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I’ll report you to the Diamonds! All of you! You’ll all be shattered!

I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?

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Yoshino’s inverse form was shown in the new art book! Something very interesting to point out is how calm the puppet it and how Yoshino now has an eye patch. Could it be that Yoshinon took over (the anime fails to mention it but Yoshinon is a confirmed separate personality)?

I doubt this will appear in the main story otherwise this wouldn’t have been revealed. Besides, this precious cinnamon roll doesn’t need to be hurt.

It is an amazing design though~

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Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries