live hard everyday

i just want renjun and chenle to know how brave and strong they are for deciding to follow their dreams and leave their home country at such a young and scary age to learn a language they don’t know and be so far from family and friends and have to start over again they deserve so much love for being strong amazing boys

like honestly, full facts tho, i’m always iffy when peoples’ characters have ptsd and they dont 

cause like, on the one hand cool, im glad theyre thinking realistically, but on the other hand, a lot of people just use ptsd as an angst supplement without any care to the actual illness and the people affected by it 

So I was out with my mom and sister today shopping for groceries. We’re standing in line like any other person, putting our items on the conveyer belt, waiting to be rung through. While we’re doing this, these two ladies come up behind us, and just stand there with their two items. Again, nothing is wrong everyone’s just doing their thing. So I shift my body to grab more things out of the cart and now I can see them. Now I’m a person who doesn’t care what kind of people are around/what they’re doing cause I’m a pretty chill and a people’s person when I’m outside. But I slowly start to notice that they’re just glaring directly at me, my mom, and my sister. Again, I try to brush it off cause you know it’s nothing big. So we’re being rung through and I’m still directly in their eye line, I can see them and they can see me, and guess what? They’re still glaring. At this point I’m like ok something is up, so I start glaring back, and one of them turns to the other to the other lady and goes “look at them, buying all of that shit they don’t even deserve”. Now at this point you probably know what race they are and what race my family isn’t. Anyways, so she says that and I’m just standing there like wow ok that just happened. And you what? I just started laughing. Now you’re probably thinking why did you laugh, you just experienced a form of racism - them thinking you’re not worthy of food/necessities. I laughed and continued to laugh because you know what? I’ve gotten to the point where racism doesn’t bug me personally, anymore (key word is anymore). This is because I know that for one, I’m just as equal and deserving of anything as them, also that people who are like this are narrow minded, probably uneducated, and just sad. I honestly feel bad for them because it must be so hard to live everyday, in a multicultural country, and have to put in effort to hate the majority of the people you see everyday. Can you imagine that?? It’s sad and hilarious because these said people, after all these decades STILL think that they’re better than others because of their skin pigmentation. Now I don’t want to get attacked because people are going to say “you find racism hilarious???” No I don’t find racism hilarious one bit. It’s disgusting, degrading, and unnecessary. All I’m saying is that still, after all these decades, after all the fights for equality, and after everything POC people have been through, this shit STILL HAPPENS. It’s hilarious because somehow, ignorant idiots, to this day still haven’t accepted that your skin colour doesn’t determine your worth, that is doesn’t make you better than any other person around you. These people, noah fence, are like ticks that you just can’t hit rid of eh?

All I hope for is that one day, people like this don’t exist. They’re a parasite to this world and everyone around them. All I wanna say is that if you have ever experienced racism in your life, and afterwards you felt worthless just know that you are not. You are beautiful, amazing, and most importantly equal.

I JUST WANNA WEAR TOO MUCH EYELINER AND SNEAK OUT, DRINK, PARTY, SKIP SCHOOL, GRAFFITI WALLS,  FUCK SHIT UP, AND JUST DO COOL, ANGSTY, PUNK ROCK THINGS WITH MY GROUP OF COOL, ANGSTY, PUNK ROCK FRIENDS!!! but at the same time I wanna get good grades, have nice friendships where we help eachother with homework, have a healthy relationship with my mom and go to college and have a bright future..

