live free lyrics

I got three million kids and they’re crying on my shoulders
The whole wide world covers their ears to the sound
Go and fly your kids first class down to Disney
But ignore that you’re walkin’ on a burial ground
You’d rather wrap your son’s hands ’round the trigger of a pistol
Than catch him in the mirror with a motherfucking lipstick
Crazy white girls say they tryna free the nipple
But they quiet when somebody pulls a gun on a misfit
—  Halsey // Free Love
The Signs as Conscious

Aries: Are You Home
Taurus: We Had Everything
Gemini: Conscious
Cancer: Bedroom Door
Leo: Heartlines
Virgo: All of Your Glory
Libra: Full Blown Love
Scorpio: Worth the Fight
Sagittarius: Free
Capricorn: Recovery
Aquarius: Freak of Nature
Pisces: Couldn’t Believe

In case you don’t know, this is Broods’ newest album, and it really needs more appreciation so you should check it out :)

People listen to music in different ways. I think the majority of people listen to the spirit of the song, the vibe of a song, before the meaning of the song. It can take a lifetime to really get what a song’s talking about. It happens to me still.
—  Mark Foster