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ANGST TRAIN! TOOT TOOT! Jason barely ever cries, when he does, its after a really bad patrol that triggered something, a terrifying nightmare or an argument with Bruce, a really bad one. And he can only cry alone at first, then, when he and Tim get together, it makes crying a whole lot easier, because Tim doesn't give two fucks about vulnerability, so he lets Jay cry into his shoulder and help him get back on that brighter path. Ur welcome!

You come into my house. I didnt ask for this pain?! BUT I WILL TAKE IT.

Okay but… This is so important to me? Jason -cries- more often than I think people recall. He is absolutely affected by things, and I think puts up a lot of walls to avoid getting hurt -again-. But we’ve definitely seen instances of him privately having moments, and I am down for him getting comfortable enough to let that vulnerability show. So yes please give me all the JayTim comfort moments, the crying, the hair and back rubs, those explosive moments of catharsis when Jay can just -let it out- and not have to hold it all on his own shoulders. OOF. Ima need some tea now thank you for that…. *sniffles* 

Harry @ Grimmy,whenever he’s in the audience:

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