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My Propeller - Next Door Edit
Arctic Monkeys
My Propeller - Next Door Edit

Imagine living next door to Alex Turner and every Friday night him and his band rehearse in his garage, because the music is so loud you can hear it through your bedroom walls.

Was looking at houses to get an idea of what’s available in the area and had to share this gem

pretty nice exterior note the double garage

woah, some interesting interior decorating but nice room, looks spacious

is the kitchen carpeted? I’ve looked at this a lot and honestly can’t tell

pretty chill as far as bedrooms go and by far the most normal room in the house

bathroom looks ok

I know this has been super normal outside the 1960s/70s interior design but stick with me

big long room with glaring pink carpet. that’s not a mirror on the “back wall” like I thought at first, this room just goes. where one the house is this, I thought to myself

my lord, that’s a garage door. they converted their garage and remodeled but KEPT THE DOOR to open to the outside from their sitting/entertainment room


that’s not all, let’s check out the basement

good lord. just take a moment to take it all in. decor again not updated since 1970 (this house was originally built in 1969). the teddy bears on the couch. that weird game in the foreground which I’ve never seen before. sombreros on the walls the FULLY stocked bar. like so fully stocked…

and just to top it all off, the room that utterly horrified me,

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“We are Trignal!!!” by Trignal
From Trignal’s Live Tour 2016 “SECRET GARAGE”


A couple of disclaimers:

  • I actually had been debating with myself while subbing this whether to keep “KiraKira☆Beat” as in or just outright translate it while subbing, and decided to go with the latter instead. Sorry.
  • I know 最高のCoolish has “Coolish” written in English, but I decide not to keep it that way since, well, it’s a weird word to use here to be very honest… ._.” (with it being adjective and all too…=w=“) Sorry about this to. =_=“

…Wing’s cute movement and Boss getting embarrassed after doing the flying kiss always get me though…=w=“