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Best posts of 2016

Here’s a list of all of my Gorillaz audio posts and edited videos down below from this year. Enjoy! :)

Gorillaz Audio Post:

Murdoc & 2D plays Detroit 

Murdoc’s Love Story

Murdoc’s Evil Laugh

Goodbye cruel World!

Noodle’s Transmission

2D’s Answer 

Latin Simone (Alternative Version) 

Feel Good inc. Vs. Atomic

Murdoc & 2D Live Chat 

Pirate Jet (Instrumental) 

Latin Simone (Instrumental) 

19-2000 (Instrumental) 

Gorillaz Live in London (2001)

Murdoc’s Voice mail to Ceri Levy

Best of 2D

Routine (Unreleased Track) 

Tomorrow Comes Today (Instrumental)

Rhinestone Eyes (Instrumental)

5/4 (Instrumental) 

Murdoc’s Interview (2005)

2D’s Plastic Beach Conversation 

Murdoc’s Comical Commentary 

Last Living Soul (Instrumental) 

Fire Coming out of the Monkey’s Head (Instrumental) 

Mix 2 (Rare Demo)

New Genious (Brother) (Instrumental) 

Pirate Jet (Live) 

Murdoc’s Shipping Forecast 

Blimey! (Just listen) 

Stop the Dams (Alternate Version) 

Murdoc’s Final Thought 

November Has Come (Instrumental) 

2D’s Deep Moment

Gorillaz Edited Video Post:

I’m at the Soup Store!

Gorillaz with Hats

Bird is the Word

Who you gonna call? 

If Gorillaz had a TV series (Opening theme)

Noodle short tribute 


It’s that time once again, folks! The human epidemic is upon us! That’s right, lock your doors! Board up your windows! Don’t click suspicious looking video links in e-mails! Don’t watch any odd VHS tapes! And whatever you do, don’t let them in! We head over to our Reporter in the field, Joe!

“…” Joe, buddy, why aren’t you answering? “Hi diddly ho, neighbor! Care for some coffee? Food that isn’t magic? A knife in the back? How about some sugar?” Oh no…they’ve gotten Joe! Take this as a warning, everyone! Don’t become infected by a human!
*Cut to static*