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Talks Machina Highlights - Episode 102
  • Pre-show picture: Travis photoshopped into an Eagles uniform
  • Matt’s birthday is on Thursday! Brian gives him a thoroughly mangled cake.
  • No TM next Tuesday, because it’s the 4th of July.
  • Matt: “Look, I have half the internet wanting to fight me after that episode.”
  • Matt had three or four more battlemaps prepped that will never see the light of day, including two that were in the tower that they knocked down; there were a lot more challenges that the party completely overcame by bringing the top of the tower down to them.
  • “Your imaginary boyfriend was killed by your real-life fiancé.”
  • Keyleth knows it’ll take some time to prep for Vecna, so right now she is entirely focused on Vax.
  • Matt: “The book we’re releasing after the campaign guide is The Man-Ass of Tal’Dorei.” Travis: “There’s a fold-out calendar.”
  • Travis thought the Earthquake spells were just gonna weaken the structure of the tower, and then they’d still have to climb it… “What caused the TPK? Our own hubris.”
  • Travis’s GTFO-alarm went off at the very first turn of the first round when five members of the party were paralyzed. Marisha knew that Keyleth’s wisdom was high enough to shake it off, but she quickly realized that everyone else would need to roll a natural 20.
  • VM would’ve had a chance to stop Vecna’s ritual. Once Delilah saw them and knew the threat, she escalated the timeline. On the other hand, if they’d taken too much time, they would’ve come back through the orb to the Shadowfell and just found a giant crater with no clues as to where to go. Matt emphasizes that things will happen regardless of where they are in this arc, whereas the Conclave arc had the baddies settling more on their laurels and VM had a little more leeway to plot and scheme.
  • Matt points out that almost no DMs ever get to run an epic-level game, especially since 5e is still relatively new. Travis: “We’re gonna peter out and start gradually leaving the game.” Matt: “I will run you over, Travis.”
  • Marisha talks about how Keyleth has started going into very competent crisis-mode in the moment, but she’s very freaked out at the prospect that Foresight may have given Vax a vision of his own death (which is essentially what that failed first Disintegrate amounted to), and after putting him through that, she doesn’t think Keyleth will use it again.
  • Travis: “There’s a whole line of vacuum-cleaners called Vax.” Brian: “That’s fucked up.”
  • Vecna’s a keeper of secrets and knowledge; he knows everything about VM. He immediately targeted those who had range and mobility.
  • Keyleth had mixed feelings in the past about True Resurrection, just because of the moral implications of wielding that sort of power, but now things have changed. (Matt mentions that Pike may have leveled and might have access to it as well.)
  • Brian points out that you can have those standards and principles, but everything goes out the window when it hits close to home.
  • Keyleth is also concerned about how the Raven Queen’s influence is going to come into play; Vax could be standing right in front of her, and she’d still feel like it was borrowed time.
  • True Resurrection bypasses Matt’s resurrection ritual completely. It does require 25,000 gold in diamonds, however…
  • Grog is feeling better about Scanlan being back after seeing him in action again.
  • If everyone had died and Pike was the last one standing, she was gonna ask the knight to send her to Grog so they could at least go out in a blaze of glory together.

MS-DOS Machina in the Dark:

