live edge

The year is 1977. 

The Dark Lord, and his loyal Death Eaters, have the Wizarding World living every day on edge. Most wizards and witches fear for their safety, the safety of the people they love, and worry about the conditions of their world as a whole. The Wizarding World is slowly falling to ruins. No one knows who to trust. 

At Hogwarts, teenagers have to study while knowing the danger outside the gates of the castle. Most students have already chosen their side, most of them know who they will fight for once their studies are over. But, it doesn’t stop the fight breaking out in the hallways, especially between Gryffindors and Slytherins. It doesn’t assure anyone of the loyalty of their friends. Rumors say some students already have their Dark Mark, well hidden behind the school robes.

Who do you trust when the world is at war?

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Happy In This Moment Valentine’s Day!!

BEAUTIFUL TRAGEDY Live at Edge Fest 2008


The olive table done. This couch table has absolutely stunning grain. I used no glue in the joinery. Stub tenoned legs with pegged mortise and tenon sash and two butterfly keys.


I’ve been working on photos for my MFA portfolio photos, finally taking some quality pics of some of my old work. This is one I made for my partner’s birthday several years ago, its the nicest piece I’ve ever designed and made myself. I call it the Sacred Geometry standing desk, its based on the shri yantra, a meditation drawing of intersecting triangles that symbolizes the balance of male and female energy. Using it means you stand in the middle of the triangles that are the base of the desk and stool, which in the shri yantra is the center of wisdom and knowledge.