Kyungsoo; Mine

 Could I request a Kyungsoo scenario where his best friend is in love with him behind the scenes, but he is in love with someone else. He isn’t really sure what to do so he asks for his best friend’s help and she agrees because she wants what is best for him. The situation repeats again after Kyungsoo and his girlfriend break up. Eventually somehow Kyungsoo finds out about his best fruend’s secret infatuation and slowly falls in love with her. Is that okay, author-nim? Please and thank you! >///<
❝When I read this request, I knew I had to do it. This was pretty long… so… aha, aha, popcorn? ^^ I hope you liked it! PLEASE GIVE IT A SHOT! ;)
►3799 words, scenario | angst, slight fluff

Everyone has dreams and everyone has visions of where they see themselves in the future. However, that doesn’t mean that’ll come true or anything like that, no matter how badly they might want it. Whether if it was wealth, health or…love. In this case, in your case, it was like hopelessly shooting a love arrow at someone who had a wall built up around them, someone who had their heart sealed up and there was no way to approach them in the very least. It was hard living everyday where you pretend things are alright, things are just fine and that things are going to be okay.

When you know deep down in your gut, it was not going to be okay.

So you gave another smile for today, nodding at anyone who greets you, replying them politely with that came your way – it was the same old thing. That phrase… if you fake a smile long enough, maybe one day it’ll be genuine? When will it work for you? You were mindlessly holding onto that phrase, a certain quote you’ve read from probably the internet but you’ve yet to feel if the smile you were giving to everyone was real – whether it was authentic.

You could’ve fooled anyone, yourself even, but not…

“One of those days again?” A voice cooed into your ears, perking your ears as your eyes gazed up to meet with a pair of eyes, warmly smiling at you as he held out a piece of candy, “Maybe this would help.”

“You know I don’t eat those,” You muttered out with a small smile, receiving the candy in your hand before reaching your hand into your locker to place it in a cup filled with assorted flavors of candies – all given by the same person. He shrugged and smiled, eyes bright as ever, voice so sweet he could melt you down, “Well, I thought I’d try again—and again, and again—“

“I think I get it,” You laughed, waving a hand at him before you closed your locker, following his cue to lean against it as you stood side by side with him.

Oh, how rude.

He was Kyungsoo, Do Kyungsoo. He was the kind of guy you’d see in class, following the rules because he had to and because he just wanted to continue with high school before he’d leave without any problems. Any friends he made with were just temporary but with you, he assured that you both will go a long way. However, that still doesn’t differ the fact that he’s fallen head over heels for another girl – and you could tell. You weren’t dense and you were actually observant for a girl your age.

You’ve seen the way he looks at someone else and you didn’t know if he knows that that’s the way you’re looking at him all this while. Whether he was oblivious, playing dumb or just ignoring everything, you weren’t too sure. But you can’t lie to say that you wanted to know because you didn’t know if your heart could take that.

No, your heart was too fragile for that.

So when Kyungsoo asks for help, help for you to get him ready for his first date with her, what do you do?

No, I can’t help you.

Right. That’s not what happened.

S-Sure… I… I’m free tonight.

That’s the right one – the painful one, too.

“So, shall we get going?”

Your eyebrow rose, turning to look at him as he turned to do the same for you, “Where to?”

He smiled, as if he wasn’t already doing enough to make your stomach churn with the amount of butterflies roaming around, even standing this close to him felt like a dream – an everyday dream that you’d only wake up to, the only person you look forward into seeing, “Well, you don’t expect me to accept your help without treating you, right? C’mon!” He reached down to hold onto your hand, not taking accord that your heart was rapidly thumping against your chest, threatening to burst from your ribcage – no, he didn’t.

And Kyungsoo will never, ever know.

“So… How do I look?” He asked as he stepped out from the bedroom, his whole appearance perfect as if he had just walked out from a magazine. His hair combed back, emphasizing on the beautiful forehead he owned, his skin pale white, glowing as he looked dashing. His dark eyes that could pierce into anyone’s soul but you knew how deep they were and how lost you could get in them if you stared too long. His long arms, torso wrapped with a dark, maroon colored dress shirt that he buttoned up nicely. He followed your words and matched it with a black pair of slacks, tucking it in with a white belt to seal the deal – perfection was the only word you’d ever need to describe Do Kyungsoo.