  • Marisha wins the roll for hosting!
  • After a rough episode, Marisha paces around the living room for half an hour. Travis and Ashley are advocates for avoiding the internet and going straight to bed.
  • Ashley thinks Matt does the best Pike impression.
  • Marisha’s “Sleeves are Bullshit” shirt was a gift from Laura.
  • Matt: “Whenever I see a mansplaining comment on the internet, it just goes through a Papyrus filter in my mind. ‘Well, actually…’”
The Signs as Reminders/Important Things
  • Aries: Don’t take yourself seriously, you are a piece of dust floating in the vast empty expanse of space.
  • Taurus: Don’t take other people too seriously; no matter who they are; be they a celebrity, the most accomplished person you know, a sibling you’ve had a long-standing rivalry with - It doesn’t matter; they too are a piece of space dust.
  • Gemini: You know what? It’s nice to be nice. You never really regret being nice to someone. Plus we evolved from another species of space dust called monkeys, who really like to copy each other, and guess what? So do we. When we see a person being nice to another person (or animal, or plant, or any form of perceivable space dust really), we will likely do the same.
  • Cancer: Be patient. Not all pieces of space dust have had positive examples set for them by other pieces of space dust. We all express and communicate emotions differently and all need to be dealt with in different ways. We don’t always know how deal with everyone else, but one thing that tends to work best is to be patient.
  • Leo: We are terrible at communicating. We have created technology and languages to try to help us with the communication of ideas and emotions, but neither technology nor language is very good at helping us. Again, it comes down to patience. We have no logically perfect language, no way of properly expressing ourselves, which can be maddening to many. When it comes right down to it, we are all trying our best given the circumstances.
  • Virgo: One great thing about human art is that it takes so many forms: painting, poetry, sculpture, writing, dance, the arrangement of flowers in a bouquet, photography, cooking, music, and the list goes on. If your usual form of communication isn’t working for you, whether it be language or technology that is failing you (whether it be language or electronic communication), try reaching people through art. Write someone a haiku, draw something on a napkin, make someone a meal, play a song, pick people some wildflowers.
  • Libra: Attention is something we all crave internally; again we are descendants of monkeys, making us pretty social bits of space dust. Remembering that everyone wants attention is crucial when trying to understand some people’s behavior. There are different types of attention, broken down simply into: bad attention and good attention. Certain people have not had positive role models in their lives, or people who would only pay attention to them when they did something outlandish, leading people to form a positive connotation between the outlandish behaviors and being on the receiving end of attention. Try to be patient with everyone.
  • Sagittarius: Don’t forget that the world is, if you think about it, a pretty horrible place. Humanity is extremely flawed in its overall design. People do horrible things to each other, to animals, to plants and to the planet they live on. Thinking about this for long periods of time can cause people to become overwhelmed and depressed. Instead, why not try being glad? If you think that world is an inherently horrible place then everything nice that goes on is merely a bonus, a diamond in the rough if you will. This will make you enjoy the small nice things in your existence a great deal more. You were lucky enough to see a small child smile at you in the department store today, you saw a deer wandering your local cemetery, you got your tax returns today and got to buy the box of tea you’ve wanted for a month. The moth sitting in your closet, though it may be eating your clothes, is still very beautiful is you look at it closely – intricate patterns detailed on its delicate wings.
  • Scorpio: Try making the conscious effort to be happy. This is not easy for everyone, some people are predisposed to being sad based on a neurochemical imbalance, which is completely unfair, but by making very deliberate actions in your life to make yourself happy, you will notice a big difference. Try reading children’s picture books, listening to music you love, eating small tasty treats, spending alone time in nature, imagining best-case scenarios, picking flowers, doing something nice for someone else, creating something, spending time to re-read a book you love.
  • Capricorn: Beauty is another thing humans love and avidly search out in their lives. Unfortunately certain people believe this is a very shallow pursuit – which it is most definitely not! Look for beauty in the things you would normally consider mundane! Study a single flower, gaze at a spider’s dew covered web, relish the sight of a sunset, stare into someone’s eyes, look up into the night sky! Breathe in the familiar scent of your mother’s laundry detergent, the smell of a freshly cut lawn in summer, of thanksgiving pumpkin pie, of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day, of an old book slowly decomposing! Beauty is all around you, look closely!
  • Aquarius: Something we should do more often is contemplate our existence and remember how tiny and insignificant everything and everyone is in compared to the vastness of our universe. Start sticking your tongue out at things that are important or respected. Have a carpe diem moment. Listen to music loudly, dress in bizarre clothes – a generation or two from now no one will remember! As long as you don’t disturb other people’s way of life, try to improve your own! Listen to other people’s opinions even if you don’t agree, try listening to music you don’t like to figure out why, spend time with people you wouldn’t normally spend time with, teach yourself something new! Learn about outer space or philosophy or literature or art!
  • Pisces: Be mature (the definition of maturity is doing whatever you want, whenever you want, even if your parents think it’s a good idea) but also be childish! Scribble on pieces of paper, imagine things, cry, scream, have big big emotions!
  • Basically; do what makes you happy, but doesn’t make those around you unhappy. Search out beauty. Be patient with people. Create art. Listen to what people have to say. Try communicating ideas. Spend time doing things that make you happy. Imagine things. Contemplate your existence. Learn things! Give yourself attention and give it to others (in a positive way). Don’t forget we are all pieces of dust in a massive universe that isn’t slowing down for us.

