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I’m in tears right now, I can’t stop shaking:

Some racist hooligan assaulted a black couple who just came to Italy from Nigeria as war refugees. He killed the husband, Emmanuel Chidi Nnamdi , who was defending his wife, Chimiary, after that man started calling her racial slurs out of nowhere. He is dead, the hooligan killed him WITH A ROAD SIGN. He hit him again and again, in front of his wife.

This happened in Fermo, Italy, twenty minutes away from where I live. This has shocked me so much. Racism is a serious problem in Italy, fascism and intolerance are escalating, horrible politicians like Salvini (the Italian equivalent of Donald Trump) are encouraging racism and are actively trying to block the refugees from entering out country.

Please don’t let this go unnoticed: tumblr is pretty US-centric, but people need to know the names of all the victims of hate, from all over the world. Emmanuel needs to be remembered and mourned. Please, don’t let racism win. I’m still shocked, this happened so close to my hometown. Don’t let them win. Fight this horrible hate.

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The age of consent in [whatever country] being [insert age under 18] doesnt suddenly make it okay for adults to sleep with or date people under the age of 18 like its still morally reprehensible even if its legal.

Laws can be, and more often than not are, corrupt ie Abusive and homo/transphobic conversion therapies are legal in some places like america, So is it suddenly okay to subject people to those practices? Because its legal and not classified as child abuse (even though it is) so its fine right? Like just because something is legal doesnt mean its morally okay and not abusive.

Based on what we know about super basic psychology and studies on the brains ability to make decisions, ALL children lack the ability to consent to sex and theres even a power imbalance between young adults and much older people, and a countries age of consent doesnt override those facts. Fuck off with this sites pedophilia aplogism

And it turned out that I was all right. It turned out it was all right with me to be human, to have hungers, to have needs, to take space. It turned out that I had a self, a voice, a whole range of values and beliefs and passions and goals beyond what I had allowed myself to see when I was sick. There was a person in there, under the thick ice of the illness, a person I found I could respect.
—  Marya Hornbacher, from “Eating Disorder Recovery”