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If anyone is planning on drinking on 4th of July, (which let’s face it, that’s about 90% of us) PLEASE call a friend, a cab or an Uber. Don’t make the fatal mistake of drinking and driving. Its not worth risking the lives of others.
You only get one shot at life, so make the right decision.

Here’s my Uber code, you’ll get $10 off your ride and avoid ruining a life: hx8yxue

Please make the right choice and be safe ^^

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What's sxsw?

sxsw stands for south by southwest, it’s a huge festival they have every year in austin, texas. it’s for music, movies, tv, etc. basically anything related to media is fair game at sxsw. it’s a huge thing. to attend actual festival events you have to pay, but they do a lot of free events too. the prison break screening was a free event, and i live within a reasonable driving distance to austin, so i went! 


Meet the “Speed Sisters,” the Arab world’s first all-female racing team 

“Freedom.” That theme comes up a lot as the Speed Sisters talk. According to the women, the only time they feel free from the fetters of their daily lives is when they’re driving or drifting. Despite the myriad challenges they face, the Speed Sisters are turning their freedom into trophies.

fic: sparks fly.

aka california au.

Lexa is kicked out of her house by her homophobic parents. Clarke takes her in. They both learn a thing or two about each other - and themselves.

rated t. ~16k. read on ao3.

They only gave her twenty minutes to pack.

Her suitcase is barely even closed because she tried to shove as many pieces of clothing into it as she possibly could because they only gave her twenty minutes to pack.

They shoved her out and didn’t even say goodbye.

They didn’t even look at her when they did it.

And she has nowhere to go.

She has nowhere to go.

She keeps a tight grip on her the handle of her suitcase and she walks the familiar route to the gated community she used to frequent. She wonders if she dialed Costia’s number now if she would answer.

Probably not.

She too couldn’t Lexa in the eye when she shoved her out the door.

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Next up on The Outsiders Location is The Admiral Twin Drive-In!

2016 was the drive in’s 65th birthday, it was built in 1951 as a one 9-story screen drive-in and had its grand opening as The Modernaire on May 24th of that year. Some time the next year the place was sold, another 9-story screen added, and the name was changed to The Admiral Twin.

As the Admiral Twin, there were two small concession stands. Each sat in a building behind rows of seats that were used for people without cars or for any number of other reasons. The building also housed the projectors for showing the movies. One of these buildings can be seen in the movie when Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy meet Cherri and Marcia. The concession stand can also be seen in this scene.

People who lived near the drive in had a free complimentary audio hook up and got to watch movies for no charge from their front yards or their roofs. In the winters, small heaters where available for rent so that movie goers could stay warm without having to turn on their cars.

Early in the morning in late 2010 the Admiral Twin caught fire, and due to the screens being made of sheets of plywood attached to a wood frame, it burnt down quickly. Many people were devastated by this and started trying to save up and donate money to rebuild the Admiral. To help further the cause, a facebook page was made to try to save the historical landmark..The actors from the Outsiders, as well as S.E.Hinton herself, gave lots of support for the rebuild and helped spread the word.

In 2012, enough money was raised and the drive-in was rebuilt. It now included a metal frame, metal panels to make up the screens, and a completely new concession stand and air conditioned bathrooms which were both situated underneath the new screens. The concession stand now offers burgers or chicken tenders with sides of fries in addition to the classic popcorn and soda.

The sound for the movies has also been updated, and you can now listen through the FM radio in your car. Jump starts are available after the shows if needed.

What would you like to see in the next Outsiders Locations? Please message me with requests!

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Considering you watched Motorcity, Tron Uprising, and Star Wars Rebels, do you have anything to say in regard to each property's portrayal of a resistance movement in response to an oppressive government?

Great question! It is interesting that in the last 3 years, Disney of all networks has aired three programs with an emphasis on young people aggressively challenging an oppressive government structure (and then promptly failed to renew two of them).

Now, I’m just a simple woman… I ain’t never taken part in no grass-roots rebellion. But I feel like Tron Uprising paints the most realistic version and least “fun/escapist” of engineering socialdissent. Ironic in that this show takes place in a virtual world.

  • Beck and Tron operate with extremely limited resources; a lot of their campaign is based around fooling the military into believe The Resistance is larger and more potent than it actually is (we see this theme brought up in Star Wars: Rebels too)
  • There’s an emphasis on the importance of icons, people will rally behind the image of someone rather than the individual themselves. People blindly lay down their lives for Tron, but Beck who knows Tron as a person will not necessarily follow Tron’s orders to the letter
  • There’s a whole episode dealing with people who tag (get it?) along behind social causes for self centered reasons as opposed to a genuine desire to offer help
  • Beck’s actions have a strong and immediate impact on the people within the city, though not always for the better. A lot of early episodes deal with curfews being enacted or instances of brutality by the military because of Beck and Tron stirring the pot. This is why characters like Zed and Mara were so important, because they gave us a window into the concept of public opinion and what it is to live in a world on fire. Mara always wants to fight back, but has too many responsibilities to fully commit… and least at first. Zed initially regards the occupation as a scary, but unavoidable annoyance that can be dealt with by keeping his head down. Then he tries to benefit off of it. Then he realizes just how horrible things are becoming and takes up arms. We see micro examples of this transformation happening within the population all throughout the series.