The FAHC aren’t good people. They’re criminals, they’re the bad guys, they’re the monsters that parents tell their children to be wary of, and for a good reason, too.

They aren’t good people, but they will fight tooth and nail to be that way.

The “good people”, those are the ones they hate. The perfect politician with a plastic face and even more fake promises. Promises of making things better when they don’t even know how bad it is. The big name CEOs who dip their toes in donation money so they can fish some out for themselves, even though they have enough golden bars and diamond rings at home to fill a swimming pool. Government officials who make laws only for their personal gain, to put more $100 bills in their wallets so they can throw them at abused strippers later.

The Fake AH Crew hates them. Hates them with a passion because they were the ones who forced them into this life in the first place.

They’re the one’s who took away Geoff’s will to live as soon as he finished servicing, not giving him a cent to his name and making him live on the streets. Lucky for him, he was used to it from his rough childhood, so he knew how to climb the system and make a name of himself in the criminal ring so he wouldn’t be eaten alive.

They’re the ones who stripped Jack of her humanity, reducing her to her genitalia. The one’s who took away her rights and stopped her to the ground, leaving her to die on the side of the road where no one would care or even know her name. Lucky for her, Geoff helped her to her feet, or else she’d be rotting and another misgendered name in the obituaries.

They’re the ones who made Ryan believe he was insane. The ones who told him he was “crazy” and “dangerous” because his brain worked differently. He had no where to go without being miserable, forcing him to rob banks just so he could afford his medication, just so he could feel like a person. Forced him to rob the wrong house, where he found a strange man and woman who offered him shelter and food and Ryan felt like crying.

They’re the ones who fucked Michael over, keeping him in a corrupt system all because of a stupid mistake he made as a teen. He had to live the prison life for five years, and when he got out, he wasn’t a citizen anymore and he had no where to go except a man named Geoff who took him in when he saw a poor 25 year old on the side of the road, starving to death because all the soup kitchens ran out of funds years ago.

They’re the ones who made Gavin prostitute himself. Made him into an object for rich men and women to abuse just so he could eat that night. He hated how dirty he felt, but how else was he supposed to survive? Until a man offered family instead of sex, offered a safe haven so Gavin wouldn’t have to sell his body just to live.

They’re the ones who kept Jeremy from moving up. Kept him poor and barely surviving off minimum wage. They didn’t help the addiction that ran in his family and spit at him when he developed it, too. He didn’t remember the last time he ate because he spent his entire paycheck on meth and booze. If he didn’t, he would feel itchy and and paranoid, and eventually, he was evicted. Geoff found him on the side of the road, almost dead from an overdose.

So, of course they hate the “good guys”. The ones who fuck them over, all the while saying they’re for the people. That’s why, when a “good person” is found dead, a bullet hole in their head, a little fuck you note is stapled to their chest, sincerely from the FAHC.

The Signs as Reminders/Important Things

Aries: Don’t take yourself seriously, you are a piece of dust floating in the vast empty expanse of space.

: Don’t take other people too seriously; no matter who they are; be they a celebrity, the most accomplished person you know, a sibling you’ve had a long-standing rivalry with - It doesn’t matter; they too are a piece of space dust.

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A Diamond in the Rough

Summary: Merlin and Arthur are jewel thieves. Not every heist goes off without a hitch…

Get Sick Soon

Summary: Arthur has been pining for Merlin for so long that he jumps at the chance to go take care of him when he’s sick. But why is his flat so strangely decorated? And what’s that weird noise coming from the bedroom? And did Merlin’s cat really just speak to him?

How to Love a Living Thing

Summary: Guilt ridden and lonely after his confrontation with Nimueh, Merlin slowly begins to isolate himself from Arthur. When two knights take it upon themselves to teach him his place, Merlin finds himself with nowhere to turn. Will he be able to reach out to his prince before it’s too late?

Master Shot

Summary: Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys are actors who get cast in director’s Jonathan Drake new film, a war drama that is being marketed as Pearl Harbor meets Brokeback. The only problem is that while they play lovers on screen, with plenty of steamy scenes serving as proof of their fictional feelings, in reality they dislike each other.

