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Let’s be real. Sometimes you have to diet to meet a specific goal.

You have to work your ass off to see the change.

You have to make sacrifices and be disciplined.

You have to say no to your favorite ice cream or chocolate cake.

You have to wake up early and get your workout in.

You have to stay up late meal prepping.

You have to find time for the gym in between school, work, and well.. life.

It all depends on you.

What’s your goal?

How bad do you want it?


I don’t hate my body, I love it. We all should love our bodies. Every insecurity we should embrace, it’s what makes us unique… We can change some, but we have to live with most. If learn to love yourself before you make change, it’ll make things a lot easier.
Recently, I had decided to stop doing heavy leg workouts due to varicose veins on my left calf and right inner thigh. I don’t hate my legs because of it. Sure, it looks unattractive at times, but I’ve learned to live with it. We all have live with something.
If you’ve read this, nice. If you haven’t, that’s fine. But if you want, put a ☑if you have an insecurity. Most likely no one will, but whatever.
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