Motorcity, by contrast paints social rebellion as the most totally cool, radical, balls-to-the-wall awesome thing you could do. Which makes sense given the tone and aesthetics of the series. It’s all about living fast and free: driving your race car in an impossibly awesome sub-terrain party zone with your buds; eating pizza and drinking soda as you play your music super loud and stick it to “the man”… who is also unknowingly the overbearing father figure of your maybe girlfriend which also gives it this kinda Footloose allusion.

At times, Motorcity toys with the idea that a lawless society would indeed have negative aspects like unsanitary living conditions and gang violence… (see also the way Claire is treated by other civilians anytime she’s in Motorcity) but it never really goes anywhere with this. There’s a kernel of intrigue here in terms of the dilemma between a life of mature security with no personal liberties vs. a life of juvenile, dangerous, freedom that unfortunately never gets reconciled.  And yes, I’m aware that Motorcity’s inability to explore it’s concepts to their fullest were a result of network standards.

Don’t worry, complaining about Disney’s treatment towards its third parties is something I’m always here for…

I love you…

And then we have Star Wars: Rebels… Which I think strikes a nice balance between the two. Though admittedly that perhaps can be thanked to the series borrowing tonally from Firefly more than once. (And the only one confirmed for a second season, though admittedly that may simply be due to Star Wars’ brand power…)

We’ve got the “feel-good” element of joining a super-duper-cool band of buddies/surrogate family unit to fight an unambiguously evil foe with equal measures of down-to-earth realism:

  • The Ghost’s crew, by their own admission, can never hope to stop The Empire on their own
  • Their actions are largely based around keeping themselves and other impoverished citizens safe/fed
  • Retaliation by The Empire is bloody and horrific

I don’t have a ton to say about Rebels at this point, particularly in terms of it’s depiction of antagonistic characters versus the way such characters were approached in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, since I’m saving that for a full-on video review.

However, I will say though that out of these three shows: Tron Uprising is far and above my favourite; and a lot of the reasons why have to do with the way it framed rebellion. But, again, I am not the demographic for action cartoons. I can’t help that, but I care share with you my thoughts and opinions.

"Being Poor Is the Pitts"

or, Bella’s Attempt to Beg Money from her amazing beautiful Tumblr Followers.


I realize how long this is. Please read it anyway. I’m also going to make a tag “bella needs your help” on my tumblr and I’ll keep you posted. I know the idea of this having any sort of reaction is so small but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I need this to have hundreds of notes. It needs to be said.



I hate the idea of doing this with every fiber of my being. And it’s a completely self-inflicted problem. If any of my friends asked me to borrow money just on video games and booze, or pizza, or literally anything, I’d give them money with no problem. (And, to be honest, maybe that’s part of the reason why I’m in this mess to begin with.)

What mess, Bella?

A few years ago, I was in a car accident. Because of that, I had to buy a new car. Instead of using the insurance money to buy a used car completely, I was nudged and convinced by a car salesman to buy a used car and continue to pay it off. This was a mistake. Since then, I’ve had jobs that pay me little to nothing. This isn’t a problem unique to me. But what happens from that is that I pay things at the expense of other things. If I pay my phone bill, my car insurance gets impatient. If I pay my car insurance, my car payment calls once a day. If I pay off my car, my phone gets cut off.

Oh, and if I buy food, pretty much everything goes out the window.

I’m blessed enough to be living under a roof where I don’t have to pay rent, outside of running errands for my sister, otherwise I don’t know what sort of life I’d be living at this point.

Well, that’s sad. But what’s wrong now?

I thought I was balancing everything better than I actually was. Monday afternoon, I came home to a letter from my car financing saying that if I don’t pay the rest of the car loan off, they will take my car.

To give perspective, my job is a delivery driver. If I lose my car, I lose my job. They ~might~ give me an inshop position, but that’s unlikely. Also, considering almost a hundred percent of what I provide for to my rent-free living is car based (driving sister to school, going to the store, etc), as much as they say otherwise I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to live here. So I’ll lose my car, job, and home in the blink of an eye.


Shit indeed, vague disembodied bold voice. But, there’s hope. (Okay, no, there isn’t.) But this is where I’m at right now.

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Ok. There is something I want to talk about, and I really don’t mean offense but I feel I need to point it out. Now don’t get me wrong, I love allen to bits. He’s one of my favorite characters. But I really am not ok with how he thinks, and why he kills akuma.

