live in louisville


Some more shots of Icon for Hire live in Louisville, KY at The New Vintage, on the You Can’t Kill Us tour!

Please do not reuse, repost, edit, or alter these photos without my permission, thank you!

Charlotte is a beautiful dork and no one can tell me different.

Taken by me during the last North American tour. You DO NOT have permission to repost this photo anywhere or edit it without asking me first. :)

My first self-published zine, Let’s Get Free: a Black Mental Health Resource Directory is ready for distribution!! 

It contains a list of Black mental health providers in Kentucky, some suggestions on what to ask your therapist and other useful stuff. 

It’s free, and I’m gonna put it in places throughout louisville. If you want to pick up a copy holler at your girl. I hope it’s useful!


montypla  asked:

When I lived in the Deep South even a tiny bit of snow made everyone freak out and everything grind to a halt. Now I live in Louisville where snow happens at least once a year and just nobody cares. It'll be twice what we ever got in Alabama, but whatever. It took a freak ice storm bringing down power lines all over the city to close schools. It makes the south seem even dumber. Does visiting New York now give you that same feeling?

Well in Texas we have huge flyovers 10+ stories in the air stacked up on top of each other. The slightest freeze makes those a death trap. We also don’t have salt trucks so driving is ultra dangerous.

Black Women Matter!

Remember Mya Hall.
Remember Islan Nettles
Remember Rekia Boyd
Remember Renish McBride
Remember Aiyana Stanley-Jones
Remember Eleanor Bumpurs
Remember Miriam Carey
Remember Penny Proud
Remember Tarika Wilson
Remember Pearlie Golden
Remember Aura Rosser
Remember Tanesha Anderson

But also remember

Meagan Hockaday 26 California
Monique Jenee Deckard 43 California
Janisha Fonville 20 North Carolina
Natasha McKenna 37 Virginia
Yvette Henderson 38 California
Keara Crowder 29 Tennessee
Iretha Lilly 37 Texas
Tracy A. Wade 39 Kentucky
Latandra Ellington 36 Florida
Vernicia Woodward 26 Georgia
Michelle Cusseaux 50 Arizona
Jacqueline Nichols 64 Michigan
Gabriella Monique Nevarez 22 California
Yvette Smith 45 Texas
Sharon Rebecca McDowell 49 South Carolina
Lana Morris 46 New York
Keoshia L. Hill 28 Texas
Kourtney Hahn 21 Ohio
Jacqueline Reynolds, 54 Illinois
Kendra Diggs, 37 Maryland


hey taylor!
my name is emily! i’m 13 and i live in louisville ky. i have loved you for like, ever. i remember when “our song” and “tim mcgraw” first came out and my dad was like “this girl is really good, she’s gonna be famous” little did i know, that 7 years later my room would be covered with pictures of her, i would have so many blogs and accounts dedicated to her, and she would be the one person who never left my side when i needed her. that girl has always been you. and you have no clue how much that means to me that you have never left my side. i will never leave your side either.

i saw you on june 2nd in louisville, and i worked for months and months on my signs and outfit! i was sooo excited, i hoped it was finally the era where i would meet you. we got to the yum center and i was FREAKING OUT. i mean literally, all chill was just gone. what even was chill? finally, the doors opened and i was losing it. we get up to scan our tickets and the rude security guard was like “i cant let you take those signs in, put them right there in the trash” i started crying so hard. i managed to ask if i could rip them in half and he wouldnt even listen to me, he just said “nope,nope put them down” so my dad and i ripped all the lights off and went in. i was an emotional wreck. it was like being told “you have no chance at meeting taylor” and it sucked. just so you know, i wrote the yum center a very very long email the next day ;) they never replied though. so i figured my only shot at meeting you was taylor nation. i couldnt find them, it was so upsetting. so we just went to our seats-which were horrible. we were so high up that we couldnt even see the screens. you were so amazing though, i started crying when you came on because i couldnt believe we were in the same room. then i cried during your clean speech, which meant the world to me. i recorded the whole thing and typed it out, so it is hanging on my wall💜 thank you so much for that night, i will never forget it. i sang along every word with you, laughed, cried, and danced like no one was watching (actually EVERYONE was staring at me because i was the only one standing up and i had lights all over me oops) it was so amazing.

i am probably/hopefully going to see you when you come to lexington ky on october 20th! my aunt said that she would go with me because she has very good luck. she even said that i can dress her up and put lights all over her so you will definitely be able to spot us from miles away! we havent bought tickets yet, but we are searching and will definitely be going. my aunt’s name is tracy, and i called her aunt tay tay when i was little. about a year ago, she heard me call you tay tay and was like “nooo thats my name!!” so she said that if we meet you, i have to introduce her as “aunt tay tay” hahah. i hope i get to do that. 💚 thank you so much taylor for always being like a sister/best friend to me. you have always been a place i can go to vent. even though you probably don’t know i exist, it feels like we have known eachother forever. i really hope we can finally meet on october 20th!! 10/20/15 sounds like a memorable date to me …what about you? :) ps– could you please play innocent as a surprise song? that song has helped me through so much and means so much to me. i would die to hear it live. i would cry so hard. also, paramore or fall out boy sound like good ideas for surprise guests (WINK WINK) someone would have to give me CPR and carry me out because i would literally die, rip me. okay well this has gotten long!! you have helped me feel like its okay to follow my dreams to move to new york city when i get older and be in a band or be a singer. i have been working on writing music and i really want to take singing lessons. plus i learned how to play guitar last year now im teaching myself chords. and im taking piano class this year & im going to do guitar after school. i really hope it will work out for me. thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you have made me such a better person and you have gotten me through so much. i don’t know where i would be today if it wasn’t for you. I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH!! loveeee, emily