“Good?” He bit his lower lip, unsure if he looked right for the occasion.

You stood up from the sofa, beckoning over with a hand. He nearly tripped over his own foot and you wanted to laugh but you couldn’t – not when you knew he was going to be in the arms of someone else. And the fact that you were doing this, it’s like you were putting the gun at your head – and you were going to pull the trigger, too.

“Your collar isn’t done right,” You breathed out softly, your eyes focused on making it done right as your hands naturally went over to fix it. His eyes fixated on you, seeing how truly genuine you are in helping him. When you were done, you took a step back and grinned (you tried, you really did) with your eyes looking up to his, “You’re ready.”

“Thanks,” He smiled, ruffling your hair with a tinge of playfulness.

“You’re welcome,” You responded, with a tinge of sadness that he’ll never sense.

“She said yes! We’re officially dating!” He nearly shouted, unable to contain himself since there were only the two of you here at the park and he was literally oozing with joy. His arms engulfed you in, dragging you into this everlasting embrace that you’d want to stay in – and you felt jealous because you weren’t the lucky lady to be entering this every day, anytime you wanted to – that wasn’t you.

Your arms weakly reached up, head nearly dizzy from the sudden act of affection that wasn’t really affection at all to him, “C-Congratulations, Kyungsoo-yah.”

He grinned and hugged you tighter, his smile so wide you thought he wanted to cut the sky, “It’s all thanks to you! Thank you for your help!”

You choked on your words, on your thoughts as you thought of how you wanted to reply him.

You’re welcome?

That’s cool, have a good life ahead of you?

What do you actually say in this situation when you felt like you were about to break?

Instead, you didn’t say anything, just appreciating you got to hold him this close before you let him go to someone else, enter the arms of someone who had the chance, the privilege, the golden opportunity in loving him.

Actually, cancel that. He wasn’t yours to begin with and you weren’t letting him go.

And you were already broken. It’s just that you’ve got broken…again.

Two weeks, two months, six months, that amount of time had passed and you’ve still haven’t been able to get your mind on track. Thoughtless thoughts filling your mind, empty words, tired laughs – a broken heart, nothing seemed to make sense to you, really. Everyday felt like you were living in black and white but what else could you really do?

You really did try to get your life back on track and at the very least, you weren’t failing any classes. You’ve became much quieter, talking less day by day but whenever that specific someone rolls up, you’d just pull on that happy face he’d want to see.

Do you think he’d want to listen to your emotions, listen to how you truly feel?

You’d rather not even go there, somewhere as dark, painful and horrifying, you couldn’t possibly imagine revealing all of that to Kyungsoo.

When he comes and walks up to you, hand in hand with her, you’d smile. You’d continue the conversation but if there was any chance to just leave, you would. Words of yeah, who would’ve known that you two would be together would be mentioned and sure, you’d say I’m so happy for you guys, you two look cute together! And only if he knew how pained you felt, how a deep scar would be etched on your heart each time you muttered such lie – was it selfish of you that you just wanted him for your own?

Was it bad that you were confident that you could love him in a way no one could?

Was it wrong… to love someone who loved someone else?

Another day ticked by and it was another day you lied in bed, eyes closed shut as you wished everything could disappear except Kyungsoo.

You didn’t want anything else, you didn’t need anyone else.


“I’m glad that we’re still friends, you know?”

Me too, but I don’t want to be just friends—

“It’s so cool how I can have a girlfriend yet still have a best friend by my side,” He sighed in content, turning to look at you as you lied down beside him on the grass. He had a tiny smile on his face, reaching over to poke the side of your head, “Are you listening?”

“Mhm,” You hummed softly, staring up to the beautiful sky as you tried, tried to calm your mind.

He noticed how you were dazing off, mind somewhere else and he wanted to have a peek, “What are you thinking about?”

To humor him, to muse him, you smiled and turned to look at him, “I was thinking of the same thing.”


