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  • Raja whenever Manila shows up on Photo Ruview : that's manila. I love manila. I was actually there when this photo was taken. I actually took this photo. I know exactly where this photo was taken. I actually made that outfit for her and gave it to her as a present. I actually did her hair and makeup too. Here's an anecdote about this picture. I love this look. I love manila. Toot.

“I think so much of our lives and who we become is all – a lot of it determined on what happens to us; in our lives, in our past, and how we choose to handle what happens to us. Because so much in life is out of our control and I’m absolutely terrified and mystified by a fact that we have no control over our circumstances sometimes; but we have complete control of. On how we handled our circumstances. And I guess, I guess from what I’m getting around to is we can have our hearts broken and be left out in a cold and all that, but it doesn’t have to make us bitter. It doesn’t have to make us stop believing in love. Can there be a real thing in love? And I guess I’m just thinking it out here because I had some bad things happened to me in the name of love, and some good things happened to me in the name of love; but all of it… I remember all too well.

— Taylor Swift, All Too Well, Red Tour Manila, June 06, 2014 (x)


Rainbow Series

“He studies Rainbows” / Redbubble
“I Cried, in a cool way” / Redbubble (new link)

Please guys, I really don’t know what else I could do to get tickets. I need to see him live in Manila, I’m looking for 2 platinum tickets, so if you have extra tickets. Please contact me. I really need your help guys. REBLOG or TWEET IT. Thank you.


jung hoseok slaying our lives

VIXX N – dance compilation

– Shangri-la Concept Performance Film (2017)
     – Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook performance

– “Fate” (Lee Sun Hee) at VIXX Live Fantasia ‘Daydream’ (2017)

– “Destroy Humanity” at VIXX Live Fantasia 'Elysium’ (2016)
     – DVD version

– Blindfold Solo Stage at VIXX Live Fantasia 'Utopia’ in Manila (2015)
     – Korea Youth Dance Festival (2009 – predebut)

– “Self-Disunion” at VIXX Live Fantasia 'Utopia’ (2015)
     – intro to Golden Disk Awards performance (2016)

– “Toxic” (with Hongbin) at VIXX Live Fantasia 'Hexsign’ (2014)
     – another version
     – and another
     – VIXX TV cut version

– “Slave to the Rhythm” (with Ravi) at VIXX Japan Live Tour 'Depend On’

– intro to Golden Disk Awards performance (2017)
     – VIXX TV2 episode (dance practice)

– intro to Heroes of Remix (ep. 4) performance (2016)
     – repeat performance

– intro to Heroes of Remix (ep. 8) performance (2016)

– “Armor Down” at KBS Song Festival (2015)

– “Six Flying Dragons” UDF special stage (2016)
     – fixed camera version

– SBS Gayo Daejun Modern Dance Performance (2016)