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z100newyork: Sunday starting at 2pm listen to Z100 live from Manchester airing the entire #OneLoveManchester concert with no commercials! 📻 #iheartradio

yeah im quite literally never going to be over harry’s performance of mmith from live in manchester like that changed me it was… so beautiful and heartbreaking i truly am just staring at my computer screen feeling shook after watching it again

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“Anonymous said: Hello, you requested some words to help prompt you. I was thinking maybe ‘embroidery’ as a hobby and pastime could work for your prompt? As in, a main protagonist or another character makes embroidered gifts that expressed their feelings? Hope it helps. :D”

“And that one?” She asked, pointing to a particularly eerie tapestry, framed in matte black to add to the haunting atmosphere. She sighed rather theatrically, “Well, it’s how I feel when I look at you,” She paused and held back a giggle, once seeing the frown on Emma’s face, “No, not in a bad way. You make me feel like… like a whirlwind. Like everything has gone wrong and been placed back-” She was cut off by the crash of lips and scrambling hands in her hair…

// I wanted to write something nice. I’ve recently been feeling like crap over all these deaths and have cried far too many times. I didn’t know any of the victims, but I don’t live far from Manchester and not too far from London either. It’s hitting a little too close to home and I’m not particularly afraid for myself, but for those around me. Please stop killing people. xox //


🎶Comfortable silence is so overrated🎶
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Weds 1st Nov 2017

I messed up the post yesterday and accidentally posted it with no sound 🙈 so now my IG timeline is messed up, but still.. here it is! (at O2 Apollo Manchester)

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okay but legit all we need is the only angel video/audio from the live in manchester thing (how does no one have it rip) and then i can rip audio from it all and make a little harry styles: live in manchester album to listen to constantly so like… where is only angel


Hozier performing “From Eden” at Sofar Manchester on September 7th, 2014