Note to Idiot

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are members of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad who work different shifts and share the same office. Arthur, who works the day shift, can’t stand the rain. Merlin, who works the night shift, can’t concentrate without it. When they both get tired of changing the weather in the magical window in their underground office, is there a more British way to settle their differences than with a few passive-aggressive memos?


- then we could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for
- talk less, smile more
- im a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal
- when you’re living on your knees, you rise up
- every action’s an act of creation
- id rather be divisive than indecisive
- i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight
- no stress, my love for you is never in doubt
- love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes and we keep loving anyway
- we rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes
- im not falling behind or running late
- we’ll never be free until we end slavery
- the world turned upside down
- i’ve seen injustice in the world and i’ve corrected it
- just stay alive, that would be enough
- well, hate the sin, love the sinner

doc-scarecrow-deactivated201706  asked:

I feel like it must be asked: what do you think...of comic book characters being written into stories where they are suddenly nazi villains or villains in general?

I’m glad the White Queen is a villain again. I always thought it was a mistake to make the White Queen turn good, because here’s one dirty little secret: except for a couple standouts, the X-Men simply do not have that many good enemies. I mean, compare the X-Men’s enemies to those of the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four (who have maybe the most robust and under-appreciated collection of enemies in all superherodom).

Mostly, I always thought the White Queen was such a great, great villain: a jet set type, a “rootless cosmopolitan,” who oozed menace and cruelty. It makes absolute sense to me that a telepath would grow to hate the human race. If you see the contrast between what people say and what they actually do, you come to the conclusion, as Emma did, that the human race are “a lying morass of hypocritical worms.” In that respect, her vanity about her own wealth, sophistication, and physical appearance acquired a kind of mocking dark irony: she values these things because she can tell it’s the only thing that matters to most people. The surface, never the truth – and if you knew that’s how the world worked, wouldn’t you just hate everyone, too?

The White Queen turning evil again is long overdue, but I don’t agree with the way it was done, which is centered around her relationship with Cyclops. The truth is, you don’t need to do that, the White Queen has a callous, selfish streak even as a good guy, and a more organic way to turn her evil again was to create a circumstance where that streak became impossible to ignore, and where she received a choice where her natural cynicism wins out over her other traits.

I’ve always had a notion that Emma Frost was somehow related to Jack Winters, the Living Diamond (introduced in Uncanny X-Men #39, 1967), an evil mutant who hasn’t shown up since the sixties. Jack Winters was a rough and tumble working class telepath of great mental power who, after exposure to radiation, acquired a secondary mutation where his entire body turned to living diamond. Turning to diamond + mental power is such a weirdly specific combination that I doubt the similarity was a coincidence. Plus, the name, Jack Winters, Emma Frost? It’s too perfect, as does the fact that his working class background ties up with Emma’s, who, after all, didn’t start off as in the wealthy jet-set, a secret she keeps hidden.

It’d be interesting if it turns out that the Living Diamond was one of Emma’s older loser ex-con relatives, who always showed up at her place asking for money, and she contemptuously pays him something just to keep him out of her hair.

Now…the reason you’re asking is the Captain America thing from a few months ago, right?

I figured for sure that it was a false memory implant from the sentient Cosmic Cube from 2014. I guessed this because this is exactly what it had been way back in Steve Englehart’s CA&F #185, when the Skull revealed sleeper memories and post-hypnotic programming in Sam Wilson. This is a well known thing that the Red Skull, obsessed with hypnotism and brainwashing, does (remember the “Death of Captain America” where Agent 13, in shades of Sirhan Sirhan, turned out to have shot Steve in a hypnotic trance?). Well, I turned out to pretty much have been right. 

I was astonished this blew up as big as it did, because it struck me as a “fakeout used as a hook,” like stories that start with Thor “losing his powers permanently.” (He’ll get them back at the end of the arc.) I think comic writers are so used to fans thinking of something as a fakeout that they’re legit surprised when people take a fakeout seriously. 

