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BUYING: Transformers Cybertron Planet Leader (Gold) Cyber-Keys!

Greetings and salutations! With Botcon coming in one month’s time, I’m trying to grab three very specific items before the convention. My wife wishes to make a set of Cyber Key jewelry for the convention, and for the necklace, she wants a set of the four Gold Planet Leader keys. We already have the Key from Velocitron/Speed Planet, which came with Override/Nitro Convoy, and are looking to buy the other three, pictured here.


These are the Gold Keys for Earth (packaged with Voyager-Class Evac/Live Convoy), Jungle Planet/Animatron (packaged with Ultra-Class Scourge/Flame Convoy), and Giant Planet/Gigantion (packaged with Leader-Class Metroplex/Megalo Convoy). I am looking to buy all three of these, for a reasonable price. Please contact me if you’re interested in selling any or all of these. Thank you!