“Yeah.” No.

“That’s a relief.”

It’s really not, Kyungsoo.

Things were getting weird and you could tell. Kyungsoo started talking to you more, he started to approach you more like how he did before he got into a relationship. You understood that when a person gets into a relationship, he tends to spend more time with his significant other, someone who prompts to do the same but… she doesn’t.

She doesn’t look at Kyungsoo the way he does for her and how much you hated the fact that she doesn’t appreciate him enough but what you could do? Kyungsoo likes her and all you could do was try to support him the best way you can.

But here you were, standing face to face with her as she called you up to the rooftop of the school, needing to talk to you urgently once school was over.

“I…I feel that Kyungsoo is just annoying now,” She admitted desperately, her eyes unfazed as she stared at you, as if she was someone that deserved the pity, “He’s so annoying with his love letters,” I’d like that…

“His ridiculous good morning texts always disturb my sleep-“

I used to get them…

“And I feel that it’ll be good if you could help me—“

You couldn’t take it, you really couldn’t. For someone who could usually hold her anger in properly, control her temper without needing to light up a pitch fork, you’ve had enough. She, she’s the girl Kyungsoo likes? You were starting to think if Kyungsoo picks the girls he likes with his eyes closed.

“Are you kidding me?” Your tone went down an octave, eyes nearly pushing her off the edge as you pinned her down with your stare.

Her eyes dilated with slight concern, unsure of where this was going, “H-Hey, I was just—“

“Kyungsoo is someone you should love with both hands, someone who deserves as much love as he gives out to and you’re that person who gets to have all that love,” You shook your head with disgust, eyes nearly burning her, “And you’re trying to act as if he’s in the wrong when all he’s trying to do is give you his world, give you that world that people, anyone would dread to have?”

She noticed how a tear rolled down your cheek whilst you spoke, the waves of emotions took a toll on you and you couldn’t look at her properly. She saw you shaking, trembling as your lips quivered when you noticed the state you were in. She licked her lips, feeling pitiful yet unaware of the true situation all this while, “Y-You… you like Kyungsoo.”

Your eyes closed when you could feel yourself breaking down – you needed to control yourself. Your mind kept telling yourself to stop crying, to stop letting her see how weak you were and to not show your emotions but you were too many words too late for that. Your lips parted, unable to speak on the go but you were struggling – you needed to let her know that—

“Just… please don’t break his heart,” You breathed out shakily, finding the strength to open your eyes before you turned your back on her, words soft as you whispered, “Kyungsoo is too precious to break.”

Tuesday, great, another day that you don’t like. Funny, people would usually hate on Monday but in your world, Tuesday was the one getting all the hatred. You’d need to stay back in school for God knows what reasons and the library was your friend for that. Usually… usually you’d have Kyungsoo to accompany you but ever since, you know, he’s never been that free lately.

Sure, he had time for casual talks, random times over at your place but you’ve missed the times he dedicated his time for you only.

As you settled down on the table, a book opened as you were ready to dive into a world where you’d mute everyone else off, a voice echoed into your ears despite the whole place being so quiet, his tone hushed and it felt like a thousand kisses on your skin, “Still at the same old place, huh?”

Your eyes hurriedly gazed up, searching for that person you knew—

“It’s been a while, hm?” He offered that smile he’d used to, a book in his hands as well as he got comfortable opposite you.

You felt like this was a dream and it felt so nostalgic as if someone was playing your memories from the past to bring Kyungsoo back here, in front of you like how it was months back. Your mouth felt gape, eyes widening as you blinked at him, “K-Kyung…”

“Hm?” He hummed softly, eyes sparing you a look as he looked up from the book he barely got to start reading.

“W-Why are you here?” You asked; tone nervous, heart palpating, palms sweaty.

He feigned hurt, “Why? You don’t want me here?”