Well, strictly speaking, HYDRA aren’t Nazi. In the form that it currently exists, HYDRA was founded by many former Nazis after 1945 (though some works have backdated the presence of HYDRA to earlier, we get a definite start point in X-MEN #161 to the modern version of the group that is definitely post-war). If that makes HYDRA Nazis, that would also make NASA Nazis. Blurring HYDRA with the Nazis, or calling them Nazi stand ins, is a mistake because HYDRA has a very unique culture and worldview unto itself.

For starters, HYDRA isn’t racialist or nationalist. In fact, they’re very anti-nationalist, anti-borders – all identities, even loyalty to family, are subsumed to HYDRA (all spies get suicide capsules, but HYDRA agents actually take them). HYDRA is based on rigid hierarchy, intolerance of failure, advancement through assassination, ambition as an institutional virtue, and compartmentalization and secrecy, where there are parallel lines of command where multiple projects are done simultaneously without anyone being told about the others. If it has a single overriding ethos, it’s that success alone determines whether something is right or wrong, moral or immoral. 

about the diamond edge tour
  • me, yesterday night: whatever this is fine i don't care it's just a concert i'll just watch fancams i hate concerts lol i need to save money for college anyway
horoscope as lines from "My Shot."

aries : “When I fight I make the other side panicky with my shot!”

taurus : “You keep out of trouble and you double your choices”

gemini : “Oh, am I talking too loud? Sometimes I get overexcited, shoot off at the mouth.”

cancer : “I will lay down my life if it sets us free.”

leo : “I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.”

virgo : “For the first, I’m thinking past tomorrow!”

libra : “I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.”

scorpio : “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”

sagittarius : “Ask anybody why we livin’ fast and we laugh, reach for a flask.”

capricorn : “Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me.”

aquarius : “when your living on your knees, you rise up!”

pisces : “Or the blood we shed begin an endless cycle of vengeance and death with no defendants!”

The Dickens

It’s often that people won’t live up to another’s expectations,
Because their agenda doesn’t align with your hopeful views.
Be careful what you wish for in the rare that you will have it,
If all were diamonds there would be no rough to go through.

But I’m sure that is remotely a consolation for your patience,
No one enjoys hearing life is destined to remain a challenge.
Bringing the best out of someone should be easier than this,
Though falling on one’s sword is never a gesture of valiance.

Your intentions for others perpetuates more than persuasion,
Lambs do not become lions by the crack of the desire’s whip.
When looking for someone to place in the box you have built,
Don’t conform anyone into an image… find a person who fits. 

This Valentine's day . . . On bended knee

Seeing as we’re facing the holiday of love, I thought I’d write this little mini imagine! I don’t have a ton of time this week but I had to write something. **** “Opie? Ellie? Kenny?” Y/N called as she stood through the front door. The house was unusually silent. Normally there was some sort of noise, but only the ticking of the kitchen clock could be heard. “Guys?” She asked again, entering the kitchen and dropping her handbag onto the table. A giant smile threatened to split her face, a tall glass vase sat in the middle of the table holding an enormous bouquet of red and white roses. A little card was propped up against the vase. “Meet me at 8, in our place.” The card said in Opie’s chicken scratch handwriting. A little giggle escaped her throat. Y/N looked at her watch, it read 6 30, she had an hour and a half to change and her herself ready. She had no idea what to wear. **** Y/N put her car into park and looked out at Crystal lake as it glittered in the pinkish orange light of the sunset. She straightened her black dress nervously as she climbed out of the car and shrugged on her little, black leather jacket to protect her from the chill February air. “Y/N! Y/N!” Ellie and Kenny called, running up the crest of the hill to meet her, happy smiles on their faces. “You look so pretty!” Ellie ran her fingers over the sequins that decorated the fabric. “Dad said you need to put this on.” Kenny waved a blindfold in the air. Y/N knelt, careful not to damage her dress, and allowed Kenny to tie the material around her eyes. “Come on Y/N, daddy is waiting for you!” Ellie said eagerly, grabbing her hand and leading her down the familiar winding bank to where a little camp fire pit sat along the edge of the lake. “We’re here!” Kenny called out and then both children backed away, leaving Y/N in the clearing. A few weighted seconds passed by, but until she felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist squeezing her against a broad, hard, muscled chest. She could smell Opie as he enveloped her, leather, cigarettes and aftershave. She clenched the sides of his kutte begging him to get as close as possible. “Hey big Bear.” She whispered, tilting her head up to where she thought his face would be. “Hello beautiful.” He murmured, pressing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss that warmed her from their point of contact right down to her toes. He pulled away and kissed the tip of her nose gently. “I’m going to be taking your blind fold off, but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I say so, OK Y/N?” “Okay” He pulled the blindfold away and she squeezed her eyes shut, listening to him shuffling around on the ground. “You can open your eyes, baby.” Y/N opened her eyes, and instantly took a sharp breath. Opie knelt on one knee before her. He looked dapper, his hair pulled back, a neat, white shirt under his kutte, his normally ripped jeans replaced by a pair of smart black trousers. In his hand he held a red rose, a sparkling white gold and diamond ring tired to the stem with a white ribbon. She opened her mouth to a speak, but he silenced her. “Y/N, baby, I’ve had a rough road, and the only thing that has brought light into my dark tunnel is you. You make each day easier and I don’t think I could live without waking up to your face every morning. So, …” He bumbled and fidgeted nervously “will you marry me?” Y/N grinned and knelt beside Opie, throwing her arms around him. Tears of happiness and excitement burning at the back of her eyes. “Of course I will.” “Even with all the danger that comes with being a proper old lady? And the kids, and my pop, we come as a package.” “Bear, I knew straight away I wanted to be your old lady, I’ll just do my best to be a good one. And your family? I love them and you know that, they’ve been my family for a year now, we’ll just be making it official.” “I love you.” Opie murmured, kissing Y/N on her forehead, sliding the ring onto her finger. “I love you too.” “Dad!” The kids called from their hiding place. “What did she say? Did she say yes?” Opie laughed and leaned his forehead against Y/N’s. “She said yes!”

