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tell a little bit about yourself!

Oh hey, I don’t have much to say about me but here goes nothing! I’m a soon to be 17 years old girl (my birthday is july 29th) that lives in Brazil, a city called Porto Alegre. My name is Ana and I guess I always loved drawing girls and animals since I was a kid


I’m Felipe. I don’t do photography for a living. Just for pleasure.

Although the photo above is in London, I don’t live there, but in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Every time I travel I try to document our fun trip but also never forgetting to get ordinary street scenes like I was from that place. I like to fell like that.

I like street photography, architecture and landscapes.

My portfolio (the best of my photos, chosen by myself) is in

Sometimes I like not to be so picky so when I have a photo and I consider it not so good to be at tumblr, I put it on For mobile photography I have

I use a Canon 6D, tripod, filters (ND and CPL), post processing (usually only in Lightroom) and for the glasses I use 17-40, 24-70, 70-200, 28, 50 and 135mm. I don’t have a favorite one, it depends on the type of the photo.

Thanks for the consideration on looking at my profile! :)


Beyond The Veil (Live in Porto Alegre, Brazil) by Tristania

Fragment only.