live at the masquerade


things i got at zenkaikon 2017!!! (I started another cosplay AT the con)

I had an amazing time once again, thank you to everyone who i took pictures of/bought something from/took pictures of me!

ps at the masquerade the philadelphia love live dance group did my favorite song in my favorite set and i cried

It could be that capitalism is violent just because people are violent, but most people are not violent at heart: think of the feats of community we perform daily, embodied in the gossip’s willingness, part love and part labour, to make herself the conduit of other people’s business. In the end, our opinion of the social conditions that prevailed before capitalism depends on our world-view. Some believe in something like Rousseau’s imaginary “state of nature”, a wild and bloody war of all against all, out of which the benevolent capitalist state emerged, but there is evidence to suggest that, in many places, people tried hard to live together more or less cooperatively and peacefully, just as most of us continue to do more or less today.

The reduction of communal life to the nuclear family (as in unit, as in war), combined with, as Federici argues, the drastic deterioration of women’s social standing, produced a situation in which the conventional basic unit of social life outside the wage was idealised as a stressed out and authoritarian provider living with a stressed out and speechless carer. This form masquerades in many places as a Flintstones-esque natural order, back-projected thousands of years into the distant past, where, we are sincerely supposed to believe, the gender demarcations of capitalist Europe were upheld with perfect genetic consistency. This is the order in which the gossip, who has never been marginal, is made marginal, or considered trivial or evil.

—  WITCH-HUNT -Hannah Black

Introducing…an upcoming limited run perfume:

“(All New) Faded, for Her”

Only 3 special edition pieces will be up for grabs on Friday, April 21 at 10pm EST in the shop!! 😱🙌

Scent description:

“A whisper of lace, a swirl of silk. The glimmer of moonlight on your amber jewelry as you slip into the gardens for a reprieve from the lively bustle of the masquerade, the rich sweetness of vanilla petits fours still heavy on your tongue. The seductive fragrance of rose and ripe oranges carried on the summer breeze that lifts the curls from the back of your neck.

But you are not alone.

He is a stranger, his mask matching none that you have seen in the ballroom, and though perhaps you should be wary, you are drawn irresistibly toward him. He smiles–a simple thing, and yet it sets your heart aflutter. Extending an elegant hand, he asks you to dance, and you graciously oblige.

Around and around you spin in his arms, your feet seeming barely to touch the ground. Too quickly, it is over, and he smiles disarmingly as he bends to kiss your hand.

You startle briefly at a fanfare inside the ballroom, but when you look back, he has vanished, the lingering aroma of patchouli and sandalwood the only indication he was ever there.

And you wonder: was it all a dream?”

Shop link here:

Imagine if all the ghosts that usually sneak out the portal are all thrill seekers or have an obsession to fulfill or have unfinished business or didn’t really hear about Danny or didn’t believe the rumors or wanted to confirm the rumors for themselves.

Because a ghost? That lives with ghost hunters? Pfft, yeah right, as if. I mean a ghost that hunts other ghosts wouldn’t be strange at all because tada, Skulker! But one that actually lives with ghost hunters and tries to masquerade as a human? What, nah, you’ve gotta be joking. Who would do that?

What if Danny is seen as some sort of standard for daredevils or something to boast about like “Yeah I tried to ride a ghost dinosaur it was wicked” “Oh that’s cute I went over to that aMITY PARK PLACE AND STARTED A FIGHT WITH THAT BATTY GHOST LIVING WITH GHOST HUNTERS AND I’M STILL EXISTING TOP THAT!”



((I mean this also explains why the ghosts that enter the human realm are usually hostile))

Batjokes ♤◇♧♡ Headcanons

Here we go:
+ Everyone sorta kinda has figured out that BW is Batman. Besides the facially obvious, the money. THE MONEY. But there is a level of respect about it so no one addresses it.