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do you ever think Kanan misses Ezra?

no shut up and listen. just think about this.

I’m pretty sure that the rebels timeline has Ezra living with the Ghost crew for about two or three years from when they picked him up off Lothal. Back then Ezra was this small, scrawny, little boy with long scruffy hair, a penchant for getting in trouble, and was all in all a street rat. Ezra was a diamond in the rough for Kanan, a Force sensitive child who had escaped the Empire’s eye (speaking of which I would love to know what kind of sacrifices Mira and Ephraim Bridger made to protect their son once they found out he was Force sensitive). Ezra was a golden, glowing second chance for Kanan to pass down the ways of the Jedi that could have otherwise been lost to Kanan.

But Ezra wasn’t just another chance for Kanan; he was a clever, resourceful addition to the team, to the family, that everyone came to adore and love in their own ways.

Ezra was a smiling little ray of hope who refused to give up on his new family, on the people who took him in, saved him and who he saved in return countless times, and who’s unwavering morals of peace and kindness were truly admirable.

But there’s so much that has happened to that little street rat. And I think Kanan may partially blame himself for that, and more than likely misses little Ezra Bridger from the streets of Lothal. That poor boy who was dragged into a war and a Rebellion he didn’t know existed before meeting the Ghost crew, who has been pulled apart, tempted, and dragged around by the influences of the Dark Side, who is far too trusting and far too loyal to people who don’t deserve it, who blames himself consistently for the people he loses, who had to grow up too quickly from the age of eight and then again at the age of sixteen, who has led attacks and is put in charge of soldiers and missions when he himself is the youngest among them, whose scrawny shoulders carry so much responsibility I’m surprised he hasn’t collapsed under the pressure.

There are so few luxuries afforded to those who give of themselves to the Rebellion that consists of the liberation of an entire galaxy, but Ezra Bridger has cast away his youth, his childhood, and allowed himself to be spread so thin that he finds himself working with people like Hondo, Darth Maul, Azmorigan, and countless others who are nowhere close to being a good influence to this boy.

He may still be Ezra Bridger, but I think it hurts Kanan, makes him ache and long for the boy they found a couple years ago, who barely reached Kanan’s shoulder, whose messy fringe was always falling into his eyes, who no longer has slightly chubby, childlike cheeks, whose eyes are far too dark and methods of success are far less kinder than they were. There are glimmers and rays of the boy Kanan knew - in the way Ezra cares for the innocents around him, the way he still unconditionally loves his crew members, the snarky comments passed between him and Zeb and Chopper. But Ezra has grown in more ways than one, has seen too much to still be ignorant of the massive suffering in the galaxy, has encountered more darkness than light in a galaxy scrambling for hope, and who has become far too accustomed to carrying the weight of expectation on one shoulder, and the weight of failure on the other.

