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Louis’ Ask Anything Chat on Most Requested Live – January 20, 2018.

Well that’s very nice. Erm…I've definitely got some silly ones. I-I don’t really know. W-we decided erm..well most of us actually except for a band to get these little ones on our ankle. And then I suppose I just, I just started getting addicted, yeah.
—  Louis responding to this fan question: What made you change your mind to get a tattoo since you said you never liked them at the start? I think all of yours are beautiful and amazing. January 20, 2018, Most Requested Live, Ask Anything Chat.
Erm..I reckon I tri- I was in a band at school, but it was more like a cover band, we didn’t really err do our own songs. But I reckon tried to start writing lyrics around then, so maybe like fourteen fifteen, but some really cheesy, horrible stuff. Yeah. I’ll have to dig them out sometime.
—  Louis responding to this fan question: When did you write your first song? January 20, 2018, Most Requested Live, Ask Anything Chat.

Because Panguur needed a secretary to take care of the office bullshit at the cartel. Her name’s Anemone! She’s a Zeltron. She’s super nice and she loves weird glittery fashion and neon pink fur coats. 
She’s also the cartel’s beast master and she’s rarely seen without her Vornskr dog, Lollipop, at her side. (Lollipop can and will bite you if you aren’t nice to her ray of sunshine of a master)

Can I just give a quick shout out to Sun….this boy went up to a terrorist and mass murderer who abused the girl he loves and cut off a friend’s arm with no fucks given to roast him and tell him he doesn’t have any friends and then proceeded to hold his own against him and be one of the only characters to actually land a hit on him.

Sun “fuck you Adam you’re a fucking loser with no friends suck my dick” Wukong

Erm. So I had the concept for a while, and I just took into, erm, the writers in the session that day and erm The Six boys a-and also erm Julian Bunetta worked on it as well and that was, that was really nice. So, erm, it was just a concept that I-I’d had for while and it was really something that I wanted to kinda convey. Of kind of being in that situation…of constantly going out and kinda being a bit numb to it all really. So I, ah, I think we really captured that with the song, so that’s cool.
—  Louis responding to this fan question: How did you come up with Miss You? January 20, 2018, Most Requested Live, Ask Anything Chat.