live by the drum

I had a dream last night that there was this little known Shrek horror movie that started off in a cheesy “so bad it’s good” fashion but then suddenly it was about people losing things into the sewer system where nothing but mutated rats could survive.

Fiona loses a shoe or something down there along with this plot relevant key, because they live in this slum apartment building where the washing machine drum inexplicably has a doggy door to a chute that leads to the sewers.

Eventually both are brought back to them by Donkey, who is soldiering on somehow in the sewers and begging to be rescued (all openings have thick bars over them). He’s caked in mud and thin as a rail, blathering about rats. One scuttles in and Donkey cowers in a corner as it goes into a nearby hole…into a room filled with poisonous gas. The rat calls out in its death throes for revenge to be taken on Donkey and there’s a cut to this huge, buff bipedial rat who sends out assassins.

This plot thread never gets resolved.

Shrek and Fiona also keep coming across this small Japanese man who looks like he’s about 200 years old, and who moves around like he’s stop motion animated. His face sometimes flashes over the screen at seemingly random times to scare the viewer.

So anyway, Shrek and Fiona somehow manage to take a look into the past where they learn that at some point Yubaba slipped on some children’s drawings that were on display in the sewer for some reason and died. There’s also a trip to like sengoku jidai Japan where they see a mail carrier kid they later realize is the old guy they keep seeing.

Then all of that gets abandoned and it becomes a live action film where a cop finds a man responsible for a series of heinous crimes pleasuring himself in the bathtub while being arrested.

In the dream I had suggested watching the Halloween Shrek not knowing what it was and my horror-loving friend was enthusiastic. After watching it though I was trying to figure out how to let him down gently when said friend walked in, smacked the movie out of my hand, and began to stomp on it.

anonymous asked:

I'm watching Pocahontas and she's singing about painting with the colors of the wind and it made me think of you. Do you think she has synesthesia too? Like she can see the colors the wind makes when it blows and rustles leaves and when it rains and other nature sounds? And how intense do you think it would be for her when they start pounding the drums... idk it just got me thinking and I thought you'd appreciate it lol

I know this has been in my inbox for a minute, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I don’t think it was intended to portray syn or anything, but I’m glad it made you think of me, haha. 

(And idk, some people don’t see all sound (I only see music), so maybe not with the leaves, etc. But drums can definitely be really rad, especially live.)

important points from the podcast w/ Chris Salih (longest list ever) (n it gets sad)
  • he first met tyler when tyler was graduating highschool
  • tyler would literally create his songs by singing into a laptop’s mic
  • chris met josh at guitar center
  • tyler had never been in an actual studio before he went to chris’s
  • he. talked. about. the. taco. bell. saga.
  • chris and tyler wanted to start a band but “two people don’t make a band”
  • Self-Titled was written in tyler, chris’s and nick’s shared basement.
  • there were no live drums in Self-Titled… just programmed ones (i personally had no idea WHOA)
  • ideas from self-titled were recycled into blurryface!
  • the band name was almost “Bicycle Thief” or “Chill Coat”!!!!
  • they would go through the newspaper or captchas on ticketmaster to see any cool word combinations that would be good band names
  • the live show, as said by tyler a thousand times, was the most important part of gaining a fanbase
  • nick had to learn to play the bass as the band progressed
  • they used to have their programmed backup music stream from an ipod during the shows (and sometimes they still come up on shuffle when Chris is listening to music)
  • the piano tyler plays is actually a keyboard inserted into an old piano that chris gutted and repaired
  • ode to sleep was one out of three of the options for the name of the song, but most of the fans voted for ode to sleep, so that became the name
  • TOP played RAB songs at concerts before the album was released
  • Chris had to quit TOP to pay off student loans and fix his car. “everyone has this dream of being a rockstar, and it doesn’t always happen.” (so sad)
  • an argument with tyler over whether or not to play at a college campus was the final straw for Chris.
  • leaving twenty one pilots broke Chris’s heart: he cared so, so much about the band.
  • after chris quit, tyler and josh played for a full year, still not knowing if the band would work out
  • chris had no desire to leave the band.
  • tyler felt like his band had given up on him. he was devastated.
  • “if twenty one pilots is going to be successful, it can be successful without me. i know i will always be part of the band.”
  • tyler: “josh and i thought about quitting multiple times that year.”
  • tyler felt let down and abandoned.
  • (tyler texted him while he was talking about him LOL)
  • tyler and josh met at chris’s house after chris fell asleep. tyler went with josh to church the following day, to see him play in the church band, where before and after the service they were playing TOP music. tyler started going to that church. 
  • josh would go to the shows and go hang out with tyler afterwards.
  • josh was about to move to nashville to make a push in the drumming industry.
  • chris took josh to lunch and convinced him to be the drummer of TOP
  • Nick still works for Josh and Tyler!!! I thought he had disappeared!
  • chris was the behind-the-scenes guy on a lot of the stuff they were working on & was still a huge driving force in the band
  • Michael! Snyder! Mark! I Miss Them!
  • tyler likes the Killers and Coldplay and was influenced by Bob Marley
  • they almost had a second keyboardist in the band!
  • Chris is super bothered when people ask him/tell him that he regrets leaving the band because their famous now. it drives him crazy. “how would you like it if i made fun of your personal life?”
  • “people will eventually forget what twenty one pilots is. people will say that is a “used to” or “was band at one time” 
  • it’s hard for tyler and jenna to even walk down the street or go to dinner because of they attention they receive. it’s really hard on them.
  • Chris gets a LOT of crap online, and he wishes it would stop.