likes the album title swish but dan likes so help me god #Conflict

-according to dan ginger children are pieces of bread (with legs)

-dan’s doing a double kanye with the music because he CAN

-jack garratt was a really cool guy so phil’s repaying that through playing him

-dan was trying to do a buildup for his documentary tomorrow then phil yelled “DAN’S GONNA BE ON TV!”

-phil had a sneaky peak at the documentary

-it got him pumped like a sports anime

-there is some Strong Narration


-it’s worth a second watch according to phil



-phil’s birthday rap was Fire *glass breaking noise*

-phil WINS

-no all star this week

-phil is playing eye of the tiger to pump people up

-go do things in montages

-big weekend #spon

-next song on phil’s mixtape

-in too deep by sum 41

-it reminds phil of wearing oversized jeans

-thanks for your birthday phils (nice pronunciation dan)

-last song from their YouTube Bae (troye)