I think Kanan Jarrus misses Ezra Bridger; and can only do and hope so much that he doesn’t accidentally lose this boy’s trust and create another Caleb Dume. Because Ezra Bridger is a vastly different boy than the one they found struggling to survive on Lothal, and that’s a very scary thought.

real thoughts on the doc evidence/devil’s advocate:

the diamonds in the rough post doesn’t convince me. there are no shops with that from what i can find on their old street, and it’s a very … generic picture anyways. i just looked it up, and the hairdresser’s place is literally 8 and a half miles from their old apartment, across the damn thames… the man probably lives in london, he’d find something like that just walking around. now to why they are following on twitter: they are probably working on something together, i won’t deny that. but… i don’t think we have enough proof that it’s about them specifically? like i think we’ve always seen dan want to expand into the film making world (see bbc doc), and this is possibly a doc on something that has touched their lives and wanted to express it. now… with the rainbow emoji instastory thing… it may well be a doc about queer issues. interviewing queer people. exploring that… who knows… but it just doesn’t seem like them to talk about themselves for god’s sake. the rough week could be exploring and looking at all those hardships ppl have gone through, who knows, perhaps it struck close to home. and i mean, it’s the guy’s job… he probably makes and oversees a ton of films made. the post of digitial love doesn’t convince me either, as it was just a personal instagram post and on valentines day… why would you post something vauging a client… seems weird and unprofessional. anyways, who knows what this project is, it’s probably something close to them but going to the extent that it’s about their relationship or even queer issues is almost pushing it, but hey those are just my thoughts. feel free to shoot a message.

I prayed for something beautiful to prove to me that life was worth living and I found her when I was sifting through a little bag of my insecurity. She was a literal diamond in the rough. A shining light in the center of my dark days — the brightest thing I’d ever seen. She let me hold her and I held her high and pretended that there was nobody taller than me. I hoped that she would never see that other people could raise her much higher without trying nearly as hard. I prayed that she would not fall for someone a foot taller than me who only raised her an inch higher. I prayed to keep that ethereal bright patch in my life to lighten up the otherwise gloomy corners of my mind. And then…I prayed for good things for her. I prayed for 6 foot tall athlete boys with washboard abs to sweep her off her feet. Or red clad seductresses with fuller lips and bigger hips to have her weak in the knees. I prayed for better people than me to realize her potential even if losing her would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me. She laughed and said she didn’t ever plan on leaving me and that I was the best damn thing out there.

Even if there are taller trees with bigger trunks and more flowers, I’m the sapling she loves. I’ll never know why, but I can tell you I’m grateful as can be.

Opposites Attract

A/N: This is the quickest time I’ve ever written a one shot. Also to the person who asked for this, I know you were thinking about an imagine but I loved the concept so much I did a one shot.

Request:  I love your writing! What about being El Diablo’s girlfriend and controlling water?

Pairing: El Diablo x Reader

Warnings: Death by fire and water, swearing

“Grab whatever you need and suit up.” Rick Flag shot at Floyd.

Crates were sprawled out across the field with everyone’s names on them, you circulated around the field to find yours and sure enough you did, in bold letters (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was plastered onto a case. Opening it up you found all your old gear. Your costume was still damp from the last time you used it and you grinned at the water on your fingertips.

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anonymous asked:

hey, do you know where i can find the ocean lesbians theory?

Anon my friend, you have come to exactly the right blog at exactly the right time. 

Ocean Lesbians, AKA the Blue Fusion Theory, is a theory of my own creation (as far as I know. Someone else could have posited it separately) that hinges on a bunch of different points.

Most of the long stuff is just evidence and my rough conjectures on that evidence, but to effectively summarize:

  • I think that Blue Diamond is a fusion- and similar to Garnet, she chooses to live this way. 
  • We have seen both halves of her
  • Blue was separated during the war and her components were captured.

So let’s go into some detail!

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