You shook your head almost too quick, sputtering out whatever that came into your mind, “N-No! It’s just that… you’re usually… you know…”

He had a smile as an apology, as if he was sorry for ever leaving you before he leaned forward, eyes staring into your own – how long as it really been?

“Well… we’re not together anymore, so… I guess you’re stuck with me.”

And even though you instantly got a grip on yourself, a wave of relief washing on you before you cracked a joke about leaving him, you knew your heart wasn’t disappointed. He said something about handcuffing himself to you so you’d be with him regardless and you replied saying you could break it off, you knew you would never do that if he truly did that.

Kyungsoo was back and he’s not going away.

Three weeks – and everything felt like things were finally falling back into place. He’d walk with you to lunch, sit with you and talk to you about God knows what. He’d casually hold your hand whenever he’d like, strolling at the park like a daily routine and he’d come over whenever he’d like. He’d tell you to wait for him before you’d walk home alone because he said that girls like you should never be left to walk alone. When you’d joke and say that he’s already done that for a while before he came back, he felt sorry but all you did was laugh it off and punch him on the shoulder.

Today, on the walk back home, it felt like it was perfect once more.

Just that, he had to bring up, “H-Hey, I need your help with something.”

Your ears were on full attention, turning to look at him as he held onto your books, “Hm?”

He was nervous but he managed to get what he wanted to say across, “T-There’s this girl I like and… I was wondering if you could—“

No. No no no…

“—help me in getting dressed again? I’m pretty bad at this.”

Even though your insides were screaming at you, pulling at your hair inwardly as you wanted to swallow your tongue so you had no choice but not to answer him, you gave a meek nod and looked away, “S-Sure.”

Kyungsoo had broken you once more.

When he was all set and out of the door, it felt like another deep stab in your heart, it felt too cruel to have fallen in love with someone like him. You wanted what’s best for him and you understood that if the best wasn’t you, you’d understand well…

But again? Once more?

You had thoughts that maybe you’d have a chance, that you’d have him for real… but maybe that wasn’t the case. You didn’t even dare to ask him what happened with the previous girl because you knew you’d feel bad because of what you had said. Even though you didn’t do much in breaking them apart, you were only concerned for Kyungsoo and his feelings, his heart.

What’s the point when he wouldn’t do the same for yours?

There he goes out looking handsome, looking perfect for someone else. There he goes letting himself go out to another person to call him their own – there he goes breaking your heart again…

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it just wasn’t fate for you two to be together.

Maybe it was your fate to not be loved by Do Kyungsoo.

Two knocks came on the door and you felt yourself stiffening at the fact that he might have forgotten something. You grabbed a few tissues, dabbing on your face before disposing them into a dustbin in a rushed manner before running to the door, adjusting yourself before you opened the door. There he was, doe eyed as he stared at you, unable to speak properly at the sight of your red eyes, puffed up and watery.

He licked his lips nervously, stepping in, “W-Why are you crying?”

You shook your head, ignoring his question, “Did you forget something?”

His face expression changed, dark and serious but all behind the intention of caring for you, “Don’t ignore my question,” He spoke in a firm tone, as if you were obligated to answer him as he entered your home, closing the door behind him delicately before approaching you as you shifted back to walk away from him. It was then that you turned your back on him, unable to look at him, “What did you forget?”

It took you a while and it sure took you some time but it seems like your mind couldn’t process the words he was saying.

“I forgot to tell you that you were my date.”

He thought you were going to scream at him, shout and let all out the pain but all you did was spin around, reaching for him the best way you can before you started to sob in his arms. He held you tight, feeling your ragged breathing against his chest, tears seeping through his shirt as you cried so hard, he has never seen you this pained before. He held you close, arms wrapped around you as he tried to hush you but he knew. He just knew how bad he’s broken you.

He just knew.

