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So I'm curious! Considering that the ultimate goal of the murder games was to weed out anyone who would commit murder - what would have happened had someone successfully murdered someone and not been caught? Would they really have been let to live in the alliance's new world? :0c

They would’ve been let into the New World for a time, but it wouldn’t have lasted. Mono’s a bear of his word outside of questionable endgame motives, but that doesn’t mean that his word is void of loopholes.

Sure, the murderer could’ve gone out into the New World and he wouldn’t execute them or hold them accountable for their actions, as promised.

But, you know. He never said he wouldn’t eventually re-wipe their memories and throw them into another murder game with a new group of prisoners to give them another chance to do it right. Or die trying. :^)

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m giving you this ridiculous gift. No one seemed to notice something in a recent story, but it was a fun thing to have slipped in and I want you all to have it, even though I was surprised that you didn’t notice.

Tonight she wore the dress over a perfectly reasonable black square-necked bodysuit and a pair of boots that she almost had talked herself out of buying. The boots were black nerf leather, low-heeled and high-shined; they were the kind of boots she’d have bought even if the last three years had never happened. They were nicer than anything she’d had since she’d come to live full-time with the Alliance, and the first pair of new boots she’d had in longer than that. They were pricy, but they were solid. And a solid pair of sturdy boots were something she could really use – no matter how shiny they happened to be.


“Look, Leia…” Han said, stumbling over his words as he looked down at her. He lowered himself to sit on the edge of the dejarik table and shook his head. “I'm…uh…” he stuttered, “I’m real sorry about all this.” Leia nodded. She looked up at him and tried to smile, the unpleasant taste of the pill in her mouth making it even harder than it would have been otherwise. Han had done everything he could to make today nice for her. And for the most part, it had been. The fact that they’d been tracked down by a bounty hunter wasn’t really his fault; after all, had she let him go on his way three years ago, he’d have long since paid off this Hutt that was having him tailed. But she might never have seen him again. Would she be better or worse off now if that had been the case? Leia shrugged. It was a moot point. There was no sense in dwelling on what might have happened. “And I’m sorry about your new stuff,” he added. “That fluffy robe looked really comfortable. I’m sorry we didn’t get to go back for it.” Leia sighed. She would miss the robe. And the silk pajamas. And the lovely new underpants and matching camisoles with lacy trim in pretty colors. But she’d gotten out in her new boots and bodysuit, so not everything had been lost. And they’d gotten out with their lives, which was an infinitely more important point.

Y’all, Leia left Ord Mantell in the boots she wears to the Battle of Endor. Happy Valentines Day!

on cbs show: introduces “new” alliance that formed a week ago

meanwhile on live feeds: alliance has broken up, all hell broke loose, house flipped, new alliances formed already