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I just wanted to take a moment to send all the love and strength I can to the families and victims of the fires who are devastating 80% of my country. 28 people have been confirmed dead since Friday. 100 people had already died during the summer. Things aren’t getting better and I’m honestly afraid for so many people. Thankfully, I’m all right, and so is my family, but I know so many people whose families have been afected, Pls keep us in your prayers and well wishes.


Pinhal de Leiria was over 700 years old and it took less than 24 hours to be almost entirely burned to the ground

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RIGHT!? Oh my lord!

Like, this is totally and completely me projecting personal experience onto the situation and speculating, but sometimes I think like it’s really tempting to think that getting engaged/married will solve all your issues in a relationship. Whether it be an inconvenience thing like long distance and busy schedules (which I am sure is a HUGE issue for celebs) or actual straight up problems like infidelity or something, I feel like people think marriage or impending marriage is going to be a Problem Solver. Especially when your young and dealing with one of your first serious relationships, or one of your first relationships at all… And WHOOO BOY let me tell ya that! shit! does! not! work!

That being said though, they seem very happy? And low key? And generally well adjusted? I haven’t really heard any rumors about issues between them tbh, not that I keep track, but still. And the oldest Jo Bro (Kevin maybe?) and his wife got married reasonably young and they are still together I am pretty sure. So fuck, if they can make it work, cheers to them! It will be interesting to see how this plays out though… Hopefully it’s a very long engagement! 

Sidenote: HO MY GAD THAT RING THOUGH!?! It is definitely worth more than my whole life… 

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k but,, I found someone who said my relationship w/ my gf would fall apart bcuz im pretty carnivorous and shes vegetarian and im like?? what the fuck?? no?? if she wants to eat fruits & veggies she’ll eat fruits & veggies if i want to eat meat them i’ll eat meat - 🥞

lmfao what the fuck