Kyungsoo stood there, staring at the both of you as he heard the words escape your lips, Kyungsoo is too precious to break. He felt his heart kicking in his chest, the feeling of pain and hurt at the same time as he watched you clenched your fists, unable to contain yourself. The tears trickled down your cheeks and you hurriedly excused yourself to leave.

He stepped to the side, hiding himself in the dark, in the corner when he heard the door nudge open and your figure left the rooftop, into the building as you ran down the stairs.

He didn’t know how long has it been, how hard it was on you as he placed a hand on his chest, feeling it beat so fast he thought he was about to explode.

It was you all along.

“I’m so sorry…” He rasped, his arms still banded around you, his embrace holding you in, in full hopes that it was sufficient for now to mend the cracks in your heart. You moved your head from side to side, a sign that you disagreed with his words or whatever he was saying – he didn’t know. All he knows now is that he’s not going to let you go.

Once bitten, twice shy.

He’s let you go once.

There was not going to be a second time.

“What are you thinking about?”

You smiled at the voice, the arms around your frame, his warm chest against your back. You casted a look over your shoulder, eyes locked on his as he stared into your own with concern, slight worry but all with happiness, “Nothing much… What were you thinking about?”

He smiled wider than you did, leaning his head over your shoulder to properly kiss your lips. It still boggled your mind everyday if this wasn’t a dream but it seems like it wasn’t when it felt too real to be a dream. His lips were softer than you’d ever imagine but with the number of times you both have pressed lips against one another, you’ve yet to memorize the contours of his pretty lips. He pulled away almost too soon but it doesn’t matter when you knew that it wasn’t the last – if it’s anything, there was more than that came from.

“About how much I love you. Is that the same as yours?”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

Kyungsoo was yours and yours to love.

Lay With Me * Jack Gilinsky Imagine *

Hey! I really wanna start doing imagines and have a masterslist and everything. So Yea my masterlist will be at the bottom of this imagine. Enjoy. Btw i was having some Jack feels. :)

I woke up with Jack’s arm around me securely. I tried to slip out of the bed but he didn’t budge, so I turned to him. He looked so cute when he sleeped. I know I had to leave though, me and Jack have a complicated friendship. It’s hard to explain, we act like a couple. We fight very often though, with him going on tour and leaving for months at a time. A relationship would never work between us.

I brushed my fingers through his soft messy hair, trying to take this moment in before he left for digitour this weekend. I loved him, I really did. It’s just too complicated to be with him, his fans give me enough hate for just being his friend.

I couldn’t even think of the hate i’d get if I was his girlfriend, and i’m not good at distance. When he first left, we were sort of a thing but I became clingy and tried to keep him from his dream. We got into a huge fight about it too.

I realized after he came back and I couldn’t be with him, it’d be way to hard. I live everyday knowing that the one guy i’m in love with, I can’t have. We fight way to often and he’s never here really. 

He’ll stay for about 2 weeks, and leave for a month. It’s hard for me even to be his friend, because he can’t call or text me every day, or every other day. So I have accept the fact that it’ll never happen.

I sighed, and his eyes fluttered open, I looked at him with wide eyes. Gulping as he rubbed his eyes.

“I’m sorry for waking you, I’ll just go.” I said getting out of the bed, picking up my phone and purse. I felt him shift in the bed, thinking he just turned over to go back to sleep. But that’s before I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“ y/n you don’t have to go you know. I’d like if you stayed.” he rubbed my shoulder and I looked at him, I stood up and shook my head.

“We will never work Jack, I can’t keep doing this every time you come back. I try to just tell myself we are nothing but friends. But you win me over and it repeats.” I grab my pants and jacket, slipping them on. 

I felt Jack pull me on the bed by my wrist, I fell on top of him. He looked in my eyes, searching for any emotion, and let me tell you. There was so much emotion in me right now. Anger, Depression, and Heart break building inside of me. I needed to get it out.

“Lay with me.” He whispered. I was shocked I thought he’d want me to leave. I just looked at him, before reaching up for his face. I grabbed his face in my hands, and kissed him passionately. I felt him kiss back and I pulled away.

