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H U G  S E Q U E N C E

After years of being jumped on and tackled, Trahearne instinctively speaks and holds out his hands when he sees Ive making a beeline for him, knowing that Ive needs some sort of anchor to approximate just how close he is.  Even if Trahearne has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Spotify decided to throw some of the songs on my playlists that I associate with these two dorks at me while I was sketching and oh god feels bye

I decided to upload an extra page this week because a) I had the line art done, b) it was adorable and I kept wanting to shade it, and c) my schedule might not allow for consistent uploads in coming weeks, depending.  Updates will waffle between 2-3 pages per week (schedule allowing) since it’s summer, but always T/R/S if there is an update. <3

So.  Surprise?  Surprise reunion \o/

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Can you write a fic with Ezekiel taking a shot for Jake and no one realizes the bullet/arrow or whatever is poisoned so Ezekiel is fine for a while before he starts feeling worse and worse but he thinks it's just because he was shot but he ends up doubled over, feverish, writhing in pain, and he goes to Jake and just whispers "I think I need help. " Before almost collapsing so everyone has to scramble to find the antidote. Thank you so much!

Hi there! Thanks so much for the request; I hope you enjoy!!

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if bill doesn’t get another season I’m suing everyone who likes DW including you, Ranger

that’s entirely fair

I called my parents for arranging trying to get my dog back to me now that I have a house with a yard and I don’t have to deal with my roommates antics anymore.

And they’re refusing to give him back.

My dog was with them for two months and they’re too attached to let him come back to Washington 😭

I mean, I’m not saying William hasn’t ‘changed’ but I mean I can see why some abuse survivors may need a little more convincing than a five minute clip and two texts. 

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