+ Batman and The Joker regularly go back to their earlier haunts to spar. Like Ace Chemicals, the roof of GCPD. The Monarch Theater. The Steel mill. They go to familiar places to “fight” as their game usually degenerates into something more passionate. They choose the old haunts both for the discretion as they know them inside and out and of course, the unspoken sentimentality. 

+ Although Batman has had Joker in his various mobiles, he has never let him actually drive one. He’d rather spend the money getting J whatever vehicle he decides he desires rather than give up his driver’s seat. Too possessive. He has no real qualms when it comes to what J wants, though there are times where the clown presses for something absurd just to get a rise out of the billionaire. “But what if I want it?” “Okay, look. That’s too bad. I don’t even know where to start with this. ‘a hot air balloon that works under water’ come on.” “Well… make one. You have all KINDS of weird submersible stuff!” “……..” 

+ When Batman and Joker start being more low-key and in a live-in relationship, the Joker guilts him into throwing extravagant masquerade balls as often as possible and then that sorta becomes an older man Bruce Wayne thing. Galas and the like. They throw like 36 of them a year. Sometimes Bruce is like ‘in August, really?’ and the Joker gets crappy until he caves but B secretly has a ton of pride about how tremendous they always are and it’s a decent way to fundraise and do stuff with all of that $cratch.As the other rogues chill with age, Bruce lowkey invites them to some of the masquerade balls for shits and giggles. Some of the temporary hired help look at Alfred and are like ‘wtf… this is nuts, you must be miserable’ and Alf is all about it “They can throw 30 more and I’ll be happy watching 20k dishes every other weekend” ‘as long as they don’t come home covered in injuries or dead or missing Christmas. Again’

+ Batman whips around to the crime scenes that he’s interacted with the Joker at and has for years after their altercations to tidy up and collect whatever scraps of Joker-outfits that have been shredded or destroyed. He has picked up single shoes, cufflinks, buttons, ribbons, ties, suspenders, pocket watches, part of a spat, parts of coats and each thing he has had diligently restored in full outfits. He calls it a hobby and his tailor(s) don’t say shit, ever,  because he is Bruce Wayne and if they think he has a secret Joker collection then they can think whatever they want. He technically collected all kinds of stuff discarded from the various rogues… But he’s only got an arsenal of Joker outfits in his private museum. Someday, the Joker gets access to them and goes on a scream-fest for several hours over how amazed (and grateful) he is– but really more amazed and shocked and then he stops and narrows his eyes and starts to laugh because it dawns on him JUST how deep the Batman is in for him.

+The Joker LOVES classical music. It calms him but sometimes it has the complete opposite effect. Like how caffeine can sometimes make some people very tired; sometimes the music– instead of soothing him, becomes more intoxicating and makes him feel manic and overwhelmed. Bruce knows this, though Alfred is the worst as he LOVES classical music as well and feels that this fact (and the fact that they both adore Bruce)  are the only common ground that they actually have. (Someday, Alfred will gradually warm to the fool. Maybe.) The Joker also loves to sing. Country, lounge, anything really. It’s not just fact that he loves the sound of his own voic– it is. It IS that. 

+ Bruce also likes to sing, in total privacy and only Sinatra. 

This is it for now– I need to stop stalling 

what exactly is Wes even thinking here, about danny being phantom. does he think it’s some superhero alterego? a side effect of some weird experiment his parents did? does Wes think danny is really a ghost? that danny died and is full ghost and masquerading as a living human? 

how much does Wes know, or thinks he knows? (what if he starts trying to get danny to ‘pass on’, or picks up weird old traditional ghost hunting techniques to try outing danny, most of which don’t work, but a few of them do?)

Wes being really unnerved by the prospect of going to school with his dead classmate, seeing him in the halls everyday looking so normal and alive, it sends cold shivers down his spine and reaffirms his resolve even more to expose this thing and show everyone the truth

I don’t believe I’ve seen it around so here is the girls’ side of the hot springs scene in the P3 live action. Enjoy!