“ I don’t have to leave as much anymore, and if you want…You can come when I leave.” he gave me his cheeky grin and I smiled big, nodding.

“Will you be my girlfriend y/n” He asked and I just clashed my lips onto his to answer his question, because I couldn’t explain how happy I was. Only my kiss could.

It felt good, to be in the arms, of someone you love. To hear their heart beat, and faster when you looked at them. Or see their eyes filled with love when they glance at you, leaving the memory of their face in your mind forever.

It feels good to finally have someone that’ll be there for me, through thick and thin. Someone who can make me happier than I can make myself. 

And I know when I fall asleep that he’s mine, and he loves me. This is what i’ve been waiting for, what any girl would be lucky to have. A happily ever after.

And Jack Gilinsky was my happily ever after. 


So yea that’s it! You probably hate me now, but omg this had so many feels going through my head. I love him.


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Translation for Yin Yue Tai Interview

China Boice we are CNBLUE!


Questions for CNBLUE:

How did you feel when you attended Yin Yue Tai V chart event?

We are very honoured to attend the event and also honoured to be able to attend such a great event with many other stars/idols. I wish that we will be invited to attend future V chart events every year. We will work hard.


Will you continue to use a self composed song as the title song for future albums?

If there is a good song in our self composed songs, we will definitely use it as the title song. Because we have continuously been working hard towards this area, we will be able to bring good songs to everyone in the future. Please look forward to it.


Since you already have Japanese, Korean and English songs, when will you come up with a Chinese song?

We really want to try and write a chinese song as we want to perform them to our many fans in China. We also want to collaborate with China artists, and we also have many other ideas.


Which Chinese idol do you want to work with?

JJ Lin hyung (He’s a Singaporean singer but based in Taiwan). He came to our concert before and we met and exchanged greetings just now and I was glad to see him again.


If you were to use 1 sentence to describe yourself, what would it be?

Jung Shin: I think I am a very optimistic person.

Jong Hyun: Someone who works hard in living everyday

Yonghwa: I am optimistic and I work hard in living everyday, and a cool artist who wishes to perform many wonderful songs for our fans.

Minhyuk: I am also an optimistic person, who works hard to improve.


Did you manage to keep fit despite your busy schedules?

Jung Shin: Most important to eat meals regularly and if we have time we will go and exercise.

Min Hyuk: Also, when we feel tired, we will eat vitamins together with our hyungs and all work hard together.

Yonghwa: Jong hyun takes very good care of himself, everyone you don’t have to worry. Jung shin as well and there is definitely no need to worry about him.

Jung Shin: I am in charge of making sure everyone is healthy so everyone don’t worry

Is it tiring to rush here immediately after your schedule in America?

No, not at all, definitely not. We feel really happy to be here. Because we’ve always been wanting to come to China, we feel really happy to be here, and also really glad to able to attend yinyuetai event. We hope to be able to come to China often. I love you guys. I really really love you guys.


How many instruments can Yong Hwa play?

YH: Actually not really a lot. I started learning the piano when I was 6, and learnt the clarinet. Because I learnt the clarinet, I can play the recorder too. Because of guitar, I also know how to play the violin. I can also make some sounds on the flute, and also danso (Korean traditional flute instrument). And of course guitar that should be all.

JS: Arent’ you also quite good at the drums?

YH: Yes I can play basic rhythms on the drums.

MH captions: I am still the best at drums

YH: Because I only know a bit of everything, I am still working hard on them.


After strict Jong Hyun hyung has been exposed by his younger brothers on tv programme, did you change the way you teach your younger brothers now?

JH: Recently I feel like I’m the dongsaeng (younger sibling).

