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Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe photographed by Norman Seeff, 1969.   

“We wanted, it seemed, what we already had, a lover and a friend to create with, side by side. To be loyal, yet be free.”- Patti Smith

In her memoir Just Kids, Patti Smith details her intense relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe in which they struggle to become artists in New York City. They lived together at the Hotel Chelsea – home to numerous writers, musicians, actors and artists. Patti supported Robert by working in bookstores, he soon flourished as a photographer and encouraged her to pursue visual art. As a writer, Patti eventually turned her poems into songwriting. For the cover of her debut album, Horses (1975), Patti used a portrait Robert took. Once Robert came out as a gay man their intimate relationship ended but they remained friends until his death from HIV/AIDS in 1989.

sayabenz  asked:

Hi there, first time asking for a prompt but I love your writing so.. Neil and andrew having a car accident but Neil swerves the car to protect andrew(angst is in my veins). thank you!!

Shoutout to @irishrainbownjh who is the angst to my fluff and basically wrote me an outline for this! Hope you enjoy! :) 

The first thing Neil registers is the incessant beeping. It gnaws its way into his brain and sets his nerves on edge. His fingers twitch and clench, and the next thing he registers is the scratchy fabric underneath his fingertips. Neil tries to open his eyes, but his eyelids feel like lead, and Neil’s sluggish brain doesn’t seem to have the strength to try and pry his tacky eyelashes apart. He allows himself a few more moments to just lie there, the constant beeping starting to become more of a soothing blanket. Tendrils of sleep start to slither their way back into his mind, but Neil pushes them down. He sucks in a deep breath, but suddenly pain is sent ricocheting across his side. His hand instinctively flies to the troubled area, but the movement sends more pain splintering up his arm. It’s enough for Neil’s eyes to finally snap open. 

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You have an ancient knowledge flowing through your veins. That otherworldly yet familiar feeling is the whisper of a memory that wants to come back to you. Do not be afraid. Let your spirit dance with the flames of eternity. Remember the lives you have left behind.
—  Chelsea Skye