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i cannot BELIEVE i slept through the entirety of bijoshgate

I’m so mad at myself

On a more serious note - no judgement to the folks who shared the video, but outing someone without their consent isn’t cool (which, in a way, is essentially what this was). Whether you believe him on the “it was a dare” explanation or not, whether you even interpreted the video as *proof* or not, sharing stuff like this with “PROOF THAT HE’S TOTALLY BI!!” is kind of worrying.

like if he IS bi and he’s not out yet, there’s probably a reason for it. Imagine stuff like this getting spread to his family? Bi or not, he probably doesn’t want to have to explain to his parents why kids are sharing vaguely-suggestive videos with “OMG PROOF THAT JOSH DUN IS DEFINITELY BI!”
Who knows who in his life might react badly? Hell, it’s still hard to come out to close friends+family even if they’ve shown they’re lgbt+ supportive. If he were actually bi, and were planning to come out, that’s something he deserves to do himself, don’t you think? Rather than have people find out online out of his control or something.
Speculating and trying to dig up proof on someone’s sexuality is invasive af and disrespectful of said person’s privacy. It’s nice to dream and headcanon, but let’s please keep it at that? 

Again, no judgement to people who shared it - I get it, it’s exciting and cute and who doesn’t want a bisexual Josh? 
But please be respectful of him asking to have the vids taken down, and please be mindful of why he’d not want that stuff spread everywhere. If he doesn’t want it shared, don’t share it. 

If you shared it without realising he didn’t want it shared, don’t feel bad!! You didn’t know. Just take the video down, that’s all! 

Sin responsibly, friends! <3