live in portland

i remember when i lived in portland and there was minimal weirdness and it wasnt that wild but now you’ll be just out minding your own business and a bearded guy riding a unicycle will blow vape in your face



“Women’s rights are human rights”
“My body, my choice (women) —- her body, her choice (everyone else)”
“No trump, no KKK, no fascist USA”
“Not my president”
“Peaceful Protest”
“Fuck Trump”
“Fuck Mike Pence”
“Black Lives Matter”
“Muslim Lives Matter”
“Queer Lives Matter”
“Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here!”
“Pussy grabs back!”
“Whose streets? Our streets!”
“Show me what democracy looks like (call)! This is what democracy looks like (response)!”
“Hey hey, ho ho, racist Trump has got to go!”

My message for the night :


Portland Living by SaudadeSims

This set is for my lovely @deelitefulsimmer’s birthday! Today is her birthday and she requested a living set. This is my first set that includes couches and they are tough! 

There are 12 new meshes including couch, love seat, chair, end table, bookcase, coffee table, plant stand, fireplace, TV stand, lamp, shelf mirror, mirror, and a set of retro recolors of my Augusta Artwork. 

Please click keep reading to get to the downloads and to see the color palette for this set :)

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“It was very intentional,” said Rapinoe. “It was a little nod to Kaepernick and everything that he’s standing for right now. I think it’s actually pretty disgusting the way he was treated and the way that a lot of the media has covered it and made it about something that it absolutely isn’t. We need to have a more thoughtful, two-sided conversation about racial issues in this country.

“Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties. It was something small that I could do and something that I plan to keep doing in the future and hopefully spark some meaningful conversation around it. It’s important to have white people stand in support of people of color on this. We don’t need to be the leading voice, of course, but standing in support of them is something that’s really powerful.”

I feel like a lot of people don’t talk about how white the USWNT has been for the most part throughout their history. A lot of that has to do with the pay to play system but I’ll leave that issue for another day. Anyways - I say all that because it was really nice to see Rapinoe show support for Kaepernick and understand that while she can’t relate to Kaepernick on race, she can still show her support as an ally. Although Pinoe has faced her own struggles as an out athlete, it’s important that white people who call themselves allies actually use their fame and power to point out issues like racism, police brutality, white supremacy, etc. So again, good for Pinoe.