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PLEASE give us medieval aus <3

In a land, far, far away there were 12 realms, one of those realms was Athens, ruled by Queen Athena, while Athena tried to have a polite alliance with the remaining 11 realms, she and Poseidon, King of Atlantida, had a rivalry. The rivalry between them was so old, nobody was sure what was the story behind it, but it was there and there to stay, while they hadn’t been at war recently, they were not by any chances, allies.

The Kings and Queens of the 12 realms got together twice a year, on the summer solstice and on the winter solstice for a meeting where they discussed alliances, war and other kingdoms who were a possible threat, and other themes. The meetings were held in the Kingdom of Olympia, who was ruled by the King Zeus, the most powerful of all the kings and queens. Some kings and queens traveled with their kids, the princes and princesses who one day would be the rules. The Queen Athena always traveled with her two kids to the meetings, ‘It’s never too early to learn” she told them, but one winter, her youngest daughter, Annabeth got sick, so she stayed behind on the castle while her brother and mother traveled to Olympia, what they didn’t know was that there a spy on the palace, a spy who told Arachne that Athena’s little girl was alone and her mother was far away.

Arachne was Athena’s nemesis, once a noble lady who got consumed for greed and envy and tried to take the crown for herself, she was stopped and exiled from the kingdom, but like any villain, she swore revenge and sweet little Annabeth was her target, why hurt the queen if you can take away who she loves the most? With Athena away, she sneaked into the castle and kidnaped Annabeth, with the help of her spies on the castle, she managed to put the princess under a sleep potion and took her away, fortunately for Annabeth, the royals guard managed to stop Arache, but in the chaos of the cold night and with the help of her spies, she escaped the guards.

Queen Athena got the notice and she hurried back home, but the fastest way to go back home included sailing on the seas who belong to Poseidon. Zeus ordered his brother, Poseidon, to travel with Athena and help her navigate the seas. When they arrived at Athens, the spies were interrogated, but they ended their own life before they could give information. Athena was furious, how could her daughter be in so much danger? Arachne was out there plotting another revenge. She needed to find her before she could attack again. Athena was a wise ruler, and she knew the only way to protect her daughter was to take her out of the kingdom, and hide her in a place nobody would try to look for her, someplace like Atlantida. A secret and small meeting was held in Olympia, under the supervision of King Zeus an agreement was signed that no harm would happen to the princess and it would be the start of a small tentative alliance between Athens and Atlantida. Athena wasn’t fond of the idea of her 7 years old living in Atlantida, but she knew it was the place where she would be safest from Arachne, nobody would suspect she would be hiding in his palace.

In the middle of the night, and with tears on her eyes, the little Princess was sent to Atlantida, she knew it was the best place for her to be, but that didn’t mean she went willing. For weeks the princess was miserable in Atlantida, she spent more of the time locked in her room, refusing to come out. In one of her nightly adventures to the kitchen, she literally crashed with the young prince of Atlantida, who had fallen asleep on the kitchen, with some blue cake on his hands, the noise woke up the prince Perseus and Annabeth, stunned, could only said one thing. ‘You drool when you sleep’.

It wasn’t the first time she met the prince, they both were usual guests in the meetings in Olympia, but they weren’t on friendly terms since the princess disliked him, using the the rivalry between their kingdoms to not talk to him. But it had been too long since she interacted with someone her own age, and she was tired and lonely so she talked to him and they promised to talk again the next night and the next one. The princess was surprised of how easily she and Percy became friends, they became partners in crime, Annabeth finally enjoying her time in Atlantida and in a way, feeling more free than she ever did in Athens. Each day, they grow closer, the feelings between changing from friendship to something less platonic… but everything changed when Annabeth turned 15 and her mother told her Arachne was finally defeated. It was time for the princess to go back to her kingdom.