YH: Actually it’s the dongsaengs that change their teaching styles towards Jong Hyun

JH: I feel like im the maknae

YH: Our team’s maknae is Lee Jong Hyun

Give a heart to the viewers, while saying wo ai ni men (I love you)


After Min Hyuk’s personal talent has been snobbed, did you come up with a new one? 

MH: No, not yet.

YH: Since we’re here in China, just show it once to everyone. Since we’ve already come to China, and China fans can finally see Min Hyuk after such a long time.

(Caption on YH: Salesman Yong)

MH: What should I do?

Caption on YH: what to do?

Caption on MH: The smart MH who did not get brainwashed by YH

MH: I don’t have any personal talents

YH: Ok next time when we come

MH: OK next time when we come, I will have it prepared by the next concert we have here in China

YH: You will be able to see MH’s personal talent at our next concert in China, so please do come and look forward to it 

Caption: We will look forward to it

YH: yes look forward to it (caption: without any interest)


How tall is Jung Shin?

I am now 187cm.


Does Yong Hwa hyung still threaten to send you to the basketball team?

YH: Although I did mention it before that if Jung Shin’s height exits 190cm, I will send him to the basketball team. But he is too bad at it, so he will just stay here in this team instead. 

JS: Even if my height exits 190cm I will always stay here in CNBLUE, so please don’t worry. 

YH: Really? Then say wo ai ni men


Please show off your aegyo skills to China fans.

YH: If China fans want to see it, we will have to show them definitely.

Our writer does not find it cute at all. What to do?

YH Caption: wants to cry

JH: ok we will let our aegyo expert Min hyuk do it.

MH: me?

YH: if it’s aegyo expert, it’s definitely JS.

MH: its definitely Jung Shin.

YH: it’s not like that, you need the right posture.

(To JS) Do you have something that is not taught by Yong Hwa hyung?

YH: Oh what’s in there?

YH: I’m so sorry China BOICE


O & X questions

1.     Yonghwa’s dancing skills is the best. (caption on YH: why suddenly talk about my dancing skills? O.o)

2.     I prefer to be an actor rather than a singer. (caption: we are CNBLUE)

3.     Min Hyuk is more naggy than Yong Hwa. (caption on YH: I feel that I am the most naggy, love to talk)
4.     Jong Hyun’s judo skills are useful
5.     Min Hyuk wants to be the lead singer
6.     Jung Shin misses his long hair. (YH: really? JS: yes I miss it sometimes)
7.     I am a language genius (JS: shouldn’t you be X?)
8.     I will come to see China BOICE many times this year

9.     I love China BOICE (Caption: really really love)


Jong Hyun’s judo skills are useful?

YH: Yes it is, even when he is walking, he will show off a few skills.

JS: Show it to us once

Caption: over the shoulder throw

MH: Although having judo skills look really strong, but i’m not too sure if its useful practically


Min Hyuk wants to be the lead singer?

MH: No not all.

YH: A third person’s point of view is always more accurate than first

Please say something encouraging to all the China BOICE who have been working hard to vote for you guys 

Really thank you everyone, and thanks to everyone for loving the song Can’t Stop. There are many China Boice who come to support our live performances so thank you very much. We also look forward to coming often to perform live for you guys and bring many good songs to everyone. We sincerely thank all of you.


Let’s learn a phrase of Chinese shall we?

Can’t stop gen ben ting bu xia lai


Caption: wait don’t turn it off, it has not ended yet. Behind the scenes bloopers!

How tall is Jung Shin now?

YH: I refuse to answer this question.

Minhyuk’s personal talent has been dissed/snubbed?

MH: Eh? (caption: I can’t hear you)

Do you like this segment? (the O & X game)


Wait wait, it still hasn’t ended, there’s still oppa’s thank you speech

Speech for winning best band:

We are honoured to be able to receive such a great prize coming here. We are really really thankful. This is not the end, we want to come back to yinyuetai events in the future and bring great music to everyone. Thank you very much. For once more, I really really wo ai ni men.