Allen is OK and constantly forwarding religious genocide.

Now hear me out on this before you tell me I’m wrong. Not only does he find it acceptable to remove the souls of noah to “purify them” (and who knows if that’s even possible) he also kills akuma, and enjoys it. No not in the sense of loving murder, or killing them to save other living things from their actions like the other exorcist, because that’s understandable. No. He does it because he believes it’s what they want. He does it for the very ambiguouse reason of saving their souls, for religious reasons. He is literally choosing that a race is literally better off dead simply because he feels it is best. That is LITERALLY what people did in Europe when they wouldnt conform to Christianity. They said join our faith, or we will save your soul by force (aka, killing them). That, my friends, is genocide.

Now you might be thinking, “but their in pain right?? And they don’t really have a soul or feelings, they should be reunited with their loved ones!! There just weapons anyway” Well that isn’t entirely true. Not only is it proven through mimi, eliade, and chomsuke that they do INDEED have lives, feelings, and some free will, they also have drives, and lives, separate from the earls will. They are clearly sentient living beings with their own will to live. They are supposedly in pain, however. But, Allen is the only one who can see this, and only in akuma. Wray do human souls look like normally?? Who knows, but that’s just speculation. What I’m most concerned about is what happens to the souls after they’re “freed”. Well heavin is clearly real is this universe, and so is God and hell. This god is clearly unforgiving, looking squarely at the fallen, particularly suman, and the existence of apocrophus. Do you really think a soul used to kill people is going to heaven, and even less likely the soul of those who brought them back?? They LITERALLY defy God, and his will, and they know it. That’s a one easy ticket strait to hell. Not to mention all the unbelieving, insestual, homosexual, unmarried, or cheating couples that may have lost there significant other. What about a pair of people who was on the run fir murder?? What about ones who simply don’t belive in god. The fact is most couples he’s “saving” are going right to hell. What’s worse is that in episodes like “ village where the witch lives” prove connection and sometimes fusion between the souls of the brought back and the host. Kanda even flat out says it. “The souls who longed to be together became one”.

On top of that, akuma are specially stated that there purpose is NOT WEAPONS. That’s right what komui (and the order) belive was just flat out wrong. How and why they are this way currently is unknown, but it’s been suggested is that the suffering they are put under cleanses their soul from sin, and makes them into their purest form at a certain level, turning them into something else closely resembling an angel afterward. What’s funny is that the more an akuma evolves the more human it becomes in appearance, funny huh?? Is even been stated that before level 4 they are literally so younge they are before birth, or essentially a fetus. This point is driven home when showing the change from 3 to 4 being LITERALLY a pregnant women, which whom the level 4 comes out of.

The fact is allen is killing a sentient creature with its own will and drives because he thinks there better off, without knowing the facts. If anything, that eye is misguiding allen. It even states (through mana) it shows him a world of black and white (good and evil) with no middle or “gray” which simply isn’t true in the real world. Allen is genocidal. Simple as that. Don’t get me wrong, akuma are dangerous àcs killing them to protect others and your self are fine, even feeling pity is ok. But killing then simple because you belive that’s what is best is probably the sickest thing I’ve ever heard of, especially when his reasoning is simply because he feels that’s what is right for them, rather than them, idk…. killing people??

Anyway that’s my two cents, enjoy your day


Normally I do not post anything on my blog except for Harry Potter, but this is very important to me. 

Recently, my friend, Carly, was diagnosed with a rare form of  Leukemia. Carly has always been a fun-loving, kindhearted, girl. She loves Disney (especially Lilo and Stitch), One Direction, 5SOS, going to raves, and just having a good time. Her diagnosis was hard for everyone to accept. Nobody imagines their friend or family member being diagnosed with cancer at only 17 years old, when she’s just getting ready for her senior year. To beat this cancer, Carly will need a bone marrow transplant, but since she is Vietnamese, she needs a perfect match for this transplant to be a success. The doctors tested her family but nobody was a match. My school also recently held a bone marrow drive where 80 people were tested to see if they were a match, but so far, nobody has been.

 As Carly’s need for this transplant rises, my friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to help her find a match. We love Carly very much and want to see her get better. So this is how you all can help.

First off, getting tested is 100% pain-free and also 100% FREE. All it takes is a simple cheek swab to check if you could be a possible match. But, to get tested you must be between the ages of 18 and 44. To do this all you need to do is go to and register. It is simple and easy! Even if you are not between 18-44 I encourage you to spread the word by reblogging this, and also using the hashtags #CaringForCarly #E4C #BeTheMatch and #SetonStrong. 

I know someone out there is a match for my friend (or someone else who needs this transplant) and your help could save a life! If anybody has any questions or want to offer messages of encouragement to Carly please feel free to message me! Thank you so much! I love you all and I know that together we can find this match!