live coals

Ailing days by E. Soedergran

“Ailing days” by finnish poetess Edith Soedergran, written in 1929.
Translated by me.

Confined my heart kept in a narrow ravine,
far away my heart,
at a distant island.
White birds flying back and forth
bringing messages, which say that my heart is alive.
I know —- how it lives
of coal and sand
on sharp stones.

All day I rest and wait for the night,
all night I rest and wait for the day,
I rest sick in the garden of paradise.
I know I will not be healthy,
you never recover of longing and yearning.
I am feverish as the plant of the bog,
I bluster sweet sweat as a sticky leaf.

In my garden a dreamy lake sleeps.
I, who loves the earth,
know nothing better than water.
Into water all my thoughts sink,
the thoughts no-one has seen,
ones I dare not show to anyone.
The water is filled with secrets.


Ahtaasti on minun sydäntäni säilytetty kapeassa rotkossa,
kaukana on minun sydämeni,
etäisellä saarella.
Valkoiset linnut lentävät edestakaisin
tuoden viestejä, että minun sydämeni elää.
Tiedän – kuinka se elää
hiilestä ja hiekasta
terävillä kivillä.

Makaan koko päivän ja odottelen yötä,
makaan koko yön ja odottelen päivää,
makaan sairaana paratiisin puistossa.
Tiedän, että en tule terveeksi,
ikävä ja kaipaus eivät koskaan parane.
Olen kuumeinen kuin suokasvi,
uhoan makeaa hikeä niinkuin tahmea lehti.

Puutarhassani nukkuu unelias järvi.
Minä, joka rakastan maata,
en tiedä mitään vettä parempaa.
Veteen vajoavat kaikki ajatukseni,
joita ei kukaan ole nähnyt,
joita en uskalla näyttää kenellekään.
Vesi on salaisuuksia täynnä.

I didn’t know how alone I was
until they brought out more chairs. 
Now where are you? I was feeding the birds
and it was terrifying as if for a second
live coals were put in my mouth
as in truth I once axed a beehive
and they flew in me, in my mouth, swarming.
Oh fear, oh my kingdom, I am afraid 
of even birds, of all they’ve come to mean
of loss, their pink retreating feet. Afraid
of fog, gentle fog, afraid of your face
that day drunkenly I drug in the boat 
on its mooring rope and you refused to enter.
Look, I’m trying. First we were on a beach
then in a house interspersed with memories.
Forget the other him and her. First we were on a beach
and I kept trying to say what I wanted. 
In the garden someone had plucked the petals
from the flowers, carefully and with conviction
—  from “Beloved Infidel,” Dean Young
The Killers to Perform ‘Joel the Lump of Coal’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Tonight

Billboard, among other publications, is reporting that The Killers are set to perform ‘Joel the Lump of Coal’ tonight on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’.

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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ airs at 11:35pm ET on ABC in the United States.

The Killers Perform ‘Joel the Lump of Coal’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

As was indicated earlier today, The Killers performed ‘Joel the Lump of Coal’ tonight on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’.

The Killers also performed ‘Read My Mind’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’ for the studio audience present at the taping.

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On a Soot-Covered Platform, Waiting for Dad’s Train

“…Sis, Dad’s late, isn’t he.”
“…Sis?… Are you asleep?”

This is a coal mining town.
The entire town runs on the coal excavated by the mining rabbits.
This was on a day once a month when the fathers who live in the coal mines return home.

Everything that the pencil says is erasable,
Unlike our voices, whose words are black and permanent,
Smudging our lives like coal dust,
                                                          unlike our memories,
Etched like a skyline against the mind,

Charles Wright, from section 1 of “Lives of the Saints,” Black Zodiac (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1997)