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Talks Machina: Episode 3

What I expected: some silliness, hopefully some answers to some of the more plot heavy questions.

What I got: Percy confirmed for bipolar, Perc’ahlia confirmed for “ages and ages” of mutual slow burn between two people who were never gonna admit it unless tragedy struck, the cast being way too blase about character death, Liam O’Brien needs a hug someone give him a hug oh my god please, Taliesin’s teen years were very self-destructive, Marisha makes choices as Keyleth that make sense for the character but she personally doesn’t think are always the right strategy, “whoever dies first gets the tattoo,” Laura stole a keychain on live internet television, Matt routinely passes out at late parties, if Percy dies Taliesin is getting rid of the golden snitch dice, Liam is Farmer’s Market Fresh, Vex and Trinket confirmed for gossip buddies, even with a person between them Taliesin and Marisha feel the magnetic urge to cuddle, Laura’s outfit was coordinated to her nailpolish and I love her.