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Okay, this is freaking awesome ! If someone could do some gifs of Andy from this video, he or she would become my HERO! He’s so hot! Damn!


Waste The Night - SLFL Jacksonville

Baron Corbin, Ref Killer

I still think someone (Baron Corbin) should have a Ref killer gimmick for when the Ref dq’s them for something they deserve, they just do their finisher on the ref then leaves.

Maybe even deeper, one particular ref keeps getting screwed over by said person causing them to be afraid of said person and not DQing them. Then some hero face comes and saves them and there you go, you have a storyline.

New Smackdown Titles

Okay Smackdown needs a new tag title and women’s title so here’s my suggestions:

Women’s Revolution Championship - If we are going to have a stupid name like Universal Championship, we can at least have one that makes sense and I can see them milking the name of Women’s Revolution

Tornado Tag Team Championship - This is my own idea to distinguish Smackdown from RAW. I want this tag title to solely be defended by Tornado Tag Matches. It’s new, it’s different, and it gives Smackdown a different flavor.

WWE Raw July 25, 2016

First of all I know it is just a tv show and that it is scripted but that doesn’t mean you should say someone can’t wrestle. Roman Reigns is back and most people don’t like that he is. Most people thinks he should be fired but what everyone has to remember is each one of those wrestlers you see on tv or at a live shows have families. They are just doing everyone they can to support them and that goes for Roman Reigns as well.
As everyone can tell from last night’s show Roman is still be punished. He is still being kept out of the title running. I’m not discrediting Seth Rollins or Finn Bálor because I know they work hard too but I just don’t like seeing Roman punished. Roman is taking all of this like a true champion. Last night, he gave us not just one but two great matches. I guess sometimes the real champions don’t need title reigns or big matches. They just go out there every night support their families and let millions of fans fall in love with them.